Audi's Green Police Super Bowl Ad: Truth in Advertising? Will it Move Units?


I miss the Super Bowl of old (re: before I can remember them) when brothers from another planet like Vince Lombardi (greatest line, ever: "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser"), Hank Stram, Bud Grant, and the immortal (read: dead for about a decade) Weeb Ewbank helmed squads of fat, non-muscled off-season insurance salesman to early onset arthritis for about $9,500 a year. Why do I miss that? I've got no idea, but it might have something to do with the endless and endlessly bad Dorito ads in last night's Super Bowl. And that Who halftime show, which made me retroactively gain more respect for Bruce Springsteen's awful appearance from a year before.

Anyhoo, the great ad in last night's game was, IMO, the Audi "Green Police" spot, and not simply because it showcased a classic Cheap Trick tune to astonishingly great (read: totally nostalgic for late-era boomers who grew up thinking Robin Zander was cool and Bun E. Carlos was an animatron and Rick Nielsen was crazy funny and that Tom Petersson was, like Kurt Von Trapp in The Sound of Music or Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch, well, I don't know but he must have done something to be there) advantage. No, it was also right up to the moment I realized that it was a pitch for a car that I will never purchase, it seemed like a Mike Judge vision of a future that is almost the present (finally, a reason to thank SCOTUS for flipping the coin toward George W. Bush in 2000).

Will it move cars? Who knows. It moves…minds. Which rarely come with the sort of 100,000 mile warranty that is standard even on overpriced, underpowered, and breakdown prone vehicles like Audis.

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  1. As a fly fisherman and outdoor person, I am an advocate of conservation. However much of the so called Green Movement is nothing but eco-terrorism. I won’t be lectured to by loons.

    There will be no Audi in my future.

    1. There is a difference between conservationism and environmentalism. This is evident in the current debate in Pennsylvania over controlling the deer population.

  2. New record for run-on sentences, Grats.

  3. That commercial, it seems, can be taken either way by either side of the argument. In reading comments at various sites I see this isn’t an apolitical ad, it’s being taken as an ultra-political ad, which probably isn’t the way to go when you’re trying to get Audis off the lots.

  4. Imagine a Holocaust movie. Jews are in concentration camps. Regularly sent to gas chambers. Suddenly one man receives documents proving he is not a jew. He’s set free. He walks away. Happy End.

    This is what the ad is.

    1. You win one internets.

    2. Paging BakedPengin: Screenplay idea above.

  5. I thought it was the best Super Bowl ad of all time, and not for the reasons Audi was hoping for. Hilarious, creepy and upbeat all at the same time. And the punchline: The sponsor (Audi) merrily approves of the dystopian fascism. My jaw hit the ground.

    Re Rick Nielsen: he’s still crazy funny and cool. My 14 year old guitar prodigy son has a Hamer Explorer that Nielsen signed last year.

    1. Fascists Drive Audis

      1. No, they used to drive Trabants.

        1. Actually, they used to drive Volkswagen, the parent company of Audi.

          1. America needs a green car that can seat 5, reach 60 mph, and cost less than 1000 Reich Marks!

          2. Not really. Volkswagens were ‘for the people,’ i.e. not the Nazi party. The Nazis drove cars built by Daimler Benz and BMW, but mostly Benz.

            1. I retract my statement. Audi wasn’t owned by Volkswagen at the time, but was part of the Auto Union 4-way merger. Those were really race cars though, not the cars driven by der Nazis.

              1. no, Auto Union was the merger of Horch, Wanderer, Audi and DKW (and they were not just race cars, though the D-Type was the most memorable creation).

                The original Audi was the creation of August Horch, who earlier founded and sold off the Horch car company. He was legally prevented from using his name for another car make, so he chose “Audi” as kind of a pun (“Horch” means “hark” in German, “Audi” means “listen” in Latin). There’s a similar story in American car history with Ransom E. Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile who went on to create REO.

                Anyhoo, VW was the brainchild of Ferry Porsche, who based the air cooled rear engine design on the Czech Tatra. It had the backing of Hitler himself, who specified “100 kM/hour, 5 people, 33 mpg, less than 1000 reichmarks.” The original VW model was the KdF, short for the creepy Nazi slogan “Strength through Joy.”

        2. JB speaks of today.

          1. The fascists of today drive SUVs and armored limousines, and fly in jet planes.

            Al Gore comes to mind.

            1. The Gorebama youth have to start with something.

              1. What shade of brown will the shirts be?

                1. I’m hoping more of a beige. Goes better with my complexion.

      2. The guy getting away should have been Colonel Hogan. And the guy in charge of the inspection should have been a monocled Werner Klemperer, shaking his fist as the Audi-driving POW disappeared into the distance: “Ho-gaaaaan!”

        1. would have been great, but isn’t Klempererer dead?

    2. I feel nervous contradicting the great Iowahawk, but I think he’s misreading the ad. I don’t see Audi approving of dystopian fascism, I see them saying “even if things gets this bad/silly, you’ll be fine in an Audi.”

  6. The 2.0L TDI has 170 hp, which is hardly underpowered for a hatchback.

    1. Depends on the weight and gear ratios.
      If it’s a porker with an “economy” final drive ratio it may well be underpowered

      1. 236 ft pounds of torque.
        42 mpg highway epa rating. I would bet that you could get 50 depending on driving style. Diesel is the way to go and has been for years. Ford sells a little diesel econobox in Europe that gets 60 plus mpg. I’ve yet to run across a newer diesel personal vehicle that is underpowered. That diesel torque is hard to beat.

        1. Have they figured out diesel in cold weather yet?

          I owned a diesel truck years ago and loved it until I moved back to MN. Sucked that there were days you couldn’t drive it because you knew that it wouldn’t start again after sitting in the cold for hours.

          1. Aren’t there electrical outlets in many parking lots in colder climates, to power glowplugs or engine heaters while parked?

          2. I think the Germans did. You know they make good stuff. Audi proves they are not always good.

            1. The Audis of the past are completely different from the VW/Audis of the last ten years. Other than Daimler, VW/Audi has the best engineering teams in the industry. Test drive a TDI, they KICK ASS. I’m not in a cold climate, but I’d be surprised if the new glowplugs don’t solve the issue.

      2. Underpowered isn’t dependent upon final drive ratios. First gear drive ratios can affect initial acceleration until the engine revs up into its power range, but after that you can utilize most of the power of the engine with a reasonably close ratio between gears. A really high final drive ratio generally never kicks in when you have your foot to the floor, unless you are totally blowing past the posted speed limits.

        /nerdy tech talk

        1. /nerdy tech motorhead talk

          1. Now they will talk about old music. Thanks FTFY.

            1. ‘Ace of Spades’ is beyond space-time Suki.

              1. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  7. When I first saw this commercial, I was waiting for the Jacket and the Stache to pop up on the screen, seriously.

  8. The Google ad almost made me cry. It wins.

    1. Yea, without that ad. I never would have found Google.

      1. I found Google by sending KGB a text asking if there’s a free alternative to their service.

        1. You owe me 1 Clean Monitor. Well Done.

        2. In Soviet Russia, KGB text you!

      2. Going to install The Google on my computer soon.

        1. Can i get a copy of SoundBlaster from you when you’re done?

          1. sure but i need to load all the floppies before i can unpack the warez filez.

  9. When I saw the ad I was thinking “this will give Al Gore a hard-on, assuming he still gets those”. It’s a left-wing dream world.

    1. Right. I think Audi probably owes Al one clean television.

      1. Eeeeewww! Gorewellian spooge!

        (Faints as if with teh vapors)

  10. The only ad that drew a chuckle from me was the VW ad with Stevie Wonder. The rest sucked real bad IMO. I missed this Audi ad. The first thing that sticks out to me is the plastic violation at the beginning. It leaves me to assume that Audi would rather have a shitload of trees ground up so I can choose paper.

    It seems that the advertisers spent all their money on airtime and got some monkeys to sit at typewriters till they accidently wrote some ad copy.

    1. We COULD be growing industrial hemp for paper production, but the Drug Worriers won’t allow it.

  11. Haha, I knew this would be up here today.

    The “he has an incandescent bulb” one isn’t even made up!

  12. The Audi ad is the only one I watched last night. Pretty stupid move by the company, if you ask me. They probably meant it to be ironic, but it came across as endorsing crazy greenishness.

    1. Yeah, after a few brews it was a bit tricky to pick up on irony.

  13. Audi has a history of currying favor with and obsequiety to fascist police states. The modern company arose in 1930’s German as Auto Union: the merger of Horcht, Audi, Wander and DKW (symbolized in the 4 rings). In the late 30’s Hitler bade them dominate the Grand Prix, so they came up with the Auto Union D type, a/k/a Hitler’s race car. Ve ist der Master Racers!…..index.html

    1. See? Nazis!

      Speaking of incandescent bulbs, I have a standard lamp in my office that I use when the overhead florescent bulbs over-oscillate my brain. The lamp bulb recently burned out, and I asked for a replacement. Facilities brought me one of those florescent bulbs.

      My anger knows no bounds. Naturally, I’m going to smuggle in my own bulb at my own damned cost.

      1. If it has an electronic drive, the frequency is MUCH higher, so won’t make noticeable flicker. Try it.

      2. What is everyone so upset about? I’m personally excited for the day I get to look to the black market for replacement bulbs.

        1. Good point. Might as well get light bulbs from from the same guy I buy my cigarettes, moonshine, pot, gun supressors, DVDs and hookers from. Hell, if they raise the taxes on toilet paper, I can cut out trips to walmart altogether.

  14. I suspect a lot of people actually thought, “Wow, maybe I don’t have to buy a fekkin Prius, after all. Cool!”

    The who-knows-what-sniffing anteater on a leash is a nice touch; I missed that last night.

  15. I saw the ad live last night, and when it was over I was smiling. First commercial I’ve ever seen that could be interpreted as promoting a libertarian message. (As well as an “overpriced, underpowered, and breakdown prone vehicle”.)

    1. Wow. Get help.

      1. Actually, he’s right. It could definitely be taken that way. I don’t see it as endorsing Green Police at all, and in fact gets a little jab in at the end with LEO about to get a taste of their own.

        1. Not really. Look at the Audi ads on Google around the ad:

          They are definitely promoting the Green.

        2. Me 3, I definitely thought the ad was exposing the insanity of green religion in a sardonic fashion. Of course, I own an Audi. I’m also a big fan of European diesel tech, so maybe they had me from hello.

  16. I thought that commercial was a Radley Balko production.

  17. I thought this ad was perfect, right up to the reveal as an ad for a green car. Then I was left scratching my head. I assumed it was satire but the people I watched it with (all lefties) loved it. Weird.

    1. Ditto – I thought it was a great send up, then – surprise! – it’s a bend over for the man, go along to get along wanker fest. I was left disappointed.

      1. I was left disappointed

        Left, tee-hee.

    2. It’s called extremely skilled advertising. Give different messages to different target audiences, hopefully a message that makes them want to buy your product.

      I looked at it and liked the (obviously ironic) portrayal of the Green Police, while your average lefty is saying “Yeah man, they should totally send swat teams to people’s houses looking for light bulbs!”

      1. I think you’re probably right. If they end up selling a bunch of Audis to a previously untapped market, good for them.

  18. If Audi had balls [I KNOW, I KNOW….], the ad would have climaxed with a shot of an R8 doing a smoking burnout through the barricade, as the driver tossed champagne bottles and caviar tins out the window. Much as I despise Sammy Haggar, I can’t drive 55 would have been good as the cherry on top.

  19. That add just made me want to punch all sorts of face.

    1. And blow up lots of Audis.

  20. I was cackling all the way through. Too bad Audi thought all that was OK as long as you could drive away from it in your gussied-up VW.

  21. Still better than Chrysler’s Are you a pathetic dickless hen-pecked loser? We make a car for you! spot.


      1. That’s the one

      2. Thank you for this description. I have been searching for years for the right words to describe why I find Chrysler vehicles hideous.

  22. Audi will be bankrupt in a year.

    1. Can we nationalize international car companies?

      1. Workin’ on it, Wylie.

  23. The Green Police separate from, and in conflict with, the regular police, as shown in the ad, was a plot device in Fallen Angels by Niven/Pournelle/Flynn. Im sure its been used in other stories too, but it brought that novel to mind, in particular. Especially the last bit with the GP harassing the regular pigs.

  24. It confused me too, it was mocking, mocking and more mocking and then all of the sudden endorsing…

    …kind of an odd thing.

  25. I just ordered a 6.2l gas V8 F250 (to tow the 5.8l boat) and a Mustang GT convertible V8 5.0l for my wife and me. So fuck the Green Police.

    Cheap Trick kind of went downhill after “In Color and In Black and White” anyway, so I’m not shocked they have been co-opted by control-freak tools. Fuck ’em.

    See ya on the highway!!

    1. …and I left my ’94 beater F150 idling in the driveway last night just for spite.

      1. I have a ’94 F150 4×4 (5.0L V8). Only 61K miles on it. Runs like sweet cream butter.

        1. Of course it does! You barely drove the damn thing! 61k miles in 16 YEARS?

        2. That’s a sin! I have more than that on my 2007 F250.

    2. 2004 Ford F-150 Triton 5.4

      1932 Ford 5-window coupe, ’65 Corvette 327/365 motor w/fuelie heads, dual quad Carter WCFBs

      1931 Ford Model A coupe, ’59 Pontiac 389 motor, vintage 1957 Saaty fuel injection

      But for pure demolition of the ecosphere, none of ’em comes close to my 1963 Lambretta Li150 scooter (bored- stroked to TV175 specs, with Mikuni).

      1. Are you single? If not, are you LDS?

        1. Why would owning those cars make you think he is single or LDS?

          1. It was an attempt at a humourous marriage proposal. Obviously it failed.

        2. A couple of common law wives, if that makes any difference.

          Religiously, I’m a Tarvuist.

      2. Alright all you rich bastards. Send your max campaign contributions my way. I’m going after Schumer.

        1. Real hot rods don’t take a lot of money, just imagination and patience. My heaps were largely assembled from junkyard and swap meet components.

          Best part: largely exempt from state emissions and safety regulations.

    1. I’d like to report that my 15-year-old son came home from watching with his friends and said “what was up with the mysogeny?” Apparently the whole bunch of them noticed the general theme and were bemused. Some of the lil’ Jezebels in the crowd became irate.

      Yeah, that’s exactly what was going on at your pussy son’s Super Bowl party.

      1. Let’s assume she’s reporting correctly… she’s really fucked that kid up if his idea of a Superbowl party is critiquing the ads with a bunch of junior feminists.

        1. Even sadder if we’re talking about MALE feminists. The female variety is bad enough.

        2. I suspect a fabrication. Was trying to make a new word for it being from Jezebel and my little brain just won’t do it.

          New word contest!

          1. Califabrication?

            Or is it the opposite?

        3. Are you kidding me? That kid is in one of the best snake-in-the-grass situations I’ve ever heard of. That’s an even more sure-fire nookie hunt than going to a female-dominated Bible study every week.

          1. Not to mention that his mommy thinks he is just perfect. He’s a damned genius.

            1. Maybe. I’ve always found that the sex-positive feminist is mostly just positive they don’t want to have sex with you. And even if you do bed them, they start crying and want to stay up all night talking about their creepy uncle and the time their dad called them fat.

              Find a quiet, bookish type who has no idea how attractive she is. A fucking tiger in the sack, trust me.

              1. You’ve got a point there — I’ll stick with the Bible study scene. The Lamaze class scene is pretty profitable too if you’re more adventurous.

                1. MILFs: Because they have irrefutable evidence that they Put Out.

                  1. *the caption to one of those motivational posters, featuring a sexy shot of Palin*

              2. I love you, Sugarfree.

    2. I only got about halfway down the Jezebel page comment section before my misandry detector blew a circuit.

      1. I grew up in a single-parent home, so my misandry detector is naturally robust.

    3. I like how they complain that women in a few commercials are portrayed as nagging or whatever. Meanwhile, in most commercials, sitcoms, greeting cards, etc., men are almost always portrayed as sloppy, simple-minded idiots who couldn’t get anything done if it weren’t for their wives or girlfriends.

      But damn if the advertising industry isn’t soooo misogynist!

      1. I, uh. Didn’t mean to use the name Barack Obama on this post.

        Not that that matters at this point, everyone’s moved on.

    4. Gosh, how dare women complain about ads that they think are annoying! Meanwhile, it is perfectly legitimate for men to do so…

      Dude, there’s a difference between being the bane of a man’s existence and reducing him to a dead-voiced Chrysler-buying Flo-TV-needing mess, and saying that some ad company made a dumb ad that’s insulting to women *and* men.

  26. I figured Balko would be the one posting about that ad this morning.

    That was awful. Awful, awful, awful.

    1. He is probably still in his hangover from the Colts wake last night.

  27. Irony black hole forms.

    Dammit man! sexist and racist in 4 little words.

    *bows in submissive respect*

  28. My main issue with this ad, is that a lot of assholes will look at it and think “hey, that looks like a good idea!”


    1. Its the same assholes who look at 1984 as an instruction manual.

      If only there was someway to weed them out and kill them all. (Godwin’d for your pleasure)

      1. wylie, you’ve been knocking ’em dead lately.

  29. And the punchline: The sponsor (Audi) merrily approves of the dystopian fascism. My jaw hit the ground.

    I had no intention of buying an Audi before, but I REALLY won’t buy one now. Or anyone else who isn’t an ecofascist.

    Audi SO redefined the subset of the populace who would buy an Audi with that ad.

    1. Second sentence above should read, “And it is unlikely that anyone else will buy an Audi who isn’t an ecofascist.”

      In case anyone is under the misimpression I was advocating the return of slavery, of purchasing other people.

    2. I don’t think they endorsed that kind of nonsense. I think they were condeming it. The add was saying “buy a high end diesel and you can even pass muster with these nuts”. The ad is so over the top and makes environmentalists look so rediculous, I don’t see how you could read it as an “endorsement” of such a state.

      1. John, I respectfully disagree. I was with you on it being a really funny parody until the final tag line, where they seem to endorse this stuff.

        Or perhaps the creatives at the ad agency who created this were deliberately trying to come up with something that ecofascists would read as endorsing their worldview, while other, saner people would read it as being a parody of all that rubbish.

        My gut reaction was “No fucking way I buy an Audi, ever. They join Government Motors on my permanent ban list.”

        I suspect the creatives profiled who actually buys Audis, discovered they are overwhelmingly liberal, and decided to please them while writing off the handful of non-liberals.

        I do see your point, though.

        1. No way was Audi “endorsing” the nonsense – it was so over the top, they were poking fun at how silly it is. Basically saying “screw them at their own game.”

          Because, after all, what they’re marketing as a “green” car runs on deisel – which is slightly refined crude oil. It’s still a fossil-fuel-fired infernal combustion engine. If they really were pro-greenie, they would be marketing a hydro fuel-cell vehicle, or one that runs on organic batteries charged by wind power.

          1. A Different Bill,

            Bullshit. Look at the ads Audi is running on Google around the ad:


        2. I can’t read the minds of the people who wrote it. I can see your point to. But, God, if the people who wrote that commercial and the enviros watching it, think that it is not making enviros look rediculous, they are even worse unselfaware humorless fucks than I thought they were.

          1. Well, the ad has officially thrown off tons of the people here, and I think a lot of us are reasonably intelligent.

            Funny that the greenies are so batshit insane that no one really knows whether to take this extremely over-the-top ad seriously or not.

            1. I own an Audi. I LOVE Audi ads. And this ad pissed me off.

        3. They were basically saying “fool them at their own game.” I mean, come on – a deisel as “green”? This car is “green” only in the sense that it’s a very clean-burning deisel (as clean as deisel can be burned; i.e., not terribly clean) and gets high mpg in comparison to a regular gas engine car.

          Seems to me the point of the ad is that the eco-weenies will buy the hype that the car is green. And yeah, the new VW/Audi TDIs are actually pretty quick.

          1. Count me in among those in the meta-mocking camp. Prolefeed, I *really* don’t think it was an endorsement, but merely a very snarky message to sell cars, mocking the Prius fops all the way.

            I’ll take that over the usual snivelling fare of GM ads featuring Howie “Short on talent” Long or the utter rigormortis-inducing boredom of Honda ads.

            But, not over the Trunk Monkey. No way, Jose.

          2. Sorry, Bill… You have no clue how clean modern diesels are. They are far cleaner than gasoline engines; the NOx issue has been solved via urea injection, and particulate filters remove the soot. In addition, diesel fuel yields more per barrel than gasoline, and is far easier to refine as well.

      2. Thank you John. I thought I was the only one here who got the ad. Audi clearly thinks the American way of going green is retarded (remember when Audi’s president said the Volt is a car for idiots?)

        This ad made me want to buy an A3 more than anything else.

    3. I mean the cop in the screenshot has an advark sniffing the truck. The ad is making fun of environmentalists not embracing them.

      1. Exactly.

  30. Nick,

    I don’t think Lombardi ever said “show me a good loser and I will show you a loser”. That was George C. Scott in Patton. Lombardi said, “winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing.”

    I thought the ad was the best one of the Superbowl. And it should move cars. Those German high end diesels (both VWs and Audis) are great. They are much better than a hybrid.

    1. If the Jetta was a bit bigger, and VWs weren’t such utter pieces of shit, I’d get a TDI in a heartbeat.

      1. VW circa 1990s = piece of shit
        VW circa 2010 = great cars

        Reputations are a hard thing to fix, but the cars aren’t. You can get a bigger VW TDI with the Jetta Sportwagen or the Touareg.

  31. The moment of hope comes at the end when even an on duty cop has to comply with the law. Nothing gets rid of a bad law like strict enforcement. Even Al Gore doesn’t want eco laws that he personally has to obey.

    1. Gore has already proven he ignores the very finger-wagging “advice” he spews in his speeches, books, and movies. He’s too important to give up gas-hog limousines and jet planes, y’see.

  32. Environmentalism is embarrassing in the same way that seeing somebody wearing Crocs in 2010 is embarrassing.

    1. Leave my Crocs out of this.

  33. I found the commercial to be pretty confusing. The answer to eco-tyranny is apparently not to oppose it, but rather to acquiesce to it. Sure, more efficient vehicles are good things and the market will give us those things, but that ad made me want to buy a 1970’s muscle car or a Hummer rather than a green vehicle.

    1. It is a bit confusing at the end. It would have been the greatest comercial ever if it had been a HUMMER commercial that ended with the HUMMER breaking down the barriers and going off road around the cops. But, it still makes the enviros look like the tyranical buffoons that they are. So I will take it.

      1. going off road around running over the cops


          1. Would have been better that way then close up of the driving saying ‘It’s ok because I’m Green’ and then winking.

            THAT would have been the ad to run.

  34. That ad makes me miss my 1969 AMX.

    For pure, old-fashioned, “FUCK YOU, EARTH” fun, that car was hard to beat.

    1. 390ci – bitchin rides! Worth some money now, too

  35. The “green police” Audi really means are the wives domestic partners* of men in their market demographic.

    *Audis are gay.

    1. Audis are not gay. I would take an R8 in a minute. They are bit overpriced. I would take a Merc or a BMW over them. But they still are not bad.

        1. I defer to your expertise on the nuances of gay culture. I don’t follow it or participate in it. But if gays like Audis, they have good taste in cars.

          1. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

        2. FWIW, when I see some guy driving an Audi that’s what I think.

      1. I’d rather have a matching pair of 370Zs. But if you really need a fire-breather, go with the GT-R and pocket the $20k or so in change.

        1. I want the 500 horsepower MERC AMG V8. It is basically a C Class with a 500 horsepower V8 in it. That car is insane.

          1. If you’re referring to a Mercury Grand Marquis with a really powerful engine, I’ll pass. I owned a Mercury Grand Marquis, and it was constantly breaking down — a real piece of shit. The V8 was powerful, but meh.

            A good engine doesn’t redeem that kind of crappy quality control.

            1. No. I am referring to the Mercedes Benz AMG.

              1. OK. More than I’m willing to pay for a car (though I could afford one), but I can see someone owning that car and loving it.

                I view cars as appliances, a cage to get you where you want to go. Already married, don’t need a chick magnet. Drive a ’99 Camry with 100K miles, and really like it. A reliable, well built car.

                1. Eventually, the kids grow up and move out, and you rediscover the pleasure of driving a high-performance car again.

                  They day I picked up my 350Z, I told the dealer that the best part was knowing that both of my kids were driving mini-vans.

                  1. :::drools with envy at kinnath with that thought:::

  36. OK, I know I’m gonna catch a ration of shit for this, but I don’t care.

    Jesus Christ, people, overreact much? The reactions I’m seeing to this silly ad are just as bad as the left’s reaction to the goofy ad about how that football player’s mom didn’t abort him and now he’s grown up to be a star athlete. They got their panties in a bunch about that, and now we’ve got a bunch of people here who need to get their panties unbunched about this ad.

    It’s ONE car, people. Of course they’re going to market to whatever demographic they’re trying to get to buy that car. I saw the ad as Audi poking fun at the whole “green” movement, and saying, “hey, if you buy into that nonsense, well then go ahead and buy our TDI.” Like it or not, “green” sells these days – at least to certain people. Audi would be irresponsible as a major auto manufacturer if it didn’t have some kind of product to cater to that market segment.

    On the other hand, to say that “anyone” who buys an Audi is an ecofascist is pretty silly, when you consider Audi’s R8 V10, Q7, and any of the “S” line vehicles (e.g., S5, S6, S8, etc.). They have gobs of power and get shitty fuel economy. The person looking at the little, cute, purportedly “green” A3 TDI is hardly in the same market segment as the person looking at an A8L or a Q7.

    So they did not “redefine the subset of the populace who would buy an Audi” with that ad. They perhaps attempted to define the subset of the populace they are aiming at with that particular model – the A3 TDI.

    And as far as “overpriced, underpowered,” blah, blah – are they expensive to buy? Yeah, they’ll set you back a bit more than your typical Ford, Chevy, Chrysler or Toyota – depending on which model you’re looking at. Mercedes and Jags cost more. BMWs are about in the same neighborhood price-wise. Overpriced? I dunno about that, considering how much cars cost these days and what you get with an Audi.

    O.K. so, full disclosure – I’m not just talking out the top of my head. We’ve had Audis for 16 years. Never bought one brand new; we always have bought lease turn-in vehicles about 3 years old, with low mileage on the clock. And speaking from those years of experience, they are fantastic automobiles. And I have owned cars by Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Jeep and Porsche and have driven Italian and English cars owned by immediate family members. So I have lots to compare to; I don’t evaluate our Audis in a vacuum.

    My wife currently drives an A6 3.0 Quattro and it is a very fast car – not “underpowered” by any stretch. And it has been phenomenally reliable thus far. I would not hesitate to buy another Audi, and in fact, my wife has loved the ones we’ve had so much I probably won’t be able to get her to drive anything else. Yeah, the parts and service are expensive, but fer chrissakes, any dealer these days charges $90/hour just to look at a damn car.

    As far as the “green” schtick, my wife’s A6 gets only slightly better fuel economy than my Ford F150 Supercrew King Ranch. Her car averages about 17 or 18 mpg.

    Geez, I thought the regulars that hung out here were a little better at critical, analytical thought than to have such a knee-jerk, hyperbolic reaction to a TV ad. It’s a FUCKING TV COMMERCIAL, people.

    1. It’s not like anyone is going to talk about the actual game.

      1. Having trouble sleeping Kinn? Ok, here ya go: 3rd down and 15 yards…. /snore

        1. I didn’t watch the game. The best parts of the game (like the best commercials) will be available on youtube within 24 hours 😉

      2. The boys did that last night on the anti-abortion thread. Extra illustrations here.

    2. “It’s a FUCKING TV COMMERCIAL, people.”

      So my reactions should have been:
      1) Trying to arrest somebody for using incandescent bulbs: It’s a FUCKING BULB, people! Let it go!
      2) Trying to arrest somebody for wasting energy on a hot tub: It’s just a FUCKING HOT TUB, people! You don’t need it, so let the government control it!
      3) Spying on somebody about to throw a biodegradable cantaloupe rind into the garbage instead of using a compost pile: It’s just a FUCKING RIND! Put it in your compost pile! Nobody cares if you don’t have a garden! Just start one!

      Seriously… It’s a message that a lot of people saw as innocuous. That says a lot about the state of mind of a lot of people. I was too busy stopping my son from shutting off the receiver to properly express my disgust at the time, but I found it completely ridiculous, meaning that it should be ridiculed.

      1. You’re making the point Audi was making with their ad.

        I guess maybe they should have preceded it with a big banner saying “WARNING: SATIRE AHEAD!” for those who have no ability to recognize satire when confronted with it.

        Hey, there was this guy a long time ago who wrote a really cool article titled “A Modest Proposal” – it was all about how poor people should eat their babies. Check it out, it’s way cool!

        1. As was mentioned upthread, the ban on incandescent bulbs has already begun. Also mentioned was that instead of busting through the satire, the Audi conformed to the not-too-far-off world. So conform and don’t complain. That seems to be your and Audi’s message.

          1. You’re doing an excellent and remarkably consistent job of missing the point.

            1. What is the point? That they are catering to the “ecofascists” for one model of car while catering to others with other models? If anybody bought that message, you’d think they’d find out that they also cater to gas-guzzlers, as well, which would drive those same people away.

              You seem to be missing *my* point, while I understand the possible interpretations of the commercial.

              1. I think Bill is claiming that Audi is scamming the ecofreaks by passing off a diesel as a green car.

                I call Bullshit on that interpretation unless Audi admits to the scam publicly, in which case it isnt much of a scam, is it?

            2. Bullshit.

              They obviously are promoting the green message. Look at the ads on Google they are running:


        2. The point was properly made up thread – yes, it was satire, but Audi is claiming the solution to a police state is acquiescence, not fighting back. A Hummer ad, this works, for the Audi, it presents a confusing message. Personally, I think grizzly got it right at 9:04.

    3. Generally I agree that it’s supposed to be satirical, but it still leaves me a little queasy.
      But A Little Bill’s right about Audis. I’ve had an A4 Quattro for six years–the turbo gets me out of the way of Detroit idiots, the Quattro part gets me out of Detroit snow (like the dump we’re getting tomorrow). I’ve never come unglued on a curve. Great car.
      Weird ad.

    4. As far as the “green” schtick, my wife’s A6 gets only slightly better fuel economy than my Ford F150 Supercrew King Ranch.

      The pink one right?

      1. You can’t get the King Ranch in pink. But I do think they have a nice Puce that some people might like.

        1. If your boyfriend knows how to paint them it’s easy.

    5. It sounds as if you’re just bent out of shape because people are busting on your favorite car. People say shit here just to blow off steam. It’s a FUCKING POLITICAL BLOG, people.

      1. I did start off by saying I knew I was going to get a ration of shit for saying it. And so I have.

  37. You want to talk gay? Gay is getting a bunch of your “buddies” to come sit on your sofa for 5 hours to watch a bunch of primadonna multi-millionaires wear tights and pat each other on the ass while wrestling in the mud over a pointy rubber ball.

    “Woo hoo – “WE” scored! High five, dude!!” What’s this “we”? You’re sitting on your arse eating Doritos(R).

    Didn’t watch it; couldn’t care less.

    1. You realize none of us care that you are gay, right? But you should really tell your wife about the guys on the side. The both of you should get tested on a regular basis as well.

      1. Woo hoo!! We’re back in 7th grade!! The land where “you’re gay” is the most heinous of insults. “Yeah, you’re a fag, ya fukking homo.”

        Yup, yer really killin’ me with your rapier wit there.

        1. I’m sorry, I zoned out during your hysterical, whiny overreaction to our supposed overreaction.

          What were we talking about again?

          Oh, that’s right… your feelings of masculine inadequacy when your preferred brand of car is criticized.

          1. I was amused by the ad. Hey, Bill, have you ever read “On Sports” by Daniel Clowes (from Eightball)? If not, you should.

          2. LOL at the snark, SF.


          3. I bet his husband drives a Subaru.

            1. Outback?

              1. I’m not going to say the Subaru Outback = lesbians is true, but the preponderance of them in the library parking lot is quite powerful as anecdotal evidence.

                1. They put the rainbow flag stickers on at the factory.

                2. My wife has had her 2009 Forrester for about 9 months now. Halfway through a winter that has dropped well over the average snowfall, we can attest that the Forrester is a great winter driving vehicle.

                  But yeah, Subaru really pushes their quirky, green worldview in it’s marketing message.

              2. I’m guessing in his back door.

                Oh, wait, you mean what kind of car he drives.

          4. I’m sorry, SF, had to change my tampon. Just a little PMS, ya know. Since I’m so whiny, hysterical and – oh yeah – gay, and all.

            Except I guess I missed the whiny or hysterical parts.

            Oh, and as far as your apparent reading comprehension problem, I believe I made it clear that Audi is my wife’s preferred brand of car. I like it fine; it’s a great car.

            Oh, and you’ve apparently confused me with someone who (a) gives a shit what you think about my “masculinity” or sexual orientation and (b) falls for the bullshit attempts at insults based on attacking a guy’s masculinity. It’s just so 1980’s.

            1. Geez, I thought the regulars that hung out here were a little better at critical, analytical thought than to have such a knee-jerk, hyperbolic reaction to a TV ad. It’s a FUCKING TV COMMERCIAL, people.

              Whiny and hysterical. And ironic since it came at the end of an extremely long post.

              But I am sorry I hurt your feelings, Bill. Must have been all the homosexual football I watched last night.

              1. It was damned good game, IMO. Saints just outplayed the Colts. A good, hardfought contest and a memorable Superbowl. Two thumbs up.


              2. No feelings hurt here; just a little surprise at how intolerant of diverging view some supposedly self-identified “libertarians” are.

                OK, so sitting around watching football isn’t “gay” – sorry if I caused any feelings of masculine inadequacy when your preferred brand of sports-watching was criticized.

                And I’m not hysterical – I had my uterus removed years ago.

                1. Not really a football fan.

                  But it was a nice attempt to be an asshole on your part, fuckface.

                  1. So what are you majoring in, SugarFree?

                2. No feelings hurt here; just a little surprise at how intolerant of diverging view some supposedly self-identified “libertarians” are.

                  I’m tolerant of diverging viewpoints, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make fun of them.

                  1. “”I’m tolerant of diverging viewpoints, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make fun of them.””

                    My definition of tolerance is in fact, “being able to mock the shit out of each other visciously”

                    I have never been a big fan of the, “Oh, What-everrrr” idea of tolerance. That sounds more like socialized passive acceptance of patently silly shit.

                    It almost reminds me of a rant I made at a chain-sandwich shop in Nashville that drew loud applause from the majority of customers. I get to the counter, order the ‘pastrami on rye with russian’, and the order-taker goes, “oh, you mean the Presidential Pardon Special?” I repeat my order and he repeats the question. twice. Finally I’m like (louder), “Dude, its the only thing with @#(*$& pastrami on the menu. Is it your goal to force me to use your ridiculous sandwich-brand-names out of some idea that you are adding value? Or is some marketing scheme to humiliate me? Is a ‘Venti’ really any different than ‘large’? Is it possible to come into a sandwich shop and order a fucking pastrami on rye anymore, or do I need to learn some new silly code language now? Couldnt you at least make like the Chinese and put @#($* numbers on your menu so we dont have to feel like assholes ordering the Moo Guk Guy Pan. Yeah I’ll have the Presidential Pardon Special. Do you have any handi-wipes? I need to try and wipe the ‘how !#@*$& stupid is that’ off my face”

                    They went out of business within months.

  38. I thought it was a great ad, if you want to get people good and pissed at the Greens.

    I thought it was a terrible ad for selling cars.

    I think clean diesel is/should be the next generation of eco-cars, not hybrids. I could use a good commuter (face it, my megatruck is not a good commuter, and I would be very interested in the Audi diesel, if we had a dealership where we live.

    1. I’ve got an impression that somebody messed up with the commercial. The two parts — a hardcore satire of the enviro-fundies and selling a car — were not put together properly.

      1. Exactly. I thought it was great satire until the end, but I wondered where it was heading. Then the message got all confused trying to sell a car.

        Really, your earlier analogy is dead on, the one guy has a happy ending, but is that really supposed to be the point?

      2. That’s my view too. It’s like it shifted viewpoint as soon as it tried to sell the car.

        It was just an odd shift.

      3. We’ll see. Either it moves cars or it doesn’t. Either it was brilliant or it was moronic for the intended purpose of selling cars.

        If it does work, kudos to the creatives who wrote this.

  39. when i saw that i ad i though to myself, is this a joke? that is where we are headed! glad i wasn’t the only one!

  40. I’d be remiss for not mentioning the utter humiliation of Hitler’s Auto Union and Mercedes cars by Tazio Nuvolari driving a broken and “obsolete” Alfa Romeo P3.

      1. How far along are you in the SugarFree school of HTMLology?

  41. Alright, I’m still completely baffled. Is that a giant ferret?

    1. Wait, why DONT we have Police Ferrets? I mean, finding stuff is right in their name!

      1. They’d probably also be more agreeable than police marmots.

        1. Who gives a shit about the fucking marmot?!

  42. OMG dude The Who totaly KILLED it last night. That was absolutely AMAZING in every sense of the word!


    1. Anonymity-bot FAIL

    2. Yes. Yes they did. Kill something.

      1. Maybe the anonymity bot is experimenting with what you Earth humans call “sarcasm”.

      2. John Entwistle watched and cried. It should have been Roger. Dude looks like an old lesbian and can’t sing for shit. At least Pete still appeared respectable, and Ringo’s kid was fine.

        1. Daltrey sounded like he was about to get a hernia right there while we watched.

          Of course, they’ve been milking it since the 80s. How many farewell tours have the Who’s Left had? 3? 4?

        2. Respectable was another band’s song. They didn’t play that last night.

  43. threadjack: I await the Katherine Mangu-Ward post comparing Toyota stuck-accelarator deaths to the risk of BFIS (Bovine Fatal Interaction Syndrome).

  44. It’s like it shifted viewpoint as soon as it tried to sell the car.

    It’s bad enough when a team of “writers” can’t figure out how to end a 100-minute-long action movie; it’s truly sad when they get completely lost in the woods doing a sixty-second commercial sales pitch.

    1. Damn shrinking attention spans. What were we talking about?

  45. A better superbowl-related post.

    Hidden truths:

    “Unemployment at 20%”

    “a thousand dollars worth of gold is worth more than a thousand dollars”

    These guys should be running the country.

    1. I gotta get me some of that gold

  46. Warning about GREEN POLICE!!! This is happening in California. Your rights are being taken away in the name of saving the environment. Watch out for the tree hugging, toad licking druids?.I will not buy an AUDI

    1. Watch out for the tree hugging, toad licking druids

      Insert nerdy-joke about how they’re at least better than dealing with druids from WoW.

  47. The Who totaly KILLED it last night.

    If, by IT, you mean any remaining scrap of respect I might have had for them, then yes.

    Yes, they did.

  48. Lived in Italy for 3+ years. Drove all types of Euro mobiles. here’s my rankings:

    1. BMW — Easily #1
    2. Audi — like their Quattro system and their turbo diesels best.
    3. Mercedes — just feels like your paying for the Mercedes name. Nice touches, but want more performance.
    4. Mini Cooper — fun to drive.
    5. Saab/Volvo — meh.
    6. Smart Car — rented a ForTwo once and a ForFour once. Enjoyed driving them both times.
    7. Volkswagon — rented one in Napoli. The passenger side mirror was in the back seat. But hey, they didn’t care about the new dings when I returned it.
    8. Can’t stand Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Peugeot or Citroen. They all drive cheap. Especially Fiat=shit can of death!

    As for luxury, I was at the Olbia airport in Sardinia, and saw a line up of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Bentley waiting for their owners outside the VIP terminal. Definitely go with the Bentley . . . if you have the cash. On a side note, I met Sammy Hagar there–much shorter than I had imagined; his super model wife/girlfriend? was easily 7″ taller than him.

    1. Oh, also drove the Ford Festiva around Italy, France and Switzerland two summers ago. It did get great gas mileage, but it was bare bones–would be better with a few amenities (i.e. CD player, window tinting, etc.).

      1. My dad used to drive a Ford Festiva. It was definitely economical, but didn’t have a lot of leg room in the back.

        1. I had a buddy who drove around an ’87 Ford Festiva when I was in high school in the mid 90s. I think he had a roach colony in the back seat. When I was offered the choice between a Fiat 500 or a Festiva in ’07, I thought back to my buddy’s POS and chose the Fiat. But the counter lady told me that the Festiva was a better car–funny look she gave me when I laughed. So, I went with the Festiva, and it was a decent car. Last spring, I rented a Fiat 500 (only thing available) and it sucked.

        2. For your listening and viewing pleasure (ok, it says Fiesta not Festiva).

          Took a while to load for me.

          1. I apoligize. The Festiva is a sub-compact that Ford made in the late-80s/early-90s. The Fiesta is what they currently sell in Europe–according to Wikipedia, Ford is supposed to start selling it in the US soon. Haven’t heard Elastica in awhile . . . nice find.

            1. Big brother loved them when I was a younger and that was the cut of theirs I liked the best.

              I found out what happened to them too! Pretty much everything they did got caught in a copyright violation.

    2. The passenger side mirror was in the back seat. But hey, they didn’t care about the new dings when I returned it.

      Well, I mean, they gotta expect a few dings with that setup, right?

      1. Another car that I rented in Italy had a huge scrape down the passenger side, and the rear-passenger hub cap was zip-tied to its wheel–not sure why somebody bothered to go back for it after it fell off or why the rental company bothered to reattach it. In general, Italians don’t give a shit about their car’s appearance . . . they barely give a shit about how the thing runs.

    3. I actually worked in the Euro auto industry for a time. If you want quality, Mercedes stands head and shoulders above the competition – they hammer their suppliers on every detail. Even the door seals have to meet their exacting specifications. BMW is clear second. Everyone else sucks, including Audi. They may have great designers and engineers, but when it comes to actually building and assembling the car they don’t seem to give a shit.

      1. I agree about the quality of Mercedes– top notch. Just not for me.

  49. Funny ad. I totally buy the “beat ’em at their own game” interpretation (the kicker at the end with the cops getting busted was a give-away.) In fact, I’m finding it hard to believe that any reasonable person would, after some thought, view it any other way. Were I a environut, I’d be really pissed at Audi now.
    But I agree that the ad was probably not very effective at selling cars.

    My favorite car? Anything that’s more than a decade old that I can buy for $1,000, put another $1,000 in, and run for five or six more years.

    1. In fact, I’m finding it hard to believe that any reasonable person would, after some thought, view it any other way.

      And there’s the crux of the problem. It’s not like this commercial aired on some other planet filled with reasonable, intelligent people.

      It ran on Earth. In America of all places. So, yeah…what was that part about reasonable people?

  50. I mean, come on. The green cops have carbon-sniffing aardvarks, for Christ’s sake.
    How could it NOT be a huge “fuck you” to the nuts?

    1. I mean obviously they’re making fun of the enviro-nuts, but it just seems like the bit where they sell the car is off theme with the rest of the commercial.

      If the point was “a green car for the sane among us” I think there were better ways to get that point across. It seems muddled to me.

      I’m not saying they’re endorsing the “green police,” that doesn’t fit either. It’s like neither option seems to fit the whole commercial. Confusing.

      1. I thought the ad worked. No confusion here.

  51. I liked the ad. It makes me want to buy a VW Golf TDI.

  52. Two unbelievably bile-inducing article links:


    Grow a sense of humor, enviropussies.

    Say, speaking of… where IS Chad?

    1. Chad is busy trying to find a pet store that sells incandescent-sniffing aardvarks.

    2. From the huffpost bit: “This basically describes every guy I know.”
      Wow. Every guy David Roberts knows is as big a douche as he is. What were the chances?

      1. That Huffpost post is truly scary.

        1. The Huffpost itself is scary.

          1. It’s going to take days to unwad thsoe panties of his.

            1. Surprisingly, nothing on MediaMorons yet. But stay tuned, they may well get around to it.

              They DID weigh in on the Tebow ad non-issue, of course…

            2. I warned you about him in another commercial.

      2. I liked the “ugly, misogynistic, and worst of all, unfunny” line, followed by a diatribe about the ugliness and misogyny and nary a word about the unfunniness. “…and worst of all, unfunny” is the usual boilerplate moral scolds add to their description of the moral horrors of something, to show they’re really cool people, not just moral scolds.

        1. I love how he follows the ugly, misogynistic remark with talk about teabaggers and how bitter the teabaggers are, completey oblivious to his hypocrisy.

          Later he references “sticklers and naggers.” What a racist!

      3. Why does someone who looks to be very comfortable with “Arabian Goggles” bash teabagging so much?

  53. Great ad. I hope it works just because I like their premise.
    I’m sure Toyota has helped them along this last month. Now should they have gone the Hyundai route?

  54. If Audi actually wanted to draw people into the showrooms and sell cars, they would have been better off running sixty seconds of DTM footage.

  55. You know I miss? A time when people didn’t use the word “anyhoo.”

    1. We didn’t even know we were living in a golden age that would pass.

    2. When was that time?

      1. Before David Spade had his 15 minutes.

        1. +5pts for actually coming up with an “anyhoo” reference.

  56. Diesel cars suck. Diesel engines are for trucks, generators, locomotives, boats, and older piston aircraft. There will be nothing but petrol automobiles in my future and no fucking hybrids. Has anyone ever witnessed a “runaway” diesel engine? Not cool (for the owner anyway).

    1. Beloved has a Cummins Diesel in his truck and it works great. But he is a mechanic. Mine is gas and it works great too, but beloved is a mechanic, so there ya go 😉

      1. Why isn’t general mechanic work taught in public school? It’d be a hell of a lot more useful than algebra for most people.

        1. You need a degree in avionics to work on cars these days. Other than fluid levels and changing tires, it is real difficult to just diagnose a problem. Not like my old 71′ VW campmobile.

          1. Back in my teens the junker I first drove was a 61 Dodge sedan (Dart?) with, I believe, a slant-six engine. I remember having enough room to work under the hood that I could stand up inside if I needed to.
            I later moved up to my dad’s old 73 Honda Civic. That entire car could be taken apart in about an hour using nothing but a socket wrench.

          2. Will take your word for it. He says I might as well padlock the hood and give him the only key.

          3. You need a degree in avionics

            I think you’re making it more complicated than it really is. If anything, cars are EASIER to diagnose today. You have a computer that can read out sensor measurements, compared to an experienced mechanic listening to the engine noise.

            The tools have gotten more complicated, sure. But they have manuals.

            And not every problem is engine diagnostics. Leaky fluid lines, loose cables, worn belts, etc.

            And i’m thinking something more substantial than a 1-2 semester elective class. Hell, we HAVE trade schools where its taught already. Just send the kids there earlier, instead of wasting their time.

            1. Whew, something with some familiar buzzwords about cars!

              Beloved does get annoyed at other mechanics/shops that just “scan tool and bill” or however he says it. He saves time and his customers money by checking things like you said and then does the other stuff. Lots of check lists and procedures.

              John touched on some of that in his books too, but from the future. Seems like there is a constant, the tools might fluctuate in price but hiring a person who knows how to use them costs money.

    2. Not a problem. Just pull a sparkplug wire ;^)

  57. Remember when Steve Martin was genius funny? No? Well I do.

  58. this ad is an insult to diesel electric technology. it just gave me the impression that they are with the econuts.

  59. If the ad agency had left off the final tag line, and just said “Audi”, preserving complete ambiguity whether they were endorsing that greenie nonsense or making fun of such tools, leaving it to the watcher to decide, then it would have been a brilliant, unflawed ad.

    It’s like some clueless beancounting committee weighed in and insisted on inserting the final tag line, and fucked up the creatives’ work.

    1. I thought the point of the ad, for the general population at least, was that the Audi is so environmentally-friendly that even these enviro-fascists would approve of it. In that context, the tag line fits in perfectly.

      And by the way, the general storyline of presenting someone who the viewer thinks would absolutely hate the product being advertised, and then showing that they actually like the product, is extremely common in advertising. Think about that Scotchgard commercial with the biker dudes coming home and obsessing about their beautiful carpet.

      I think a lot of the folks on this thread are just going bonkers when they get even the slightest whiff of an opposing political philosophy.

      1. I suppose you’re right. I juts got a confused message out of it when I watched it. But then I’m not the sharpest incandescent bulb in the uh…

  60. Dr. Diesel’s ghost is fisting Ferdinand Piech as we speak.

  61. It’s interesting because it exaggerates how absurd the ‘green’ movement has become by showing these environmentalist ‘police’ going overboard, but then it tries to make you feel good about buying a ‘green’ car. The ad doesn’t work since it plays into the same absurd reasoning that it is criticizing.

    Twitter: @JeffACSH

  62. I was agitated by the ad. Too close for comfort. Obviously they were trying to make some kind of Reno 911 joke, and trying to exaggerate the power environmentalists have, but comedy has to have enough distance from reality so we can laugh and not be appalled.

    Trouble is, police are already enforcing ridiculous laws. We already have no-knock drug busts on old ladies, frisking of innocents routinely at airports…cops brandishing guns at snowball wielding congressional interns … DUI checkpoints….police overkill (seen any of those “To Catch a Predator” shows where a veritable swat team is there to take down some feeble miscreant?)

    Anyone who has seen cops tase skateboarders, give out tickets for not wearing seat belts, had some officious drone being rude to them when trying to pick up a passenger at an airport, or seeing a meter maid standing waiting for the flag to drop on a soon to be overdue parking meter, doesn’t quite get the humor intended by Audi. The fact is as ridiculous as they are made to appear, the green police aren’t that much more ridiculous than law enforcement types ordinary Americans encounter every day.

    So I think that it isn’t only the enviro-nazi nature of this that is offensive, but how close it comes to reality regarding our regular police force and their drone-like enforcement of a growing number of laws and regulations.

    They didn’t do a focus group that included anyone with libertarian sensibilities, that’s for sure.

    1. ‘Cause carbon-sniffing aardvarks totally equal drug-sniffing K-9s. Nope. Not ridiculous at all.

      1. Don’t tread on me, carbon-sniffing aardvark. Don’t you dare tread on me.

  63. overpriced, underpowered, and breakdown prone vehicles like Audis.

    So…which ad got you into the similarly-adjectived American car you have? 😉

    1. Hey, its entirely possible he drives a similarly-adjectived japanese or korean car.

  64. Sandy Smith


    1. Even Steve Smith can’t rape the willing.

      1. I said “taken.” Taken a bride. To where, only the beast knows for sure.

    2. Thanks for making me blow coffee all over!

      1. Who is Coffee?

    3. *Un-Raped Bags of Rice Breathe a Sigh of Relief*

  65. I can’t resist:

    This: Woo hoo!! We’re back in 7th grade!! The land where “you’re gay” is the most heinous of insults. “Yeah, you’re a fag, ya fukking homo.”

    comes from the guy whose opening salvo is this:

    You want to talk gay? Gay is getting a bunch of your “buddies” to come sit on your sofa for 5 hours to watch a bunch of primadonna multi-millionaires wear tights and pat each other on the ass while wrestling in the mud over a pointy rubber ball.

    Nice job, Billy.

    Suck it up; nobody cares what you drive.

    1. Correction: that was not my opening salvo. It was a response to the whole “Audis are gay” trope.

      Whatever. This thread has been an eye-opener. Thanks.

  66. Oh, and as to the effectiveness of the ad: It’s been broadcast (for free) on morning shows and blogs across the Internet political spectrum, been talked about (approaching 200 comments here) with the name Audi mentioned over and over and seared into people’s minds as they argue about it.

    That’s a damned effective ad any way you slice it. I hadn’t thought about Audi for probably about two years before this ad.

    1. Not so. If someone just repeated the word “Audi” 25 times in the commercial people would be talking about it too.

    2. Wait for the sales numbers. Broadcast Time does not necessarily equal Ad Effectiveness. They are generally pretty equal, but not universally.

    3. For an actor, any publicity is “good” publicity.

      This does not hold true for a manufacturer of consumer goods.

  67. I finally watched the ad.

    FUNNY! I thought it was funny.

    Rush is talking about it now.

    1. HA! Rush agrees with me!

      Um, that’s not the best endorsement around here is it?

      1. Rush, IMO, has been sounding a lot more like the serious side of Glen Beck the last coupla weeks.

        1. So it’s not just me. I only got to start listening regularly again the past few weeks. Seems different than before. More serious.

        2. The retards are getting all mad at Rush for quoting Rahm Emanuel’s retard statement.

  68. It’s called extremely skilled advertising. Give different messages to different target audiences

    More like, “no discernible message at all.”

    1. Let your Audience form their own message from your presentation. Its genius.

      1. Sounds like Audi is mimicking Obama’s strategery…

        1. Uh-oh. We all know how that worked out…

        2. From watching the video it looks like they are mocking Maobama’s strategy.

      2. If you’re making Art, yeah. If you’re trying to sell cars, not so much. Your audience needs to form the message “I want an Audi”, not “WTF did I just wtach?”

        1. I think the point is, lefties look at the ad and say “I wish we lived in a world like that!”. Righties look at it and say “What a bunch of morons those Green Police are! Ha ha ha!”

          Either way, you have name recognition + positive feelings about the ad. That’s really all you can do with a concept ad like that.

        2. Advertising has become an art form.

  69. Some interesting banter going on here. I bet a guy you all love would have found the ad hilarious:…..ommercial/

    1. Two replies, and one of them by the blogger himself, counts as “interesting banter?”
      Must be the IPCC definition of of “interesting banter.”

      1. I replied too and it was enlightened 😉

      2. I meant the whole thread. I didn’t mean my comment as a reply to a reply.

  70. I have to concede your point, Tulpa; people are talking about the ad, and it has undoubtedly raised name awareness.

    But will it sell any cars?

    1. Well, that’s the question isn’t it. Personally I have no idea how all these car companies can afford to saturate TV with these nonspecific concept ads (as opposed to advertising some special financing offer or whatever). But, I would think that increasing brand recognition is the most important thing for an ad like that to do, especially for a relatively obscure company like Audi.

      Personally, I think the SB ads most likely to generate new business were the Denny’s ads — but that’s probably because they’re giving away free stuff.

  71. My father has been in advertising for the last 35 years, so some small bit if his knowledge has crept into my head even though I resisted.

    The ad is terrible.

    Lots of serious car people have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of European clean-diesel technology. The whole point is to reduce emissions without suffering dramatic loss of performance.

    This ad tells us that going green will be a terrible experience, but at least you get a fun car. Audi is making fun of the very market that it wants to buy the car. Just plain dumb.

    1. Well, wouldn’t the serious car people be likely to know about the new Audi with or without the ad? The ad is likely to get a larger market interested in (or at least aware of) the vehicle.

      I don’t have any advertising training, even by osmosis as you mention, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.

      1. A quick look at the Audio website shows the least expensive TDI starts at $27K. Most run in the 30s or 40s.

        So your target market is middle-class somebody that wants a comfy sedan without giving up peformance. Oh, and environmentally-friendly would be good too. But I don’t really want a hybrid and an econobox just ain’t big enough.

        I don’t see how this ad goes after that market. Unless you assume the target audience is the cynical, sophisticated middle-income-earning dude that just watches the Superbowl to make fun of the ads.

        I suspect the ad will disappear from the airwaves in a hurry.

        1. If you’re looking for an affordable TDI, wouldn’t you be looking at VW, not Audi?

  72. “Green” is the new “Brown”!

    1. Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.

      1. I’m with you sister!

  73. I personally saw it as “we beat these fuckers at their own game, this is a real German sports car, but because its also a 60 mpg diesel, those gren fascists all think it’s a polar bear saving, tree hugging, carbon neutral eco-car, so now you can drive an Autobahn worthy automobile that even Al Gore would approve of, while secretly giving the finger to those pretentious fart sniffing yuppies in their crash happy Priuses as you stomp that (non-stick) accelerator. Don’t worry, we wont tell if you don’t.”

    But hey, I work in Marketing.

    And, note the irony that Audi was nearly ruined by stuck accelerators that crashed their cars in the early 90’s. Now Toyota, 800lb Gorilla of the hybrid market, those stupid, not-so-eco-friendly toxic battery toting golf carts with a lawnmower engine attached is getting clobbered in the market place for… stuck accelerators that crash their cars.

    Now, as I pull out of my driveway in my pickup truck, and I glance at the Priuses in the driveways of my neighbors on either sides of my house, I chuckle. “Not such an effing smart buy, was it?” Only the guy with the BMW Z4 in his garage gets a pass, that’s a real car. He’s earned enough gearhead street cred that even a hybrid can’t erase it.

    When I was a kid, he rebuilt a Harley chopper and ran a nitro-burning funny car on weekends (literally shook the windows in my house when he’d fire it up in the driveway, you know, just to test it), which he pulled to the strip behind his 1979 Dodge Tradesman van with a custom tuned Hemi 426 in it. He got the green-machine for his wife and daughter, I guess. He sold the dragster a while back, but still peddles a line racing themed merchandise down at the motor speedway, but I can’t imagine he does it out of the back of that Prius.

  74. I’m in the market for a car. So presumably I am part of the target market for this ad. Note to Audi marketeers: It was too creepy/potentially true to be funny. I really don’t want a car I associate (even loosely or comically) with the future portrayed here.

  75. “And, note the irony that Audi was nearly ruined by stuck accelerators incompetent drivers that crashed their cars in the early 90’s.”

  76. I was, as was proper, drunk when watching the ad. But, to me, they came out smelling much more like eco-commie bastards than those making fun of eco-commie bastards.

    just a data point. not that I’d ever buy a new audi anyways.

  77. I think the most impressive superbowl ad was the one where you could text something to some number and donate to the Keep the Hatians in Hati Fund, or whatever they’re calling it…

    Anytime they can get you to do something like that on an impulse, to buy something right then and there, that’s effective advertising.

    Oh, also, the free breakfast at Denny’s thing? Free food? I’m gonna remember that! That’s effective advertising too.

    1. Keep the Hatians in Hati Fund

      Talk to me, babe.

  78. What was crazy about the ad is that the Green Police were all flying helicopters and using fossil fuel burning vehicles.

    1. At least their oversized segway chariots are charged on renewable energy.

    2. Those were the new electric helicopters, Juice.

  79. I’m not driving all the way to Billings for breakfast. Even if it’s warm enough to get the Porsche out.

  80. And i’m thinking something more substantial than a 1-2 semester elective class. Hell, we HAVE trade schools where its taught already. Just send the kids there earlier, instead of wasting their time.

    I keep telling my brother to take the money he would otherwise spend on college tuition, and just buy his son a backhoe.

    His wife will never go for it.

    1. Backhoe, or a full set of tools for auto/bus repair. Friend-of-a-Friend anecdote: Guy worked for Metro on the buses, great pay, but you had to bring your own tools. Thinking back, that anecdote doesn’t really make sense, but i didn’t think to ask more questions when it was told to me. Anyone who knows better feel free to chime in.

      Point is, whether you get him a backhoe, a toolset, or a (real*) college education, you’re investing in his ability to succeed in life. Teach a man to fish and all that good stuff. Hell, when he graduates highschool, just ask the kid what he wants to do and spend the money accordingly. Success is success.

      *real college education = sciences, business, even law. != most of the “humanities”.

  81. You can download Cheap Trick’s new version of “Green Police” for free here
    it’s actually really good.

    1. Awesome! Added to my post about the ad. Thank you!

  82. What’s with the fewkin’ anteater? I’m not a envirotard so I’m not getting the reference

  83. Buy an Audi – no – but showing up at Mrs Yet another dave’s book club with my hockey team seems like a better idea now… Except, with a keg of ale from the local micro brewery Thanks budlite for the idea, no no you can keep your “beer”

  84. What’s the problem? The Green Police do not appear to be armed with anything other than radios and segways. They actually try this shit, and the morning light sees them hung from lampposts around the town square.

    And, note the irony that Audi was nearly ruined by stuck accelerators that crashed their cars in the early 90’s

    Ah, the Audi Death Car. You know that was eventually debunked, right? Just another in a long line of shitstorms started by the yellow journalism of 60 Minutes.

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