Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


Here's what you were reading last week at Hit & Run:

California Voters Will Be Asked to Legalize Pot, by Jacob Sullum (1/28)

Obama Decries Divisive Rhetoric, Says Healing Can Happen if Opponents Stop Being Such Effing D-bags, by Nick Gillespie (1/29)

Political Ad of the Year? by Jesse Walker (1/30)

Obama's Empty Cost-Containment Rhetoric: Should We Call Him Out on It? by Nick Gillespie (1/26)

New Yorker's (and Jimmy Carter's) Hendrik Hertzberg on Lord Obama's "Nominally Respectable" Opponents, by Nick Gillespie (1/25)


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  1. I simply refuse to accept this.

  2. There are those who say, “I simply refuse to accept this.”

  3. I refuse to refuse to accept this

  4. Make light of this if you want to, Barack Obama and I ? trolls, but Suderman hasn’t made the top 5 in so long that there simply MUST be a code error (or deliberate mischief?) in the computer modeling. We need to have a look at that code.

    1. Let me be clear.

      This is exactly what I am saying.

    2. I can generate some models and data sets to hide Suderman’s decline.

    3. He wears a hat in his picture. On that grounds, he never deserves to win anything. He needs to rock his bald head. In fact, that’s the only thing I like about Radley Balko

  5. What the hell’s the deal with Boeing advertising its tankers online? Trying to get people to pressure Congress to use its tankers instead of Northrup’s?

    1. You don’t think oil industry tanker buyers read Reason?

      1. I assume only the Air Force uses airborne tankers.

        1. Thanks for highlighting my stupidity.

  6. Wow. I had Sullum at 7-1 for the top spot, and Nick at 6-1 for most posts in the top five.

    All pointless, of course, since I can’t accept bets until the morons on Congress repeal their Internet gambling law. But since I can’t bet on the Superbowl, here are this weeks’ odds:

    Odds for next week – Top spot:
    Balko: 9-5
    Welch: 5-1
    Gillespie: 5-1
    Sullum: 6-1
    Walker: 6-1
    Bailey: 7-1
    Cavanaugh: 7-1
    Doherty: 8-1
    Mangu-Ward: 10-1
    Root: 12-1
    Field: 20-1

    Most posts in top five (ties decided by order):
    Balko: 8-5
    Welch: 5-1
    Cavanaugh: 6-1
    Walker: 6-1
    Sullum: 6-1
    Gillespie: 7-1
    Bailey: 7-1
    Mangu-Ward: 8-1
    Doherty: 8-1
    Root: 15-1
    Field: 20-1

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