MPP Head Takes Leave in Wake of Sex Scandal


High Times reports that Rob Kampia, co-founder and executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, has stepped down "temporarily, and possibly indefinitely," in the wake of a scandal involving inappropriate sexual remarks and conduct. Last week the magazine broke the story of the scandal with an online article by David Bienenstock and Richard Cusick that quoted several staffers who resigned from MPP in protest of Kampia's behavior and the organization's tolerance of it. Which explains the mass email message I got a while back from Bruce Mirken, then MPP's communications director, announcing that he was moving on to new challenges. Mirken, who had worked for the group for eight years, tells High Times:

None of us who left MPP over its handling of this incident take any pleasure in this situation. MPP is an important organization, whose work literally saves lives, which means it's critical that MPP's board use this period to take a thorough, fearless look at the whole sequence of events, including both the August incident and the way it was handled, and act to preserve the organization's integrity.

According to The Washington Post, the "August incident" involved sex (entirely consensual, by Kampia's account) with a female employee after a staff happy hour at the Union Pub in Washington. After that incident, High Times reports, MPP's department heads unanimously recommended that Kampia step down. They saw it as just the latest example of Kampia's "hypersexualized" behavior (as Kampia himself described it to the Post). Chief of Staff Alison Green reported in a subsequent email message obtained by High Times that Kampia had responded to their concerns by warning that "if he left, [major funding] would leave with him, which would have a crippling effect of its own (presumably causing layoffs in numbers that would equal or exceed the number of people who would leave if he stays)." Green later reconsidered her support for the department heads' recommendation.

The Post says Kampia is "taking a three-month medical leave…to get therapy for his attitudes toward women." Peter Lewis, MPP's main financial backer and chairman of its board,  "said Kampia was 'encouraged' to take the leave and his return is subject to 'convincing the board he has dealt with his issues.'"

Since I see a lot of value in MPP's work, I pretty much agree with Mirken's assessment of the situation, but I thought the news would of interest to our readers, more because of the drugs than because of the sex. As High Times notes, "MPP is the best-funded national organization working for marijuana legalization in the United States, with a yearly operating budget of $6 million."

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  1. Why do you think they call it dope?
    Marijuana’s criminal hypersexualizing effects were well known so it was outlawed.

    1. I thought it only worked that way on colored people. Kampia looks pretty white to me.

    2. People commit rape under the influence of alcohol all the time, Juanita, when is the last time you heard of someone committing rape under the influence of cannabis? I’ve personally never heard of a single case. Harry Anslinger, who led the campaign to make cannabis illegal, was the most vile racist imaginable, he didn’t try to hide it, he flaunted it. The reason some folks call it dope is because they are alcohol supremacist BIGOTS who are hellbent in making cannabis users pay for the murderous sins of alcohol users. I got a better idea: make alcohol abusers pay for their own blood soaked sins and take your filthy fascist hands off peaceful cannabis users before you destroy more than you already have.

  2. Mirken should have shrouded her vagina to prevent penetration.

  3. ‘convincing the board he has dealt with his issues.’

    His issues?!


  4. How can such an organization go to pot over the actions of one person? Clearly they should have stayed on to fight the good herb fight.

    1. I would guess that such an organization would go to pot as often as possible.

    2. All this over some head…

      1. nudge, nudge, wink, wink

  5. Maybe Kampia is going to the same Mississippi sex rehab as the rags say Tiger will be attending. I bet there will be lots of ball striking in that joint.

  6. I agree that MPP is a productive organization, but this is nothing worse than what their DC cronies are doing, so they should be OK. I hope Bruce Mirken stays around the scene too, he’s got a great personality.

  7. If it doesn’t involve minors or the unconsented-to use of force, I’m not too concerned.

    1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  8. involved sex (entirely consensual, by Kampia’s account) with a female employee after a staff happy hour
    Story would have been better if it happened after a benefit rock concert.

  9. Doesn’t being hyper sexual require lots of motivation?

    1. Conflicting Propaganda? Nothing to see here, move along.

    2. No, that’s metrosexual.

  10. i can’t respect any organization who hires a man named Merkin as their comm director.

  11. I remember when Kampia was the President of the student council or whatever at Penn State. Anyone who manages to get elected president of a student senate or whatever at a university has got to have some major personality flaws.

    1. Please note I am not opposed to MPP etc and I don’t necessarily think that “inappropriate sexual…behavior” is a bad thing, just, you know, power seekers, etc.

  12. So, apparently marijuana legalization activists are more socially conservative than a lot of Republican politicians (and a lot less tolerant of sexual harassment than feminist Democrats).

  13. If you get bent out of shape over other people’s consensual sex, then fuck you, you don’t deserve to get to smoke any pot anyway.

    Seriously, someone got talked into thinking they needed therapy for having consensual sex? Fuck that noise.


    If we are going to free ourselves to smoke pot only to deliver ourselves into the power of the Cuntiztas at Feministing, fuck it, why bother? I prefer the war on drugs to the war on pussy, thank you very much.

    1. Wherever addiction strikes, we must fight against it. The War on Sex begins!

    2. Good call Fluffy.

  14. By the way:

    Something tells me that this guy’s trip to therapy is the kind of bullshit insincere ritual self-abasement that Michael Phelps engaged in: Confessing to a “problem” one doesn’t actually have, in order to hold at bay criticism from…[drumroll]…assholes.

    I’ll bet everyone at the Marijuana Policy Project can recognize absurd rituals of expiation when someone engages in them over pot. That didn’t stop them from demanding the same thing over sex, of course. Because it appears that everyone except me is a stupid cunt who demands meaningless ritual atonements about SOMETHING – each of these cunts just has their own bullshit thing to demand ritual atonement FOR.

    Fuck you people. Seriously. I should phone in anonymous tips reporting major pot buys at the home of every MPP board member.

    1. I can only guess the MPP is lefty. It really reminds the free thinker why true-beliver utopias always fail. In this case, if the hypersexual individual was really over-the-top wrong, then why does everyone that is good and believes in the system resign? Shouldn’t they struggle? If they don’t they have acquiesced essentially after telling the public that they can trust them, that they are all true believers. And then the bad boy shows up and they all resign in prostest? WTF?

    2. I’ll bet everyone at the Marijuana Policy Project can recognize absurd rituals of expiation when someone engages in them over pot. That didn’t stop them from demanding the same thing over sex, of course.

      But pot is different! It’s their personal issue that they care a lot about!

      Take it easy, Fluffy. Most people are douchebags in this manner, and if you get all bent out of shape about something this pervasive, you’re going to have a stroke.

      1. Yes, but when you’re a Go Fuck Yourself libertarian like me, getting all bent out of shape is part of your lifestyle.

        1. Are you saying the MPP staffers don’t have the right to fucking resign if they don’t like the way their organization is being run? Do you think they’re fucking indentured servants?

          You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened, or what the people there had to put up with. They could be whiny, overreacting bitches, or Kampia could be a major asshole. Or both. But even if the affair was completely voluntary, the staffers had as much right to quit as Kampia had to engage in his behavior.

          1. They have the right to resign, and I have the right to call them cunts.

            And we’re also talking about the actions of the BOARD of this organization, in demanding that Kampia undertake “therapy” in order to keep his job.

            How do you end up on the board of a group working on drug war issues and NOT KNOW that this kind of “compelled ritual therapy” is bullshit? I assume they are aware that just about every last person who “takes a deal” and enters therapy to avoid prosecution on marijuana possession charges doesn’t really have any medical or psychological problem at all, and is merely pretending they do in order to go along with a system put in place by puritanical cunts. If they DON’T know that, they have no business being on the board of the MPP. And I have every right to abuse them for their obvious failings.

            Right, I wasn’t there. But unless this guy was jerking off in the lobby or waiting room, there’s really nothing you could tell me about that would impress me.

          2. Where did anyone say that? Who said they have no right to resign and are indentured servants?

            Oh, that’s right, nobody. But hey, go ahead, because from what I can tell about this consensual relationship, what it needs are more half-informed people flailing about in histrionics and insisting anyone who disagrees with “their side” must be Hitler hitting people in the face with bags of AIDS.

            I’ve read every article on this so far, and all of the comments, and it’s quite clear the former staffers resigned a few at a time, one was the woman herself and one was her ex-boyfriend who worked there. Those resignations make sense, out of embarrassment and anger and whatever else, but the later ones are a bunch of people who have engaged in pretty awful public accusations that are so over the top and which are denied by a larger number of staffers and other people.

            There were nearly 40 staffers, and only 5 resigned in some sort of “protest”. They left a few at a time, for different reasons. One or two of them, according to the crazy number of comments about the details over at High Times, the Washington Examiner and Washington Post, were friends and roommates of the ex and left partly in some sort of solidarity with him since he felt betrayed or something by Kampia’s actions).

            The rest remained at work with the MPP. The board investigated. So of all of the staffers and all of the board, 5 people resigned in some kind of “protest” over the event and the board’s decision. Their actions since include moving from personal attacks on one staffer after another, whenever they think a particular current staffer may have posted a comment disagreeing with them or pointing out one of the several falsehoods or rumors being spread with no supporting evidence and in contradiction to far more people’s recollections and views on the matter.

            Everything so far points to this being a consensual relationship, the woman herself and her ex have said nothing publicly or in comments sections to dispute the coverage that says this was consensual, no evidence has suggested it wasn’t consensual, and only a few of the former staffers seem to be trying to imply it wasn’t consensual.

            The claims of non-consent are based on the argument (which can be found in the High Times article comment section, where the former staffers are posting nasty comments and rumor) that any level of intoxication in a woman means she cannot give “consent” because her judgment is impaired. The claim is basically that if a woman is drunk and willingly has sex, if she regrets it the next day for any reason then it can be classified as rape or as at least “questionable consent”.

            So that’s the theory behind acting like this event was some horrible event that makes Kampia an evil person.

            The talk of him harassing employees is questionable in light of the fact that many other staffers and activists have come forward to deny that this was some kind of serious problem or constant behavioral problem. Nobody has offered any evidence to refute Kampia’s comment that he has only had such relationships with two staffers in the MPP’s history, one being the recent event. We know from simple math that two of the seven who resigned had sex with at least one or two other staffers themselves, so the issue of sex among staff is hardly shocking. Some comments have claimed Kampia is lying about that number, but they offer nothing but rumor that is flatly denied by a lot of other people.

            The claim that any behavior by Kampia at work was a problem of power-position is rendered pretty obviously false by the very claims of the former staffers, one of whom notes she told Kampia not to hit on her staffers. She obviously wasn’t fired or targeted for punishment for confronting him, since she remained there until she resigned and she certainly does not mention any retaliation. Considering her other remarks, she’d obviously have noted it if she’d been targeted for confronting him.

            And it’s rather clear that Kampia’s behavior didn’t harm the MPP’s ability to pass laws and make big accomplishments for drug law reform, isn’t it? And none of them quit prior to the recent event or went to the public or press about anything either. So if it didn’t harm the ability to work and be effective, if nobody said a word to the community previously, and if they admit they could directly confront him without retribution, how exactly is this a big problem?

            What we have seen lately are more unsubstantiated claims and rumors from these former staffers, posted anonymously in comment threads to attack Kampia and other staffers at the MPP. Claims and rumors without any evidence except anonymous people suddenly claiming it’s true, while current staffers post under their real names to refute that gossip and innuendo. Talk of hush-money, secret non-disclosure agreements (obviously from people with a third grader’s understanding of law, since of course you can’t sign away your rights on criminal victimization), conspiracy theories, and other nonsense is being regularly and effectively shot down as the falsehood it is. Shot down by a lot more people, including named staffers.

            It appears Kampia has on at least a few occasions hit on employees, and on two occasions had consensual sex with employees. Most of the employees and the board looked at the issue and remained with the MPP. A small handful left, a few at a time and for several different reasons. And then a few of the ones who left (by my count, four or five, none of whom are the woman involved or her ex) went public to claim Kampia’s behavior with the woman was a major moral lapse that’s part of a broad pattern of harassment warranting his being fired at the very least. Those claims have been argued by other staffers, and those conclusions about Kampia’s future are not shared by the overwhelming majority of staff or board members at the MPP.

            And in the arguments that have followed, the same people making those public claims (only a few of whom are willing to give their names) have engaged in childish, mean behavior attacking anyone who argues with them or says their claims are not true or are at least gross distortions.

            I started out only mildly interested in this story. As more information has come out, and as the former staffers have engaged in behavior increasingly inexcusable (and jumped down my throat for posting a couple of comments about it somewhere), I’ve felt more compelled to try and pass along the information I’ve gleaned from all of the articles and comments so far.

            So when you say you disagree with the former staffers’ behavior, and someone posts anonymously claiming you basically said the workers should be treated like slaves with no rights, you’re likely talking to one of the former staffers, since that’s exactly the way they’ve behaved everywhere.


            1. There is a difference between rape and morally questionable behavior which is detrimental to the functions of an organization. While nobody has offered evidence to say that Kampia is guilty of the first, it does sound like his behavior is tearing the organization apart. If I were a board member, I would rather have in charge one of the hundreds of people that could get his charge done while keeping it in his pants around drunk subordinates.

              1. Except it wasn’t detrimental, and is only described as morally questionable by a handful of people of dubious credibility and with their own morally questionable behavior problems lately.

                The only reason anything has been detrimental is precisely due to former staffers making unsubstantiated allegations in the press. Until this time, the event had been handled easily and with good results, and meanwhile the MPP continued its work quite well as it always has. Claiming Kampia’s behavior was detrimental when the success of the organization proves otherwise is simply historical revisionism.

                And again, the facts so far seem to pretty easily demonstrate that overwhelmingly, nothing was done previously to protest this alleged “detrimental behavior” — there is no evidence at all that people quit over it in the past, that anyone felt unable to speak up if something bothered them (even his accusers specifically state that they did so, and there was apparently no reprisal for them doing so), or that any described behavior prevented the MPP from doing its job as always.

                And at this point, I’m not inclined to at all take any of the former staffers’ word for it that the supposed constant behavior is an accurate description of what really was going on anyway. But if I did, I’d still question if the behavior was as bad or troubling as they say, since there’s no evidence of this beyond the word of these few former staffers. And I certainly don’t know that it’s “morally questionable”. When I hear some actual evidence to support any of the claims beyond that Kampia had sex with a staffer — not itself inherently “immoral”, and certainly not illegal — then I’ll start to consider if there are moral issues involved. But without evidence and just rumors from people of dubious credibility, I see no reason to assume there’s a moral problem here.

                1. AC,”I’d still question if the behavior was as bad or troubling as they say, since there’s no evidence of this beyond the word of these few former staffers.” I would say that staff quitting their jobs is plenty of evidence of a hostile work environment. How many people would look seriously at hiring someone with Marijuana Policy Project as the last place of employment?

        2. Just try not to get bent out of shape while doing a lot of meth.

          1. You should keep an eye out for more details on this exciting program that will bridge the gap to your highest potential and utmost satisfaction.

        3. I know of which you speak.

  15. Sounds to me like some people really need to light[en] up.

  16. Wow. Even in libertarian circles people pay attention to this sort of puritan trash? Amazing. The US is pretty fucked up.

  17. Far from Puritanical, it sounds like Kampia’s behavior often approached/became sexual harassment. The employees who quit make it sound like this is just the latest in a long history of inappropriate behavior.

    Kampia is described as having created a “culture of sexually inappropriate behavior.” If he was confronted by another employee of the MPP and “dismissed [her] concerns and refused to stop hitting on his employees.” then that’s a problem.

    The MPP’s work is valuable, and it sounds like Kampia has been hurting that mission with what he himself calls “hyper-sexualization.” Perhaps it’s ok for a run-of-the-mill stoner to act like a pig, but probably very bad for a major activist/lobbyist.

    1. Did he demand sexual favors as a condition of employment?

      Because if not, you’re barking up the wrong tree whining to me about how he was a “harasser”. Maybe under existing case law he is – but you know what? That existing case law is tyrannical and corrupt.

      1. No, it is harrassment by creating a hostile environment.

        1. I consider every minute of my work day “hostile”. Am I being harassed?

    2. “Far from Puritanical, it sounds like Kampia’s behavior often approached/became sexual harassment.”

      Exactly my point. ‘sexual harrasment’ is a non-crime that only exists in the minds of fucked-up puritans.

    3. No, it doesn’t sound like that at all, actually. It sounds like some former staffers claim it, just as they claim a lot of other things that appear to be at best “in dispute” and at worst “outright falsehoods”. Far more people with “First Hand” knowledge have stepped forward to deny the rumors, and to correct falsehoods being spread by the former staffers.

      Kampia is described that way by a few people, people of increasingly dubious credibility. The behavior of those former staffers has grown increasingly paranoid and extremely personal and nasty over the last few days, as has the assertion of increasingly questionable and false claims.

      Your claim that “Kampia has been hurting that mission” is as false now as it was four posts above your own post, where I explained in fairly clear terms why that claim doesn’t make any sense.

      Perhaps its okay for a run-of-the-mill stoner to be incapable of telling the difference between unsubstantiated gossip from sources lacking credibility for claims that don’t add up, but probably very bad for someone reading a magazine called “Reason”. Look, it’s right there in the title — try to use some of it.


  18. Jacob,”but I thought the news would of interest to our readers, more because of the drugs than because of the sex.” Bullshit. What news? There is no story other than he was put on leave because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Seriously, do you think your readers care what the budget is?

    1. Dude, relax. Sullum’s not part of the High Times crew that decided to go all tabloid on this (unnamed departed employees! a buck-toothed picture of Kampia! SEX!!!); he’s just passing on the news. Smoke a bowl and chill out.

    2. RCTL

      You’re never able to let me keep my member in my pants. Keep inhaling!

      1. You are like a 12 year boy. Yes, we all know you have a penis. Congrats!

        1. Dumb bitch.

        2. Peter has a point.

          1. Don’t troll with training wheels.

            1. Peter North,put up or shut up 2.0,rather crazy that Libertarian2.0,etc. Are you upset? Baby, I know what can make you feel better: post under my name…wait you have already done it.

              1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

                dumb troll

                1. RCTL/put up or shut up/rather crazy that Libertarian/ReCTaL

                  You troll and troll and troll and what does it get you? Do you sit in your dorm room watching all of the other girls going out for a good time and they won’t take you along? Live a little! Go out and get some.

  19. “consensual sex, why I never!” -Uptight Pot Smokers that quit MPP

  20. Without knowing the details, its hard to say whether the board overreacted or not.

    An executive director who’s banging the staff can damn near destroy the morale and effectiveness of an organization, even if the banging is totally consensual.

    1. We all know sex is evil.

  21. Could it be a pre-emptive move by the board to ward off potential lawsuits?

    1. I think you called it because you are open to libel when you serve on a board.

  22. I wanted to post the entire HIGH TIMES article here for reference… PLEASE NOTE the leaked emails halfway through the story and what happens next:

    MPP Scandal Update
    Rob Kampia steps down, as leaked emails describe funding threat at the heart of his campaign to remain in power.

    By David Bienenstock and Richard Cusick

    Rob Kampia has temporarily, and possibly indefinitely, stepped down as Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, which he co-founded 15 years ago, after news broke of a sexual misconduct scandal that saw at least seven full time staffers quit the organization. Kampia has now confirmed having sex with an employee, and exhibiting “poor judgment,” but claims the act was consensual. He will take a “three month medical leave,” including therapy, starting immediately.

    According to the organization’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, billionaire philanthropist Peter Lewis, an outside management team will be called in tomorrow to assess how to proceed at MPP, the nation’s best funded non-profit organization dedicated to marijuana legalization, with an annual operating budget of $6 million.

    Going public for the first time in HIGH TIMES, the former MPP employees confirmed that they resigned in protest of an incident which followed an informal staff happy hour on August 7, 2009, and because of what several described as a pattern of “predatory” behavior by their former boss.

    Following Kampia’s announcement, former Communications Director Bruce Mirken, an eight year veteran of MPP, was the latest to step forward, telling HIGH TIMES: “None of us who left MPP over its handling of this incident take any pleasure in this situation. MPP is an important organization, whose work literally saves lives, which means it’s critical that MPP’s board use this period to take a thorough, fearless look at the whole sequence of events, including both the August incident and the way it was handled, and act to preserve the organization’s integrity.”

    Former Director of Membership Salem Pearce explained her departure more bluntly: “This is all part of a pattern of behavior by Rob, who was known in the office for his sexually explicit comments and actions towards female employees and interns, particularly ones half his age and desirous of full-time jobs with MPP. Rob’s willingness to jeopardize the organization for sexual gratification and his desperate attempts to keep his job sickened me and made me no longer able to work for him.”

    “I just think I’m hyper-sexualized,” Kampia told the Washington Post, by way of explanation for his therapy stint. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a hypersexual person exhibits” unusual or excessive concern with or indulgence in sexual activity.”

    When news of the incident first broke within the MPP office, back in August of 2009, the organization’s department heads unanimously concluded that Kampia should step down as Executive Director, though they left the door open to retaining him in another capacity, provided he was no longer in “a position of power.” Chief of Staff Alison Green approached Kampia with the department heads’ decision, and reported back by email on August 13, just over a week after the initial incident:

    “As we expected, Rob wasn’t particularly receptive to the idea. He also noted that if he left, [major funding] would leave with him, which would have a crippling effect of its own (presumably causing layoffs in numbers that would equal or exceed the number of people who would leave if he stays). He does understand that if he stays in his current role, a very large number of people may leave. And he understands that I will be presenting the entire situation to the board, including the sentiment of the department heads.”

    Green, who originally joined the department heads in calling for Kampia to step down, then continued. “I feel obligated to say that having had that discussion, I’m no longer sure where I personally stand on the department heads’ recommendation, but I am certainly committed to passing it along to the board, whether or not it ultimately has my backing.”

    Green would soon withdraw her backing for the department heads’ recommendation. What information reached the board, and when, remains unclear. Sources close to the process confirmed to HIGH TIMES that, despite Green’s written assurance, the Board was not informed of the department heads’ initial unanimous decision, or the large majority of department heads that continued to call for Kampia to step down despite his funding threat, until after the scandal broke last week.

    On August 17, Green forwarded all MPP staff a message from the Board of Directors informing them that any staff member “who wants to share their perspectives and feelings about these matters? should meet with Alison or provide her with their perspectives in writing, with or without names attached, over the next two days.” Adding her own note to the board’s message, however, Green declared she would make a “summary” of the staff’s input, rather than provide the “full account of the staff’s perspectives” called for by the Board of Directors.

    On August 28, Green forwarded another message from the Board, this time a “resolution” that informed staffers that Kampia would “obtain remedial sensitivity and behavior modification training ASAP,” and promised a forthcoming sexual harassment policy, the organization’s first. No further sanctions were directed at Kampia in the August 28th resolution, and no mention was made of any continuing investigation.

    For the next five months, Kampia faced no further sanctions, and at no time did he or MPP publicly acknowledge the incident or the nature of the staff departures. Following the breaking of the story late last week, and subsequent reporting at, however, the Board of Directors met several times in short succession. Today, Peter Lewis confirmed that Kampia was “encouraged” to take a leave of absence, and that his return is subject to “convincing the board he has dealt with his issues.”

    HIGH TIMES continues to investigate this story.

  23. Rob’s actually a very good guy and displayed horrible and insensitive judgement. He’s never forced anyone to do anything, ever. He shouldn’t hit-on staff members and he shouldn’t make crude comments or jokes at the office (especially if he’s in charge). However, he’s getting the help he needs and he’ll be better for it.

    I hope the best for Rob and I look forward to his return.

    1. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes how the guy behaves at happy hours on multiple occasions. One employee of the MPP described him as “predatory” and I think that’s very apt. It’s not illegal to be a creepy 40-year-old dude getting 18-year-old interns drunk and taking them away from the bar, but it’s sure as hell stupid if you’re a public face for a cause. If you say he’s a good guy, fine. But if I care about the MPP’s cause, I don’t want the organization run into the ground by a guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants.

  24. “40-year-old dude getting 18-year-old interns drunk and taking them away from the bar, but it’s sure as hell stupid if you’re a public face for a cause.”

    Yep, that would be a problem in a society of fucked-up, hypocritical puritans.

    By the way, maybe all the pot-smokers here are whining because this ‘hurts’ their crusade ?

  25. This thread reminds me never to put a libertarian in charge of anything that I care about getting done.

  26. Yeah, getting things done such as murdering people all over the world like you fucking right wingers do.

  27. I think part of the issue here is generational.

    I think a lot of you younger “libertarians” have been so completely brainwashed by the “sensitivity” feminist cunts that you don’t realize that it’s made you cunts too.

    I’m looking at Erik in particular as I write this.

  28. Fluffy nobody is against fucking but most people would prefer to bend over to pick up something without getting pricked by something. Speaking of cunts, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 09, 2010

  29. Adam, how about some full disclosure? Do you work for any group funded by Rob and the MPP? Is your “reasoned” approach based on putting on blinders due to the potential loss of money? Cause in that case, you’re not the casual observer you claim to be. Just sayin’

  30. No, I don’t get a cent or have any chance of getting a cent from Kampia or his group.

    Thanks for demonstrating again that the people making these claims are paranoid and will accuse anyone of anything publicly who dares disagree with them. It’s not a big wild conspiracy, you’re just irrational.

    And I don’t miss the irony of being asked for full disclosure by someone who doesn’t give any of their name, hides behind anonymity to toss out random baseless paranoid accusations.

    You know my first name, and that I get no money from the MPP or Kampia, nor do I have any desire or expectation of such in the future.

    So how about full disclosure from you? Did/do you work at the MPP? Do you know anything about the situation from first-hand experience? Did the MPP refuse to give you grant money, or withdraw any grant money from you, or fire you? Are you one of those making these accusations against Kampia?

    Don’t bother answering, actually, because I’m inclined not to believe anonymous people posting insane rants and paranoid theories against people they disagree with to try and create an atmosphere of aggressive intimidation to silence anyone who would dare point out the glaring holes in your story and views.

    My reasoned approach is to look at the news items, look at the claims of everyone on both sides, and see where things overlap. Then toss out the things that are refuted, and the things that are overtly insane or lack any basis in evidence. Your reasoned approach is akin to the reasoned approach of the orangutan at my local zoo, although to his credit he’s flinging less of it than you and your buddies are.

  31. more reasonable. “And I don’t miss the irony of being asked for full disclosure by someone who doesn’t give any of their name, hides behind anonymity to toss out random baseless paranoid accusations.” Got him. I googled Adam and it turns out he and his wife Eve are not connected to MPP.

  32. Is the Sex Policy Project looking for an executive director? Rob Kampia might be a natural for the job if I don’t get there first.

  33. Really dumb troll

  34. they call it dope

  35. According to multiple reports, this guy has harassed multiple women and when asked to stop, he didn’t. I am sorry, but when I go to work, I don’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable because of some guy hitting on me. Especially if I asked him to stop repeatedly and he ignored that request. He even admitted in The Washington Post that he is hypersexualized. I am not against sex. Quite opposite in fact. I love sex…with someone I want to have sex with. And that is not some “Puritan” thinking. I think I should have the right to refuse advances and it stop…especially in a work place. If he has participated in misconduct, he should be punished. If not, I am sure it will come out, but according to multiple people, he seems to be a creep 100%

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