Nick Gillespie on Glenn Beck Tonight!

| and Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie will be on The Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck Program tonight, talking about the economy and airline security. Tune in at 5Pm Eastern.

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  1. Try not to cry, Nick.

    1. Fox News and Fox Business are really fond of Mr. Gillespie.
      And vice versa.

      Then again, Republicans such as Mr. Gillespie are always welcome on Fox News and Fox Business.

  2. It’s dangerous to go alone.
    Here, take this:

  3. glenn beck? really? come on now, have some standards.

    1. I have to agree. I’m all for getting the word out on libertarianism, but Glenn Beck is a miserable excuse for a human being, and he’s shown time and time again that despite his lip service to libertarism, he’s an authoritarian prick who panders to the worst of the GOP base.

  4. Would you do me a favor? Kick him in the vag a coupla times and tell him to be a pussy or a bully. Quit tryin to be both.

  5. I loved the show where Beck spent a full hour sucking on Michael Buble’s dick.


    1. He was in a position, sucking Mike’s cock, that probably 40% of this hemisphere wouldn’t mind being in.

    2. He is hot so I can see why that would be the fantasy that would come to you

  6. Don’t get him started on czars!

    (Either one.)

  7. Wear the Jacket. It will protect you.

    And maybe a viking helmet. That would be awesome.

    1. Maybe take a large sword.

      You need props on Beck. I don’t think he will let you bring your own chalkboard.

  8. It’s already on, but I record the show every day, hoping that the Judge will host instead.

    1. The Judge 2012!

    2. Well, the Judge hosted! Yay!

  9. Glenn Beck had better show some respect to The Jacket.

  10. Get Beck to rant about something stupid. Oh wait, he does that every day. My bad.

  11. Gillespie? What happened to Moynihan, didn’t give Glenn a reach around?

    1. The Jacket negotiated Moynihan out of the deal.

  12. It would be pretty awesome if they spent the opening 4 minutes discussing Nick’s jacket.

  13. Once again, people, hear this:

    Nick Gillespie is The Jacket.

    The Jacket is Nick Gillespie

    Learn it. Know it. Live it. Amen.

    1. Gillespie w/o The Jacket…

      …I’ll wait for the moment of reverential silence at the mention of The Jacket…..

      …would be like Iron Man without his suit.

      1. “Gillespie w/o The Jacket…

        …would be like Iron Man without his suit.”

        Thread winner!

    2. The Jacket 2012!

      1. Any piece of clothing would make a great president. It could not start a war, it could not raise taxes, it could not sign any new laws. It could not violate civil liberties. I agree – Jacket / T-Shirt 2012!

  14. The key is to take a very deep breath at the beginning of whatever you want to say, because the moment you pause, Beck will start talking, usually about something divorced from your point.

  15. BAM

    Jacket and a smirk.

  16. Why the exclamation?

  17. The judge stacked the deck. It’s about time.

  18. Ask Beck who Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky are. I’ve heard the names, but Beck has yet to mention them.

    1. Is that sarcasm?…..db1bfc1849

  19. The Jacket 3

    Neckties 2

  20. By the way, Rand Paul is leading the polls in Kentucky.…..cky_senate

    1. Makes me wish I lived there again, so I could vote for someone worth voting for, that might actually win.

    2. Unfortunately, Peter Schiff is now too low in the polls to get the Connecticut seat, now that Dodd dropped from the race. For some reason, people prefer Blumenthal (yuck.)

      “Peter Schiff, the widely-known president of Euro Pacific Capital, was essentially even with Dodd but now trails Blumenthal by more than two-to-one ? 60% to 24%.”

      1. Why do you think Dodd dropped out? Rahm is stacking the deck to lessen the Democrats losses. Most of the dropouts bring the seat races to even or better.

  21. Did you bring pictures of Lonewacko and Steve Smith to put on the blackboard?

    1. They will just draw crayon on the board in colored chalk as a childish and cartoonish likeness of a very small penis.

      1. HURRRR DURRRR, penis, that’s punny!

  22. People ask all the time why Nick never takes off his jacket. It’s because his skin is not his own. As I revealed in an earlier thread, Nick took the sandcows as his skin and is now the God Editor of Hit & R?n.

  23. Wow, 12 minutes notice. Thanks.

    1. I was there. I saw it. I swooned.

  24. I’d gladly donate to Reason if you beat him over the head with some heavy object while rattling off the reasons that he shouldn’t be allowed to claim to be a libertarian.

    1. Splitist!

  25. Screw Glenn Beck, I’m watching The Alyona Show instead.

      1. oh man that failed badly

  26. I wish someone from Reason would go on Maddow and debate her. She sooo needs to have that self-satisfied little smirk wiped off her face.

    Problem is, I think she may be too much of a wuss to argue about substantive issues with anyone but Old Man Buchanan.

    1. Water seeks its own level.

  27. By which I mean, lefties who attempt to discredit their entire political opposition by, for example, showing clips of the craziest thing O’Reilly or whoever said, they actually aren’t sinking to said crazy fucker’s level, they’re demonstrating that they are the left wing version of that right wing hack. So someone intelligent, nuanced, thoughtful or nonpartisan such as the Jacket really has no place debating Maddow, especially on her terms, any more than he should debate Pat Buchanan.

  28. I know I will get thrashed for this around here, but that is an accepted part of being a Libertarian, speaking up when you know it is unpopular. Sure, Beck is not a Libertarian, although he does share some of the same principles. But I still do not see why people here at Reason dislike the guy so vehemently. I didn’t see anyone else on cable news exposing Acorn and Obamas Czars the way he did, and a lot of the things that he says are pretty much spot on. You have to look past his theatrical goofiness I agree, but geez, give the guy a little break.

    1. Plus he lets the Judge host when he is away, so you have to at least give him that.

    2. If you think ACORN or the “czars” are any kind of threat to you or anybody else, then you’re too lost to be objective on the issue.

      1. Tell that to a guy here that had his building go section 8 because of an ACORN suit.

      2. Tony, you should dust off that sand behind your ears, left over from your head-in-sand act.

    3. People dislike him because he poses as a libertarian, thereby giving them a wretched reputation. It’d be like Barney Frank saying he’s a libertarian because he thinks marijuana and gay sex should be legal.

  29. The reason I cant take this site seriously is because of headlines like Nick Gillespie on Glenn Beck Tonight! Do you really expect us to seriously take you seriously if you go on that goofballs show?

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