Anal-Retentive Anti-Humor People? Yeah, There's an App For That!


Alan Vanneman tips us toward this Silicon Alley Insider story on "Apple's 10 Dumbest iPhone App Rejections." At the top of the list? "This image, along with jokes about Hitler and Michael Richards, earned a rejection for the app from online e-card company Someecards."

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  1. Hey! I taught that lesson to my daughter! What gives?

  2. Kramer getting lumped in with der Fuehrer. Ouch.

    1. Maybe it was about Fridays or Marblehead Manor instead.

    2. Mr. Pitt, thou art avenged!

    3. I got Godwinned, Jerry! I think it was the Soup Nazi!

  3. I thought that advice was about Roman Polanski…

    In any case, I hope Apple would have the sense to reject any app that displays Friday Funnies. Social suicide I tells ya.

    1. It happened at Nicholson’s house.

      1. Yeah, I think that’s the idea.

        Another good one: underage boys should never go camping with scout master homos. Just sayin’.

  4. Another great post by The Jacket.

  5. It’s actually a hilarious cite and has great non-traditional (to say the least) ecards. They’re so fun I can’t beleive apple is this uptight!

    1. Is this another bot?

      1. Are you a bot, Warty? Probably not, but how can we be sure?

        1. He’s a machine all right. A rape machine.

  6. Apple has a rule prohibiting “ridiculing public figures”? So that’s why there’s no Reason app yet. 😉

    1. Apple has a rule prohibiting “ridiculing public figures”

      the ones who need it the most…

      1. I wonder why Apple allows any news apps- any coverage of pols’ actual antics could be construed as ridicule.

  7. Apple has a rule prohibiting “ridiculing public figures”?

    I wonder if they would accept an app that ridiculed only private persons.

  8. Prior to the broadcast, CBS rejected the ad Bush in 30 Seconds because it was deemed too controversial. CBS stated that it had a “decades-old” policy of rejecting ads regarding “controversial issues of public importance,” although MoveOn charged that the networks had previously accepted similar ads from other groups. The Super Bowl broadcast featured numerous commercials for erectile dysfunction medicines and advertisements for Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light brand featuring a flatulating horse and a dog attacking male genitalia.

    In a league-mandated policy meant to clear the airwaves of such advertisements, the NFL announced that those types of commercials would not air again during Super Bowl broadcasts (the league ended an advertising relationship with Levitra in March 2007 as an official league sponsor). Additionally, Anheuser-Busch said that ads akin to those would never be produced again. In January 2005, Fox, the network that carried Super Bowl XXXIX under the alternating network contract, rejected an advertisement for the cold remedy Airborne that briefly featured the naked buttocks of veteran actor Mickey Rooney.

    Moments after the Jackson-Timberlake tangle, streaker Mark Roberts added to the controversial halftime by running around the field nearly-naked except for some writing on his body which read “SUPER BOWEL” on the front, an advertisement for online betting website, and a well-placed G-string. Part of Roberts’ stunt was seen on-air in the USA however, then CBS chose to keep its cameras in a wide-shot view of the stadium and quick cutaways to players and coaches as Roberts ran around the field until players from both competing teams, the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, tackled him. Matt Chatham, the Patriots’ special teams expert and reserve linebacker initially knocked Roberts down, thus allowing stadium security and police to arrest Roberts and eject him from Reliant Stadium, the site of the game.

    Roberts would return on October 28, 2007 when the NFL staged the first regular season game played outside North America before the second half of the New York Giants-Miami Dolphins contest at London’s Wembley Stadium in what he dubbed “Super Bowel Returns”.

  9. Can’t be too banned. I just put the app on my iPhone.

  10. The Amp “Before You Score” app was quite funny. Thanks to the humor police it was pulled also; talk aboput the legions of sourpusses raining on parades. Geez.

  11. I would support rules prohibiting the ridiculing of public figures… as long as said public figures are members of My Party.

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