Fighting Secrecy


In 1994 Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch started filing suits to extract information the Clinton administration would rather have kept hush-hush. Unlike many of Clinton's critics, Klayman continued to fight for freedom of information in the Bush era, joining the Sierra Club in suing Vice President Dick Cheney for the records of his energy task force. In October, Klayman published Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment (New Chapter). Klayman, who recently launched a new group called Freedom Watch, describes himself as "more libertarian at this point than conservative." We asked him to identify the three most egregious examples of government secrecy under Barack Obama.

1. The Troubled Asset Relief Program. "Where the TARP funds were spent, and why they were spent in a particular way. They seem to have gone to banks that didn't really need it. Goldman Sachs benefited from it, and of course Obama had very close ties with Goldman Sachs. As did Bush, for that matter."

2. Obama's alliance with ACORN. "How far, wide, and deep is that? We may have just scratched the surface of major election fraud."

3. Foreign policy. "Not that it's discoverable, but what is Obama's motivation in cutting a deal with the Iranian leadership when there's a significant revolution under way?"