Recently at Nanny of the Year 2009! Who was the biggest buttinsky over the past 12 months?


In 2009, America's meddlers worked overtime minding other people's business.

Nanny of the Month winners have targeted everything from fish pedicures to feeding the homeless.  But there can be only one Nanny of the Year.

Who took home top honors as the year's biggest buttinsky? Click the video to find out.

Nanny of the Year is written and produced by Ted Balaker. The director of photography is Alex Manning and the associate producer is Paul Detrick.

Approximately 1:20 minutes.

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And make sure to tune in next month for more examples of busybodies minding your own business.

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  1. Future winner of the 2010 award: any politician or technology sales person who is pushing for full-body screening just because of one African reprobate's behavior. Considering these machines use radiation to produce the images, imagine what a frequent flyer will be subjected to on a consistent basis. This is something that never gets discussed, as the focus is usually on civil liberties. Furthermore, should a future link to a health disorder be established because of these machines and exposure, will the government indemnify these manufacturers against any health or tort claims from victims?

    If I have to air travel in the future, I'll take the full-body patdown or strip-search. At least the most likely hazard would then be cold hands and stares.

  2. this twaddlenock is doing a good job, too! 🙂

  3. Give the annoying little bastard some time. Soon SUVs will pay higher fees at the bridges and tunnels and the Sabrett stands will only be allowed to serve tofu-dogs.

    New Yorkers are obviously getting tired of his schtick. He dumped $102 million into the last campaign but only narrowly retained the mayoralty. Even in New York, you can only tell people what to do (or not to do) for so long before they tell you to take a flying leap.

  4. Even in New York, you can only tell people what to do (or not to do) for so long before they tell you to take a flying leap.

    Bloomberg keeps winning because he's better than the other guy, believe it or not. The same went for Giuliani, I'm afraid.

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