Reason Morning Links: Less Prisoners, Less Graves, Less Hair


• The Senate holds a cloture vote, and the health care bill moves forward.

• Rep. Alan Grayson struggles to understand the First Amendment.

• For the first time in nearly four decades, the American prison population declines.

• The city of Chicago aggravates an important voting block by stealing from the dead.

• Texas tells toddlers: We don't let our hair grow long and shaggy.

• Who owns the Pope?


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  1. Too juicy not to break anonymity

    CSPAN footage of McCain denying Dem Senator extra time in debate blacked out

    As someone who may or may not know someone who works at the C-SPAN Archives, I find this story ABSOLUTELY hilarious.

    1. The comments section off of that link is awesome. Most think that CSpan is a conservative network.

      1. The comments section of that are hilarious.

        +1 for the redirect

  2. “Rep. Alan Grayson struggles to understand the First Amendment.”

    Thrown in jail for five years!? And coming from Grayson, who is damn near King of the Douchebags, it’s even worse.

    You know, I love Reason but there are times when I come here and read things that really make me hate mankind. Usually it’s Balko’s stuff but this is just hitting me in the right, or wrong way this morning.

    1. I’m convinced that Balko, as nice a guy as he seems, actually feeds on civil libertarian anguish.

      1. If that’s true, it’s a great angle. He’ll never run out of material.

        Though, as spirit crushing as his, and some of the other things I’ve read on Reason (and other libertarian/freedom loving sites) are, I’d rather they keep posting them. Keeps it right up front in peoples faces and we may do something about it.

      2. He is the Mr. Hengist of Reason, but have no fear. Mr. Spock WILL take him down.

        “All, all, kill you all!!”

        Disclaimer: I am neither a trekkie or a virgin. Just suffer from triviosis.

    2. Didn’t this guy take an oath to protect and preserve the constitution?

      I’m flummoxed by this. It is so egregious that there really is no retort that makes sense.

  3. I just gave a few bucks to the anti-Grayson website and hope that others will as well. He is a dangerous man and must be stopped.

    1. If only because he looks like the loathsome bastard offspring of Luca Brasi and Howdy Doody.

  4. With Brittney Murphy dead, Lindsay Lohan has got to know she has a target on her back. 

    2009 is coming for you, LiLo.

    1. If hell was real, I’d have a very special place reserved there for laughing at this.

      And thinking Alyssa Milano was at her hottest in Commando…

  5. One benefit of a terrible economy: The state can’t afford to lock up as many people. Unfortunately they usually let the most dangrous ones out first.

    1. *standard snark about them letting rapists and murderers instead of drug dealers or users out prison – for the children.

      Can we give this a number, so we can refer to it quicker? Snark #1?

    2. [California] also is under a federal court order to shed 40,000 inmates because its prisons are so overcrowded that they are no longer constitutional

      We *must* follow the Constitution. 8-(

      1. Ha! Since when?!

        Oh yeah, since doing so will fool the idiot masses in to thinking that we’re going to release every psychopathic nightmare they can ever dream up on to the streets when they’ll murder and rape there toddlers (in that order) before charbroiling them atop their fires that burn in effigy to Satan and Darwin.

        1. *where they’ll

          *rape their

          I need to not post when I’m sleepy and angry.

  6. Give Grayson some credit. Apparently he has no problem with

  7. They basically gave a 4 year old solitary confinement for having hair too much like Jesus.

  8. According to the district dress code, boys’ hair must be kept out of the eyes and cannot extend below the bottom of earlobes or over the collar of a dress shirt.

    1) SEXIST!
    2) What’s a “dress shirt”?

    “students who dress and groom themselves neatly, and in an acceptable and appropriate manner, are more likely to become constructive members of the society in which we live.”

    Citation needed.

    1. I thought we settled this way back in the 70’s.

    2. The U.S. Congress is evidence their theory is bullshit.

  9. Hey less is better right?? LOL


  10. Is “” available?

  11. I love a happy ending!…..18_5152028

  12. “In the Committee’s Statement of Organization, Ms. Langley falsely
    claimed that the Committee supports or opposes more than one candidate,
    and that it is not connected with any other organization (see Ex. 5). The
    website, however, clearly shows that the Committee opposes only me.”

    What about “or” doesn’t this douchebag understand?

  13. Texas tells toddlers: We don’t let our hair grow long and shaggy.

    Public school adnistrators, who overwhelmingly lean to the left, act like totalitarian douchebags when given the opportunity.

    Who’d a thunk it?

    The students could wear clothing with the Budweiser logo when I went to school. Amazingly enough, we didn’t burn the building down or assault the teachers.

    1. I should also mention that boys hairstyles in ’70-’73 ran the gamut from crew cots to over the shoulder.

      1. Ah, the good old days. Smoking and non-smoking bathrooms in high school. Drinking beer legally at 18. Insane hair and clothing styles, all tolerated.
        Now you kids get off my lawn.

        1. We didn’t have smoking bathrooms. We had smoking areas located outside between the wings. Ashtrays and seats provided.

          1. The middle schools here in the 70s had smoking courtyards. 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

            1. Even scarier:
              My freshman yearbook has a photo of myself and several of my classmates holding (gasp!) GUNS on the front steps of the school. (Rod & Gun Club)
              The horror….

    2. Public school adnistrators, who overwhelmingly lean to the left, act like totalitarian douchebags when given the opportunity.

      I don’t think there’s any hard evidence in the article of the political leanings involved, but given it’s Texas, I would say they probably incline to the right.

      Certainly, most of the people defending the administrative decision in the comments under the article appear to be doing so from a law-n-order right-wing perspective. Loretta Nall even looks like she’s going at it with one of them.

      Authoritarianism does not have its sole provenance in the political left.

      1. 30th Texas Congressional District

        2006 80% of the vote for the (D) Representative

        2004 90% of the vote for the (D) representative

        And a republican Senator (obviously)

        I’m guessing it’s pretty liberal.

      2. Authoritarianism does not have its sole provenance in the political left.

        Did anyone say, or even suggest, it was? My point, perhaps too subtle, is that the left is ever ready to accuse the right of being fascist (or other terms) while decrying the rights authoritarian leanings. Bossing other people around is a symptonm of government lovers, not the sole province of either end of the left/right line.

    3. The school administrators in my parish are christian conservatives who uphold the school uniform policy like the Gestapo.

      1. fucking nuns and brothers

        evil people, evil evil people

        1. Hey. That hurts.

        2. Actually it is a public school, I’m in Louisiana. This is the only place I’ve ever lived where public schools require uniforms. It is, of course, a racket.

          1. They’ve been kickin that around in the local public schools. They seem to believe that if you remove any hint of individuality from the kiddies, that everything will be unicorns and rainbows. No more bullies. No more low self esteem. No more cliques.

            1. That’s the idea, but they creatd an anti-authority rebel in my daughter. I’m so proud of her!

          2. You are also the only state with no “counties” but rather “parishes” No?

            1. I’m pretty sure that is the case.

    4. Public school adnistrators, who overwhelmingly lean to the left, act like totalitarian douchebags when given the opportunity.

      Most people act like totalitarian douchebags when given the opportunity. That’s why it’s a bad idea to let power accumulate.


  14. I say we send Alan Grayson to Tater’s school and Tater Tot to Congress.

    Harvard isn’t exactly making great strides in it’s alumni doing great things category. The business school and law schools are looking a little rough with the idiots they are putting out.

  15. Lil jacking of teh thread. I just saw a commercial on teevee (CNN if you’re insterested) telling me that buying stuff that’s made in China is Great. The ad had a garment with a tag reading “Made in China, designed in France” and some other similar items. That’s the first time I’ve seen such an ad. It reminded me of the “look for the union label” ads.

  16. Who owns the Pope?


    (First ever Papal Slap Shot reference?)

  17. What? I can no longer refer to myself as ‘Pontifical’? Does Benedict think he’s the only pontiff on the planet? Arrogant bastard.

    1. I’m just waiting to get served by the PIAA (pontifical industry association of america) with a cease and desist letter.

      The rest of you can look forward to the PIAA issuing press releases decrying all the money they have lost from all the Pope pirating that is going on via the Internet.

      1. Well, it dilutes the brand and makes people more suspicious of actual Popeliness when all these impostors are running around. You can’t just believe anybody claiming to be speaking ex cathedra, can you? You might be giving credence to another Anti-Pope!

        1. I’m not wearing hockey pads.

  18. It occurs to me that referring to the death tax as “grave robbing” could be more effective than other terms we’ve used.

    I’d like to see some TV ads against left wingers that come right out and call them grave-robbing ghouls.


  19. Fewer Prisoners, Fewer Graves, Less Hair

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