Quotes February 2010


"All Al Qaeda needs to do now is open a bookstore."   

'"Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) on shielding libraries from PATRIOT Act searches, during the House Judiciary Committee markup of the law's renewal, November 4

"The data isn't perfect." 

'"presidential advisor Ed DeSeve acknowledging that the government has no way to tell the difference between jobs "saved" or "created" by the stimulus, quoted in Politico, October 30

"I could go to Pakistan and start up a company in the amount of time it's taking to move this bill. People are screwing around, and it needs to stop." 

'"Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) on her stalled bill to establish special zones in Pakistan and Afghanistan for exports to the United States, October 19

"Traffic jams, if they're managed well, can actually be good for the environment. They maintain a level of frustration that turns drivers into subway riders or pedestrians." 

'"David Owen, author of the new book Green Metropolis, writing in The Wall Street Journal, October 9