35 years ago in reason


"The [Securities and Exchange] Commission depends upon intimidation of individuals, business firms, and attorneys through aggressive abuse of its power over the economic life and death of those subject to its jurisdiction. For example, an investigation may be initiated and conducted without any notice to the person involved until he or she (and the rest of the world) reads about the commencement of formal proceedings in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times."

'"Monroe H. Freedman, "A Civil  Libertarian Looks at the SEC"

"Whatever rationalizations the New Deal apologists were able to muster, there was no denying the simple facts: the economy was, if anything, in worse shape than when F.D.R. took office."

'"Jerome Tuccille, "The Failure of the New Deal  Coalition"

"The benefits of deregulation are evident: Britain, Australia, and Canada have largely deregulated trucking and have obtained the benefits of competition'"better service and lower rates."

'""Economics, Politics, and Freedom: An Interview With F.A. Hayek"                                                                                       

'"February 1975