Max Baucus Calls Forcing People to Pay Thousands a Year For Insurance a "Tax Cut"


Senate Democrats met tonight to talk about health care in the wake of Joe Lieberman's recent demands. After the conference was over, Sen. Max Baucus abused the English language near spoke to TPM — and floated what may actually be History's Worst Talking Point:

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) highlighted what could be the new talking point about the Democratic reform bill. "This is the biggest tax cut since 2001," he said, referring to the tax credits and subsidies included in the legislation.

That's right: In Max Baucus' fantasy America, a mandate to purchase insurance that you didn't have — at the cost of thousands of dollars per year — is actually a "tax cut." Oh sure, apologists will claim that insurance subsidies will save people a bundle. But the fact is that nearly half of those who buy insurance through the exchanges won't get subsidies, and for those people, average insurance premium prices will go up. And many of those who do get subsidies will nonetheless be forced to shell out for insurance they don't currently have — which, even with government assistance, will often still mean spending thousands each year that they don't currently spend. In other news, Baucus is renaming Tax Day "Free Pizza Night."*

*Not actually true.