Who Will Announce the Death of the Last Newspaper?


You won't read about it in Editor & Publisher, but Editor & Publisher is folding. Nielsen Business Media president Greg Farrar has announced that the 108-year-old newspaper industry trade publication, along with that friend of all Amazonians, Kirkus Reviews:

As a result of these decisions, many of our friends and colleagues within these businesses will be leaving the company or will begin to transition to the new ownership immediately. These venerable brands have long been an important part of our Business Media family…

I have never been a big E&P reader, and I am indifferent to the kind doomsaying and puffed-up controversies that occur when media cover media. But it was useful to have a publication tracking the increasingly rapid downfall of the newspaper medium, and I wish the 18 employees and extensive freelance networks of the two publications well.

So who will chronicle the death of the Chronicle, announce the end of Times, and herald the fall of the Herald? Look for negative prognoses, gleeful obits and dancing on the grave from Andrew Breitbart's upcoming Big Journalism blog, which will "fight the mainstream media – New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN — who have repeatedly, and under the guise of objectivity and political neutrality, promoted a blatantly left-of-center, pro-Democratic party agenda."