Can DHS Protect Itself Against Criminal Employees?


Your Department of Homeland Security, so hard at work securitzing the homeland it doesn't have time to do basic vetting of its employees:

A New Jersey fugitive wanted on insurance fraud charges since 2007 was working for the immigration division of the Department of Homeland Security in Georgia, despite a nationwide alert for her arrest, Essex County prosecutors said yesterday.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Atlanta was unaware that Tahaya Buchanan, 39, formerly of Newark, was being sought on a 2007 indictment on charges she staged the theft of her Range Rover in Newark for an insurance payout, said Paul Loriquet of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office….

"It's amazing they couldn't find her. Good Lord," said Kevin Kerns, the office chief of staff at USCIS where Buchanan still works as an analyst….

"The USCIS is looking into this matter. USCIS has zero tolerance for any type of employee misconduct or criminal activity," [a spokesperson for USCIS] added.

Buchanan was found out when pulled over by a Georgia cop for a traffic violation back in July. The cop ran a standard check on her and discovered the warrant on her.

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