Ron Bailey Scheduled to Discuss Climategate on Fox & Friends Tomorrow at 7:45 AM


Just letting H&R readers know that I'm scheduled to appear on Fox & Friends tomorrow (Monday, December 7) at 7:45 AM to discuss the implications of the Climategate emails. See my column, "The Scientific Tragedy of Climategate" here.


NEXT: George Will Decries "The Climate Change Travesty"

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  1. I’m looking forward to it. It would be nice if you take the opportunity to proclaim man caused global warming is total bullshit.

  2. Prepare to be diagnosed by Your Betters:

    The complex psychology of climate denial

    …Last week, a private exchange of emails among climate scientists stoked a firestorm of skepticism after it was hacked and posted on the Web. The memos expressed frustration at the scientists’ inability to explain what they described as a temporary slowdown in warming, and discussed ways to counter the campaigns of climate naysayers.

    Experts see several explanations for the eagerness with which so many dismiss climate change as overblown or a hoax. “There is the individual reluctance to give up our comfortable lifestyles — to travel less, consume less,” said Anthony Grayling, a philosophy professor at the University of London….

    …For Tim Kasser, a professor of psychology at Knox University in Galesburg, Illinois, the reality of climate change impinges on core aspects of our identity. “We are told a thousand times a day, notably through advertising, that the way to a happy, successful and meaningful life is through consumption,” he said….

    …Yet there may also be a darker explanation. It is the human instinct to shut out or modify a terrifying truth: that the world as we know it is heading for a smash.

    “It’s a paradox: when it comes to disasters, people do not allow themselves to believe what they know,” explained Jean-Pierre Dupuy, a professor of social philosophy at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

    “Because everybody is in denial – or would like to be in denial – and would prefer to not shoulder too much of the responsibility for dealing with the problem, you have a kind of disconnect here.”

    Even scientists reluctantly pushed by their growing sense of alarm into launching public appeals for action have trouble coping…

  3. If you’re in Houston Monday (the 7th), Dr. James Hansen, Objective Scientist And Not A Political Activist At All, will be speaking at the The Progressive Forum on “Threat To The Planet, Implications for Intergenerational Justice”.

    There will be a pro-Hansen reception inside, and an, ahem, anti-Hansen reception outside that’s scheduled to start half an hour before Hansen’s presentation.

  4. I am looking forward to Ron saying that this is a tempest in a teacup, and affects the science in no meaningful way.

    That will save him from having to deal the the FOX folks ever again…and keep him honest!

  5. From a gun forum I browse infrequently:

    Posted: 12/5/2009 8:17:27 PM
    The “Big Bang” Theory has been proven to be fact, so the debate is over!

    -Hadley ERU, East Anglia

    Fuck you, CRU assholes. Do you see what you’ve done, fuckmuppets?

    Shut the fuck up, Chad.

  6. Actually, I like Bailey’s measured, nuanced response to this whole scandal. It seems like a lot of people on either side of the AGW debate went straight for their confirmation bias, but not Bailey.

  7. I assume that is 7:45 AM Martian time, correct? Or maybe EST.

    1. hmmm. Damn. Must. Get. Over. East. Coast. Parochialism.

  8. Ron, it’s 4:05AM here on the west coast. I’ve stayed up all night to see this, it better be good.

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