30 Years Ago

January 1980


"Were the federal government to prohibit the reading of certain materials, the best people would be up in arms, and justifiably so. Free citizens are presumed competent to choose their own reading matter. But the courts have held that they are incompetent to choose the fuel consumption of their cars and appliances."

'"Robert J. Michaels, "Hell No, We Won't Go (To the Energy War)"

"[In the Soviet system] the doctor and his patient are both sustained from the same public purse. And 'rights' to care bring with them certain obligations: the doctor is required to treat the patient considered ill, and the patient must comply."

'"Juliana Geran Pilon, "Doctors As Instruments of Repression"

"Some things are so obvious it disgusts. Take the recent FCC brainstorm report that 'more TV stations may be needed to give viewers greater programming variety""this from the very bureaucratic bunch that handed monopoly rents to the three major syndicates to begin with."

'"Thomas Winslow Hazlett, "Brickbats"

'"January 1980