Hit & Run

Last Week's Top 5 Hits at Reason.com


Here are the five most popular Reason.com columns from last week:

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes: Why we cannot afford to sit out this fight, by Andrew Napolitano (11/16)

"It Opened Our Eyes": How the paths of two very different families crossed to cheer the release of a wrongly convicted man, by Radley Balko (11/16)

Sarah Palin and the Decline of Conservatism: What happened to the party of Goldwater and Reagan? by Steve Chapman (11/19)

Are Tea Parties Racist? Sifting through the anti-Obama-hysteria hysteria, by Matt Welch (11/16)

The Salvia Ban Wagon: How does terrible drug policy get made? The mad rush to criminalize a psychedelic herb provides a textbook case, by Jacob Sullum (11/19)