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Staffers in the Los Angeles and Washington offices of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of Reason magazine,, and say thanks to the more-than-600 donors who pledged over $55,000 in the fight for "Free Minds and Free Markets"

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  1. it that skull a bong?

  2. Thank you everybody for your generous support of Reason!

    1. Instead of thanking us can you just make the website work properly?

      1. Episiarch, please check your gmail or email We have tried to get in touch with you to solve your problem.

        1. I’m responding right now, Mike.

          1. On a side note, Episiarch has far too many issues than can possibly be solved by technical support.

            1. Don’t smart me, Art. See, I wanna watch you squirm; I wanna see you sweat a little, and when you smart me…it ruins it.

              1. A Millers Crossing reference, and a rather obscure one at that. Another delightful reminder of why I buried the hatchet with Epi many New Moons ago…

                1. Maybe fans can help me, what is a “schmatta” or whatever they called Bernie?

                  1. A Jew. You need to get up on your racist slurs, dude.

                    1. I figured that was it, but now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

                    2. Seen the new Coens flick? It passed through my town on the weekend of my anniversary and was gone so fast I didn’t catch it. Yes, A Serious Man did one weekend while there are several theaters showing 2012…Apocalypse indeed…

                    3. I thought “A Serious Man” was pretty damn good. Very dark humor.

                    4. Haven’t seen it yet; I’m waiting for it to come to one of the theaters in Seattle that serve booze.

                    5. Shmata means rag, and is used by metonymic extension self-deprecatingly by those in the garment/fashion industries to describe the commodities they buy and sell.

                    6. Hey, is “Hymietown” still a slur?

  3. Meredith Bragg is a man? Not that it makes much difference now, but goddamn, he must have gotten beat up a lot as a kid.

    Anywise, nice to see some of the behind-the-scenes folks that keep shoveling coal into the boilers of liberty.

  4. For a magazine called Reason, you guys sure do border on abuse of youtube.

  5. Holy fuck shit! Look at those offices. Look at how many people they got on staff! I thought you guys put this thing together from your mother’s basements. God Damn you buttholes! I can’t believe I gave you over-paid glorified gossip columnists any of my hard earned!

    1. I can’t either, frankly….

      1. A touch! A distinct touch!

  6. By the way, in next year’s drive every contributor of $10 or more will get the Tim Cavanaugh Full Body Essential Oils Rubdown With Either/Or Happy Ending. $15 includes champagne.

    Sorry we couldn’t hook that up logistically this time, but to everybody who kicked in: Please accept my most orgasmic thanks for keeping Reason alive.

    1. Is it possible to donate $15 several times?

      1. I can teach you a way to donate $10, one very slow, deliberate dollar at a time.

    2. There better be happy ending Tim, or no tip.

    3. Jeez. You could have mentioned that earlier, before I blew ten times as much on Doherty’s book already.

  7. Okay enough feel good time. Why no article on Holder and the gun law push he talked about yesterday? WTF a little money and you all think you can slack off.

    Or are you all out giving massages with happy endings?

  8. Or are you all out giving massages with happy endings?

    They just got $50K. They’re probably getting them.

    1. Good point.

      Heh, BTW could I borrow $50 from you all?

  9. Hey you pugnacious Reason readers: Thanks for your generous support — and, remember, we could always use some more.
    (Ummm — I had a really good massage and facial at the spa today! But I could have definitely used a relaxing mud wrap followed by a paraffin wax treatment!)

  10. I, for one, am saddened to learn they’re not going to spend it all on hookers and blow.

    1. I think they were going to but then remembered the last time Matt mixed hookers and blow. He got naked and started channeling Pachino, running around yelling “Say Hello to my little friend”. Of course everyone who was there said using the term “little” was being way generous.

  11. At that rate, it would have taken 800 days for “Reason” to raise as much money as Dr. Paul did in one day. And he didn’t have to throw the greatest libertarian politician of the century under the bus to accomplish it like “Reason” did.

    aka, reason sucks.

  12. :::shakes fist at Paulista:::

  13. Oh, nice video by the way. It’s cool seeing some of the behind-the-scenes eccentrics staff.

  14. Where O where are the illegal immigrants in this video? Where are all the rich sugar daddies who believe in Free Markets? Oh I see they’re busy giving blood money to Democrats.

  15. Take some of that loot and follow Sarah Palin’s bookmobile around. You could, I don’t know, shove your video cam in her face and ask her tough questions; like, “How much is two plus two?”

  16. For the economy is still in deep trouble and needs much more government help. Unemployment is in double-digits; we desperately need more government spending on job creation. Banks are still weak, and credit is still tight; we desperately need more government aid to the financial sector

    I fucking hate Paul Krugman.

  17. I haven’t watched the video. Does Amy Pelletier take off her top and kiss a lobster at any point?

  18. OK, I think you might just be on the right track here dude. Very good indeed!


  19. Can we put anonymity guy and pingback into a Thunderdome type situation?

  20. Is that an almost naked Balko bobble head on Nick’s desk?

    Why do you have a “The Yellow Press” poster in the bathroom? Where the poor cameraman had to shoot his own thank you.

  21. Maybe fans can help me, what is a “schmatta” or whatever they called Bernie?

    A lotta (wise) guys would ask:

    What’s a “schmatta”, you? 😉


    This is really infuriating.…..g_tip.html

    “They were with a half-dozen friends at the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem last month, so the establishment tacked what it called a mandatory 18 percent gratuity onto the bill of about $73, according to reports.

    Pope and Wagner refused to pay.

    “‘You can’t give us terrible, terrible service and expect a tip,’ said Pope, a 22-year-old Moravian College senior who’s a Pottsville native, according to the Lehigh Valley Express-Times.

    “They had to find their own napkins and cutlery while their waitress caught a smoke, had to ask the bar for soda refills, and had to wait over an hour for salad and wings, they told NBC10.

    “The pub, which was very busy that night, took the $73, but then called the cops, who treated the matter as a theft.”

  23. “They had to find their own napkins and cutlery while their waitress caught a smoke rummaged through the trash for puppet-making materials”

    1. All sorts of win!!

  24. And he didn’t have to throw the greatest libertarian politician of the century under the bus to accomplish it like “Reason” did.

    Know what else he didn’t have to do? He didn’t have to whore his name out to a bunch of fucking racists to make a quick buck. But he did. While you’re ladling out blame, maybe you should serve a heaping helping to the man himself.

    Paul has many admirable qualities, but his judgment is highly questionable at best. Also, it’s interesting that people who would otherwise demand personal responsibility and accountability suddenly release their object of veneration from those standards. They remind me of nothing so much as the Demopublican hacks/whores cheering or booing the exact same behavior, so long as it’s their side / the other side that’s doing it.

    aka Paultards suck.

    1. Do chemtrailers next. Oh shit I said chemtrailers! Oh shit I did it again!

      1. One more wall of text, and I’m going to comic their useless psycho asses. And LoneTardo along with them, just ’cause he’s such a dick.

  25. Looks like the Senate Dems have enough votes to start debate on [can’t think of sufficiently pejorative term for it].

    1. I could, but it would involve a number of profanities from foreign languages after having exhausted every English one, therefore, I will not make the effort in fear that the reason spam filter will not permit my foreign language usage…..


    2. [can’t think of sufficiently pejorative term for it].

      The vile profanity you’re looking for is Pittsburgh. Ugh.

  26. Today will be remembered for a very long time. It is the day America will be changed irreversibly. The Senate vote today on what will become a single-payer health care system is only the beginning.

    Health Care will now be used by our government to control many different aspects & personal choices in our lives all in the name of our “well-being”. Nationalized healthcare will be used as the justification to control how we live our lives and what we put into our bodies.

    In addition, the level of debt incurred from this bill will dwarf anything seen before. With side issues & distractions aside, I find myself saying “We don’t have any money!” “Our nation is broke!” The powers that be are not listening and don’t care.

    Rome is burning. Let it burn! We are at a point where there are more people in the cart than actually pulling the cart. Why should producers create anything only to have their labor stolen by the looters? Is it time to get in the cart? Maybe.

    For those who point to 2010 or 2012 to unravel this, get real. Once this thing is in place, it will never be undone. The pathetic, weak-ass, Republicans don’t have the stones to undo this. In fact, many of them secretly or openly endorse it.

    For someone who is a staunch believer in small, limited government, this has been an awful fourteen months. First TARP, then the so-called stimulus package with all of its phony congressional districts, and now the cherry on the sundae-government-run health care.

    I looked upon the 1930s as the most destructive period in our nation’s history, but this last ten years and especially the last fourteen months makes me rethink this.

    1. For those who point to 2010 or 2012 to unravel this, get real. Once this thing is in place, it will never be undone.

      It will eventually unravel by itself. Vote ’em all out in 2010 anyway.

    2. Don’t be such a crybaby.
      Jesus hates whiners.

  27. Suck it, you pigcunts.

  28. Is that an almost naked Balko bobble head on Nick’s desk?

    You know you want one too, hmm. Balko is kinda hot.

    1. Speaking of hot, how about that Hawk-dude who works at Reason TV? Where’ve you been hiding him?

  29. Hey Webathons are all the rave!


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