Thanks For Your Massive, Generous, and Unprecedented Support of the 2009 Reason Webathon!


On behalf of everyone at Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website,, and Reason magazine, I want to thank you for generous support of our work. The webathon officially ends at midnight tonight, but as you can from our torch graphic in the upper-right-hand corner, you've polished off the arm and all but the tip of the fire up there too!

So far, over 600 of you in countries as far away as Australia and Japan kicked in more than $56,000 to keep our journalism, public policy research, and video productions running at top speed.

So again, thanks very much. We can't do it without you and we won't let you down as your voice in the public debate for "Free Minds and Free Markets." 2010 promises to be a hugely important year for politics and it's good to know that supporters like you have got our backs.

Once again, the Al Sharpton donation video: