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In Dorset, England, a car crashed into Bethany Dibbs, 9, as she was riding her scooter, fracturing her skull. The first paramedics on the scene called for backup, but dispatch told them they could not send the nearest crew because they were on a mandated break. They would have to wait 20 minutes. Those paramedics then called their colleagues directly, and they abandoned their break to come help.

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  1. Wow, just… Wow.

    1. exactly my responce

  2. Those hard workers should get their breaks. If somebody dies, it’s not their fault. They need a break to eat their sandwiches in peace.

  3. Those hard workers should get their breaks. If somebody dies, it’s not their fault. They need a break to eat their sandwiches in peace.

    1. I really hope that was a joke.

  4. People should be considerate enough to have their accidents when the paramedics, cops, firefighters, etc. are not on their breaks. After all, it’s common courtesy.

  5. I’d love to send out your pay packet, but I’m going on lunch. I may laeve early today, as well, to clear some OT. But I’ll get to it . . . eventually.

  6. Union bosses must be pissed those guys helped when they were supposed to be on break. This will hamper their next negotiation. “We were supposed to use interrupted-breaks-to-save-little-girls’-lives to win an extra Pound per hour!”

  7. Anyone copy this to Michael Moore?

  8. I think it’s important to note that it was dispatch that refused to contact the other crew, and that when the other crew were directly contacted by the first responders that they did indeed respond.

  9. Only Dispatch seems to know what the word mandated means.

  10. The best is , you know for sure the tool who wrote this law or regulation or whatever patted themselves on the back for a job well done.

  11. I fully expect the paramedic crew to be reprimanded for not taking their full break. Who knows what kind of danger they imposed to other drivers by driving to the scene of this accident without proper rest? I’m thinking at least a week suspension without pay.

  12. SEIU has taken over England I see….

    1. I think that a problem that we have in the UK is that people take these rules and regulations seriously.
      Most other countries due to their various fascist and communist governments in the past find it very easy to ignore them.

  13. Hmm… I like this story.

    1. ewww democrat. For the record republicans also suck, but… democrat eww.

  14. Once in Las Cruces, NM, while pulling an allnighter in hopes of finishing some oft postponed homework, I watched an ambulance crew walk away from their recently placed (or just arrived) breakfast order three times in two hours.

    Those guys have my undying respect.

    Thankfully, they did—eventually—get to eat.

  15. can’t comment. on break.

  16. You guys have totally missed the insidious nature of bureaucracies. My money is on the initial responder being sanctioned for contacting the other crew outside proper channels.

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