Hit & Run

Fill the Flame of Freedom! Please Support Reason! This Ends on Friday! We Promise!


As noted yesterday, you generous, glorious sons and daughters of bitches came through like the troops on Normandy by letting us reach our goal of 500 new supporters long before our beg-a-thon's planned end this Friday.

So thank you. And since we're going till Friday, help us to fill the flame of liberty up there in the right-hand-corner. All donations are tax-deductible and all go to good causes, such as cranking out more videos with Drew Carey, PJ O'Rourke, John Mackey, and John Stossel.

And our latest release, "Your Flight Has Been Delayed--and It's Washington's Fault," which diagnoses and offers a proven fix to annoying air-traffic hassles. Check it out below.

And come back tomorrow at 1pm ET for an all-out live web chat with Matt Welch and me talking about whatever you want to bring up.