Yes, We Have Reached Our Goal of 500 New Donors, You Glorious Sons and Daughters of Bitches! Now Fill the Goddamn Torch With The Fire of Liberty Because We're Committed Through The End of The Week!


Holey Macaroley, you went and did it, you damn dirty bastards! You came through in spades and donated to our webathon/blegathon/begathon in record numbers with record speed so that we hit our initial goal of 500 new donors to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that makes Reason mag,, and possible.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Now fill up the goddamned torch in the upper righthand corner with fire (fire! fire!). We, meaning you, me, Matt Welch, and all the rest are modern-day Prometheuses (Promethei?) stealing power and fire from the gods.

Realize this: We are in the fight of our lives. After nearly a decade of horrible rule by a small-gov't Republican who spent money like a drunken sailor, we now have a president and Congress that is hell-bent on spending us all into bankruptcy and stupidity. Even paying for stuff in nonexistent Congressional districts, for god's sake.

In all of its iterations, Reason stands for smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, and MORE FREEDOM. You should be allowed to eat what you want, marry whom you want, smoke what you want. Say what you want. We shouldn't be paying Citigroup or GM or Hamid Karzai bazillions of dollars from your purse to screw us all with rotten service, bad cars, and laws that legalize the rape of women. We should be doing what it takes to allow Americans of all backgrounds to live here, work here, and thrive here.

Our arguments are sound and they're convincing. Give us the resources and we'll carry that torch, that goddamned torch that is barely full with fire but will be blazing bright come Friday, through every stinking hellhole of a congressional district or what-have-you across America. We'll tell folks how they can move forward rather than fall behind. We're bringing the message of "Free Minds and Free Markets" and, you know what? In the 21st century, two decades after the collapse of communism and the top-down-knows-it-all-mentality, it's a pretty easy sell.

So give now, and give again.  It's tax deductible. It's effective. It's cool. Depending on how much you give, you might get a bumper sticker, or a book, or a mag subscription, or more. We are like the thriftiest organization known to mankind. It's all up here on the screen! So give now, and give again. And here's a video or two or three worth watching: