No More Shirts vs. Skins


Georgia's Chattooga High School got a new principal this year, and when the yearbooks arrived this fall, principal Jimmy Lenderman didn't like what he saw. There were several photos in there of boys playing basketball without any shirts on. So school officials spent two months cutting the pages with those photos out of the yearbooks before handing them to the students who had paid $50 for them. Lenderman has refused to explain why the photos got him all hot and bothered. He merely released a statement saying they didn't "reflect an appropriate image of our school or our community."

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  1. “Inadvertently, the school administration did not approve the 2008 -2009 yearbook in its entirety; there were several photographs that did not reflect an appropriate image of the school or our community. The pages which contained the photos were removed.” He declined further comment.

    Worst use of an adverb I’ve seen in years.

  2. Keep an eye on that principal. Anyone that worked up over pictures of shirtless boys playing basketball will soon be trying to get into their pants.

    1. That’s the first thing I thought of, too.

  3. Of course he also removed everything else on those pages, as well as what was on the other side of them. And what are the chances the pages were neatly removed? What a tool.

    It’s a good thing the school didn’t have a swim team.

    Oh, and now what about the PE classes? How to you do teams? I just bet he’s going to spend $39.95 apiece for different color shirts.

  4. I think Chattoga High could get along just fine w/o a Principal; that’s the way to save money in education, get rid of all of them.

    When I was in HS we had a distinguished professor from Stanford turned away by our “Director of Education”, who was appropriately named “Ms Bull” no kidding!!

  5. Meep meeping Lenderman.

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