The Reason Webathon Drives Deep Into The Week! Please Continue Your Generous Support!


As readers of this site know, we're conducting a webathon through Friday, November 20, with the goal of signing up 500 new donors who will help us wage the fight for "Free Minds and Free Markets."

You can check out our progress by looking at the torch icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the page. We've covered a lot of ground since just last Thursday, but we've got miles to go before we sleep. In all our iterations—Reason magazine,,, Reason Foundation—we're your voice in public debates, pushing for individual liberty and freedom in all areas of human activity. In no particular order (well, maybe), we want drug legalization, lower taxes, smaller government, impartial government when it comes to freely chose lifestyle arrangements, open borders, no war except when it's truly defensive (and defensible), no censorship.

We take our arguments to the elites in the pages of our mag and the top newspapers and journals in the country, we make our case in front of Congressional panels and other political bodies with the power to back off, and we create a virtual community, a port of call for all libertarians in a pretty hostile world, where we can argue, joke, and act like crazy family at a holiday picnic (how many political mags can you name that allow comments the way we do? that show lobster girl shots and so much more?).

If you give a tax-deductible contribution, you get the great, glowing feeling brought on only by voluntary action. If you give $100 or more, you get your choice of Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism or Peter Bagge's Everybody is Stupid Except For Me, and a bunch of other swag. Go here to donate and check out the different giving levels. And yes, we do accept donations via PayPal (scroll to bottom of donation page).

Your support is vital to our efforts. We can't do what we do without your help. And to get a sense of what we put up with while slugging it out on your behalf (and ours!), check out this classic encounter between Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum and Bill O'Reilly discussing drug legalization, which ends up the O'Reilly Factor host threatening Sullum. "You wanna get stoned?" says O'Reilly, who deems Sullum a "pinhead" for arguing that responsible drug use is not an oxymoron. "Have a good time. Don't get in a car. And don't come near my family!"