Radicals for Capitalism—Celebrating the Legacy of Ayn Rand


Radicals for Capitalism is a 10-part series that analyzes the continuing relevance of Ayn Rand's writing and ideas to contemporary America.

The series runs through the end of the week, with exclusive new interviews featuring Rand's one-time confidantes Barbara Branden and Nathaniel Branden, and a video of the December 2 panel discussion held at Reason's DC HQ featuring Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Veronique de Rugy, and Patrick Reasonover.

Today's installment (above) was "Life, Liberty, & Viticulture: Bryan Babcock on winemaking, Patrick Henry, & Ayn Rand."

Previous episodes have included

Rand-O-Rama: The Long Shelf Life of Ayn Rand's Legacy

Reason Foundation Co-Founder Bob Poole on Ayn Rand

Reason Foundation Co-Founder Manny Klausner on Ayn Rand

Reason Foundation Co-Founder Tibor Machan on Ayn Rand

Goddess of The Market Author Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand

Dating in the Atlasphere: Joshua Zader Brings Love to Ayn Rand's Fans

All episodes are available in downloadable formats at and at's YouTube channel (subscribe today!).

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  1. I’m getting whiplash here. For a little while I read Reason for the well thought out, reasonable articles opposing my liberal point of view. Even better were the variety of comments and commenters. Now it’s all Rand, all the time. And when it’s not, it’s fucking John Stossel. Goodbye, Reason. I hardly knew ye.

  2. Who are the real radicals? It is the platform of the modern Democratic Party to lift up the impoverished, salute the failure, reward the takers, applaud the indecisive and elevate the self-centered to assure us more of these in the future. In giving away the treasure of the nation, they increase the line for hand-outs beyond all ability to satisfy. The downward slope increases its steepness and slip each moment. The result is to assign a willing dictator the control and management of what remains. Is this the future of America, once the greatest nation in the world for individual freedom and prosperity? The 19th century Democrat was the libertarian following Jefferson, cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS on Amazon and The 20th century Democrat follows Rousseau and Marx and condemns individual freedom, the free market and American exceptionalism to the ash heap of history, all at the hands of Obama and his cadre of communists. Khrushchev was right, that we will impose communism on ourselves, and we are doing it right now.

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