No Respect for the Dead


A Spokane County, Washington, sheriff's deputy pulled Donald Ross out of a funeral procession and gave him and his family tickets for not having their seatbelts fastened. Ross was driving to his sister's funeral. By the time they arrived at the grave, the service had already ended. The sheriff's office defends the deputy. "We are out here trying to prevent funerals, not disrupt them," said spokesman Dave Reagan.

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  1. Speaking of no respect for the dead,why no Reason columns regarding the murder of American soldiers at Ft. Hood by Islamic jihadist?

    1. Hmmm. Maybe…they are working on a column right now and will have it out soon? Maybe…they are waiting for some actual facts to come out and leaving the “Islamic jihadist” hysteria to others?

      1. no, that doesn’t sound like them.

    2. How do you know it was an islamic “jihadist”?

      Some points to consider:

      1. Jihad does not necessarily mean violence. Jihad is variously described as one’s personal inner struggle against passions, one’s personal struggle for improvement, one’s personal struggle to overcome evil with forgiveness, or, as I’m sure you’re going to fixate on, violent change. You’ll notice that most of those definitions imply no violence whatsoever. Indeed, Ahmadi islam speaks of the greater jihad being one of overcoming violence and responding with kindness and forgiveness. But you don’t care about any of that, of course.

      2. You don’t have to be islamic to believe in or support a jihad. I’m not religious at all, and I support those aspects of jihad I mentioned that are not violent.

      3. What proof do you have that the killer was an “islamic jihadist” when even the USArmy has not said as much? They even indicated that his communication with an extremist group was not deemed a threatening development back when they first learned about it. You’re just speculating. You might be right. I suspect the spin will make it appear you are right. You might also be dead wrong.

      4. Reason columns about the Fort Hood dead, or lack of such columns, have zero bearing on whether or not Reason ‘respects the dead of Fort Hood. The tone of your comment is obvious; you are an unartful troll.

      1. Briareus is a fool. He can play word games all he wants but there is ample evidence that the killer was a muslim extremist.

        The government is so tied up with PC that they are incapable of speaking out against the muslims. Because of this, 13 Americans are dead.

        1. Hmm.

          As I went home last night, the USArmy statement at that time was that the attack was officially not a terrorist attack from a muslim extremist.


  2. Donald Ross is a hero. His efforts have saved or created 512 jobs in paper processing and ticket-book manufacturing. Thanks to him, the recession is over and my jobs program has been a stunning success.

    1. I meant the unnamed hero who wrote the ticket, not Donald Ross. I am having Donald Ross arrested for attempted murder, thereby saving or creating 1,024 jobs in the incarceration industry.

      1. How many times are you gonna use the same tired joke?

        1. As long as it works.

        2. By recycling jokes, I have saved or created 2,048 jobs in the recycling industry, all of which are Green Jobs, and hence count double.

  3. Follow the link and read the comments. Them people loves them the taste of cop cock. We’re doomed.

    1. I just read a Big Gulp full of those comments. Sickening, repulsive, state-worshipping boot lickers.

      When all this breaks down, there will be much blood running in the streets.

  4. They should have had their seatbelts fastened. It’s the law.

    1. Congratulations, you’re an unthinking statist.

  5. “…not to disrupt them.”

    Which is exactly why they did just that. Fucking pigs.

  6. William Walsh, the law in most states also prohibits fornication with animals, but that hasn’t stopped you from dabbling in your equestrian habit, has it?

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