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What did god see in Dave Coulier anyway?

Add the Almighty Creator of the Universe to the long list of beloved characters who have survived their own deaths. At Obit mag, Nathan Schneider resurrects the "death of God" movement of the 1960s. This theological school is best remembered today by a Time mag cover story that was quoted in Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby and misquoted in Bernie Taupin's lyric for "Levon" (which also wrongly attributes the quote to The New York Times; Taupin is correct, however, in noting that Mars is cold as hell).

But there was a lot more to the death of God school, including some heady-sounding theosophy that approaches pretty closely to Hazel Motes' Church of Truth Without Jesus Christ Crucified:

Time's circulation is too short to box with God.

"It was as though the country itself was possessed by a theological fever," recalls Emory University professor Thomas J. J. Altizer, the most shocking of the "death of God" theologians, "one in which the most religious nations in the industrial world had suddenly discovered its own atheism." Like a good heretic, he traces his insight to a haunting vision of Satan himself, which he then came to interpret through the dialectical goggles of Blake, Hegel, and Nietzsche. By way of them, he concluded that modernity's turn away from a supernatural God represents a culmination of Christ's incarnation and death on the cross. Just as that death led to a resurrection, the death of God opens the way for a renewal of faith, one based in the fuller affirmation of temporal life and creativity. "In matters theological as well as personal," wrote Altizer's colleague Mark C. Taylor, "he simply cannot imagine a death that is not a resurrection."

Altizer took pains to insist that, Satanic inspiration notwithstanding, his ideas lie within the bounds of orthodoxy. His landmark book bore a puzzling title: The Gospel of Christian Atheism. "The intention throughout this voyage," he explained, "is to seek a truly radical and yet nevertheless fully Christian theology." He was serious about calling his message "gospel"—he meant it as good news.

Adam prays for God to grant him genitals

Read the whole article for more interesting stuff, including a Baalist-sounding call for "a renaissance of festivity and fantasy to bring the divine back."

Some quotable person said he couldn't be an atheist because that would require a god for him not to believe in. This seems to be the next logical step along that path: an atheism that requires a god, then requires the god to disappear, so you can better appreciate the world without god. I think there are less fussy ways to arrive at that conclusion, but maybe there are hidden depths in Altizer's argument.

Anyway they thought Chucky and Leprechaun were dead too, but they were wrong!

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  1. O f**k. Another religion thread.

    See if we can reach 300 posts in under 6 hours.

    1. Sorry Tim, but this post is a 400% fail.

      Reason for your fail?
      No Alt-text on any of the pictures. None. Allanis Morisette as screaming God. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Nothing. The only thing you’ve showed me is that Tim Cavanugh hates us.

  2. Easily done.

  3. If only Gillespie had co-authored, we could add Palin into the mix and break the new Reason blog with the number of different threaded discussions in a single comment section.

  4. “Just as that death led to a resurrection, the death of God opens the way for a renewal of faith, one based in the fuller affirmation of temporal life and creativity.”

    Or a new zombie flick franchise featuring Zombie Jesus.

    1. Would Zombie Jesus rise from the undead in 3 days?

  5. I dunno if god is dying. The concept certainly is becoming less relevant and more obsolete everyday. I wish I could fast forward a couple hundred after mankind, hopefully, achieves practical physical and mental immortality. I would like to see how god is treated then.

    1. In a couple hundred years humans will all look like Jabba the Hut and have a 31 year lifespan. The government will offered a heavily subsidized public option on God and the churches will have gone out of business.

  6. Aresen, i’ll see your religion thread and raise you: ZOMBIE GOD.


    1. Bondye?

    2. See my reply to Ken Schultz

  7. I sell shoes! THANK YOU SATAN

  8. Some quotable person said he couldn’t be an atheist because that would require a god for him not to believe in.

    So basically this guy is using atheism as proof that god exists?

  9. Does anyone know any songs with “God” in the title?

    1. Inna God a DaVida?

    2. “Nearer, My Flying Spaghetti Monster, to thee.”

    3. The Seven Tongues of God

    4. God Send Death–Slayer

    5. The God Who Failed: Metallica

      1. Thank God For The Bomb

    6. “God is Dead” – Nine Inch Nails

      1. The title of this song is “Heresy.”

        Although I could be thinking of a different song, he/they do have like 6 million of them.

        1. Well, can’t rely on the ID3 tags when you don’t buy the song…

    7. “God Only Knows”

    8. “Dear God” – XTC

    9. Nearer My God To Thee . . . God (John Lennon) . . . That’s the Way God Planned It (Billy Preston) . . . God’s Children (the Kinks) . . . God Part II (U2) . . . In the Beginning, God (Duke Ellington) . . . God of Thunder (Kiss) . . . Thank God I’m a Country Boy (John Denver) . . .

  10. This seems to be the next logical step along that path: an atheism that requires a god, then requires the god to disappear, so you can better appreciate the world without god.

    Sounds like the plot of Preacher.

    Yeah, that was a spoiler.

  11. “The only reason God doesn’t erase you from the face of the Earth is because you amuse him somehow.”

    1. That explains Warty.

      1. Where are the films that teach about Our Lord?

  12. God is dead, and no one cares

  13. Add the Almighty Creator of the Universe to the long list of beloved characters who have survived their own deaths.

    Yes, He did that 2000 years ago.


    1. I thought it was His or Her son who did that one?

      1. What are you, some kind of Arian?

      2. The son is the father, umm, and the holy spirit too. It’s busy inside the godhead.

        1. So if I tell him to go fuck himself, he can have his own little mini train going?

      3. No No No. That was a political compromise. Yup, the central tenant of Western Christianity is based on a political compromise. The logic takes a few less leaps of faith than the stimulus argument though.

        1. I find the idea of god easier to believe in than say, the idea of a good Steven Seagal movie.

          1. HARD TO KILL

            1. Hmmm….. the idea of Steven Seagal being shot and put into a coma where couldn’t make any more crappy movies….does sound appealing.


      Would he mind doing it again?

      I think I may need a little extra credit.

    3. Hey, my parents made it to the altar before they gave birth. Might have been only by ac couple of weeks, so jst call me ungrateful.

  14. There’s “Nuthin’ but a G Thang,” by two crazy Jews.

    (The last thing God said before he died was “Fuck threads.” He may have meant clothes, so I have my ass out, too.)

  15. I sell shoes! THANK YOU SATAN

    Do you have any in brown?

  16. This thread seems like the place (or perhaps the Odinist City Councilman one) for something I’ve wanted to ask the Christian / Jewish / Muslim theists on this thread.

    Which do you find worse, an atheist, or a Satanist? Or do you see a difference?

    The reason why I ask is that the atheist denies the entire belief structure, while the Satanist might well agree the cosmology, but then rejects the ethics and beliefs that rest upon it.

    1. I’m a Deist, but I was raised at the big ol’ baptist mecca at Saddleback Church.

      Firstly, I’m of the impression that “satanists” are just really pissed off atheists. Assuming their beliefs are legitimate…

      Athiests would be viewed as potential converts in most evangelical circles.

      Satanists would be viewed as untrustworthy, evil and selfish. They’d be particularly scary because their faith implies they reject God in favor of Lucifer.

      It’s a really interesting mythological system.

      1. Actually, I have not a problem with either atheists or believers. At least they have the conviction of consistency in their chosen belief systems.

        It’s the agnostics, that tend to get my goat, spiritual “moderates” (or fence-sitters, as I like to refer); questioning the existence of a Higher Power is fine, but eventually all that questioning should lead to a some type of conclusion of certainty.

        At least the atheist, by definition, denies the existence of God/HP and is content to rely on his/her own sense of ethics and morals to function in society.

        The believer is largely in the same boat, but given the nature of his/her religious edicts may not function in a given society as easily as the atheist might. Assuming the ethics of the atheist is compatible with society at large.

        1. I think that you misunderstand serious agnostics. The idea of agnosticism is that things like gods are not really even a proper subject of knowledge. God is basically a place holder for things we don’t understand. So saying “God did it” is the same as saying “I don’t know why it happened”. There is no way to know empirically anything about gods or such things, so they are not something you can know anything about at all and are essentially meaningless placeholders for our ignorance about certain things. It is not wishy-washy fence sitting, but a consistent empirical approach to epistemology.

          1. So, if I am following correctly, the serious agnostic does not question whether there is or is not a God/HP, the SA disregards if there is one in terms of circumstance in this existence because the concept is beyond comprehension.

            I know pretty spiritual agnostics, they just haven’t decided which representation (if any) suits their spiritual concept.

            Wherein lies faith?

            The believer has his/her concrete understanding and the atheist has random chance and mathematical probability modified by circumstance.

            Where does the agnostic fit?

  17. While Chucky is good on MNF, and I’ll forever be grateful to him for bringing adequate offense to Tampa to take Dungy’s team to the Superbowl, he’s no god.

  18. I love women, but why did god engineer women such that the entertainment center is right next to the sewage treatment center?

    1. Silly Troy, it’s all entertainment center.

    2. Because it’s another entertainment center.

      1. Touche my friend. Why didn’t I think of that. I bow before you for I am not worthy.

    3. Because it’s another entertainment center.

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        2. Also, fuck you, double-posting Episiarch.

      2. Each and every one of my victories over you is as satisfying as the last, Warty. Your tears are so yummy and sweet.

        1. How is that thread doing, anyway?

  19. Anyone see any good God snuff films? The only one I can think of is Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gibson.

    1. Technically, Dogma.

  20. I wish Jesus partied. I imagine he has the best bud in the whole universe. Imagine never having to make a beer run? “Oh christ, he doing the pull-beer-out-of-my-ass trick again.” But I think the coolest part would be not having to worry about a hang over. Jesus beer with skycake doesn’t give you a hangover.

  21. God & Guns by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  22. Atheism doesn’t work for me because of a few experiences with nitrous oxide I had 20 years ago. That gives me the idea for a church I could start. Sorta like those brazil dudes and their jungle vine drink church.

    1. As long as you’re not talking about Guyana and kool-aid drinks.

  23. god save the queen – the sex pistols

  24. here’s a few songs,

    Hello God, Dolly Parton
    Dear God, Fishbone
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    Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand, Irma Thomas
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    God, John Lennon
    God Lives Upstairs, John Wesley Harding
    Sex Goddess of the Western Hemisphere, Maggie Estep
    Closer to God, Kirsty MacColl
    God Said, Mary’s Danish
    Dr. Laura Who Made You God, Mojo Nixon
    If I Should Fall From Grace With God, The Pogues
    God Loves a Drunk, Richard Thompson
    Merciful God, Roches
    I Don’t Want to Bring Your Gods Down, Terence Trent D’Arby
    Kiss Me, Son of God, They Might Be Giants
    God, Tori Amos
    In God’s Country, U2
    God Part II, U2
    God Blasts the Queen, Urban Dance Squad
    With God On Our Side, Wire Train
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    God Cries, Zuzus Petals

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