Father Doesn't Know Best


In England, the Watford Borough Council has barred parents from watching their children while they play at two "adventure" playgrounds run by the council. The only adults allowed in the playgrounds will be council staff who have passed a criminal records check. All other adults, including parents, must stay outside the fence. Council members say the rule will protect children.

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  1. England is a Socialist country and the power of local Councils [City Hall] is legend. Just imagine your HOA [Home Owners Association] with legal powers to control every “social” move you make.

  2. Yo, FUCK England . . .

    1. too late, they’re already fucked

      1. On their side of the pond it’s “buggered”

        1. To be accurate fucked and buggered both work over here, but literally fuck is vaginal and bugger is anal, but as I like to say we are fucking buggered

  3. what a horrible little island.

  4. Are there really parents who accept these conditions? Are these the same parents who re-elect these psychological criminals to office regularly?

  5. Is it not axiomatic that the more one rails against a particular crime, sin, or vice, the more likely one participates in that crime, sin, or vice?

    1. I’ve wondered about that very thing, or those who use terms like “carpet-muncher” and “fag” and “butt-pirate” to describe someone with whom they disagree, but where sex is not anywhere near the subject matter.

      1. I thought “fag” was just a term for douchebag Harley riders with loud pipes. It has a sexual meaning?

  6. What’s next for “child safety”? Cameras in every parents’ home? A criminal background check before you can even have one? Good luck, parents in England.

    1. Given another decade or two, there won’t be any parents in England, either by choice or edict but it won’t matter by then anyway.

    2. Did you miss the article on the British “sin bins”? Here’s the post:


  7. I’d certainly be carefully watching the council members who are watching my children! Perhaps with a video camera and long lens.

    Truly, though, I think my grandkids would have more fun and adventure at some other venue.

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