30 Years Ago in reason


"With the unwitting cooperation of shallow news reporting, Chrysler is fostering the impression that bankruptcy means disappearance—as if the company's physical assets were literally going to be liquidated, never to be seen again."

—Robert W. Poole Jr., "Rescue Chrysler?"

"The economic distresses of the Western industrialized world today clearly indicate that something has gone wrong. The Keynesian orthodoxy that has dominated economic theory and policy in the post–World War II era promised full employment, price stability, and rapid economic growth. Instead, we now face high unemployment, accelerating inflation, and stagnation."

—William P. Field Jr., "The Conceits of the Keynesians"

"In several ways, a handgun prohibition might actually increase the number of weapons available to those it is intended to disarm, namely, criminals and ordinary citizens who think it necessary to keep a loaded handgun lying around their residences for self-defense."

—Don B. Kates Jr., "If You Liked Watergate, You'll Love Handgun Prohibition"                                                                                                                                                                                                                        —November 1979