How David Allan Coe Scared the Penn & Teller Right Back Into The Great Performing Duo


Penn Jillette tells a funny and strange and wonderful story about how he and his partner Teller were inspired by one of the least-likely sources of all time: country performer David Allan Coe.

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  1. Why is the artwork on the wall blurred?

  2. David Allen Coe is a really scary guy. This is a guy who did a whole record about his time in prison. And he seemed to do quite well there.

    1. Yeah, the album on which pretty much everyone knows he exaggerated roughly 100% of his prison experiences.

  3. I was bumpin’ his tunes while rolling through Compton at 4 mph with the windows down. It didn’t go over well, especially when I told the group gathered around my pickup to hold on “while I listen to this funny part.”

  4. I’m only familiar with the Rodeo Song and the Asshole song. Which is starting to make me think I should give some more of his tunes a listen.

    1. just to inform u, ska, those 2 songs are actually not coe songs at all. He has put out a couple albums of raunchy sex and race-filled material, but for the most part he is just an outlaw in the vein of haggard or waylon.

  5. What a poorer world it would be if David Allen Coe had been put on psychiatric drugs as a child.

  6. Am I really going to be the first to point out that the man is a flaming bigot?

    I’m surprised Penn didn’t hit on that.


      From his Wikipedia page:

      Coe has defended the songs (such as one deriding an adulterous wife who leaves her white husband and children for a black man as a “Nigger Fucker” in a song of that name) as bawdy fun which never made him much money – as well as pointing out that his drummer at the time, Kerry Brown (son of blues guitarist Gatemouth Brown) is black and married to a white woman. Napster added to the confusion regarding Coe’s racist songs by mislabeling offensive works by other artists, especially Johnny Rebel, whose songs are often mistakenly attributed to Coe.[2][3]
      Coe’s second album, the psychedelic concept album Requiem for a Harlequin, contains many strong anti-racist and pro-civil rights statements. One track describes the birth of soul music in a celebratory style; others are furious rants against the KKK and what he calls “the asphalt jungle”. Another track entitled “Fuck Anita Bryant” rants against Anita Bryant for her opposition to homosexuality.
      Coe was a member of the one percenter biker club, Outlaws MC.

      Yeah, anyone can edit a wiki page so maybe he is and maybe he isn’t a bigot.

      Membership in the Outlaws is definate proof of bad assery.

      1. Maybe its because I’m the relative of a Hells Angel living in an Outlaws state and ADIOS is still in effect…
        … but Outlaws membership only proves he’s a bigot.

  7. Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed from his lyrics.

  8. Singing songs about niggers for shock value doesn’t automatically make you a bigot.

    This automatically means he’s awesome though.

  9. I once heard a G.G. Allin concert criticized for not having enough urine.

  10. Warty- I know he claims that he’s not a racist, but the lyrics to “Nigger Fucker” are poisonous, and I don’t think you can fake that sort of hate. If you can, then I have to wonder why you would.

  11. For some reason I read the title as “How Edgar Allan Poe Scared the Penn & Teller Right Back Into The Great Performing Duo.”

    Quoth the country singer, ‘Nevermore.’

    Well, it made sense in my head.

  12. “The” Penn & Teller?

  13. Anyone else moderately confused by the title?

  14. #6 – Either way, the answer is that he’s a crazy man.

  15. Warty-I’ll agree on that point. And I’ll admit that bigot or not, some of his stuff is funny as hell in a “God, I hope no one catches me listening to this” kind of way.

    1. Are you referring to David Allan Coe or Ron Paul?

  16. This automatically means he’s awesome though.

    Warty, does playing that song on whatever it is you call dates work for you? The elderly and disabled might be more susceptible to the power of suggestion, I guess.

  17. Padma: I’ve actually had bull’s testicals
    Penn: I bet you have

    -Top Chef anyone? this is that magician guy right?

    1. Yes it is. I about fell off the couch when I saw that.

    2. Yep, that’s him.

  18. Copyright can’t allow me to view this in the Great White North. I hope this restriction is making Penn&Teller; some money somehow……

  19. There is a Coe song where he describes himself as “working like a nigger for my room and board,” positive stereotyping people, he must be a left-liberal.

  20. I’m only familiar with the Rodeo Song and the Asshole song.

    He also wrote Take This Job and Shove it.

    1. Unfortunately the horrendously terrible movie they made of the same name, inspired by the song, is so bad, it almost makes one vomit whenever the song is played.

  21. It is so gratifying to hear that someone used the Eagle’s music as a threat…I hate the Eagles…

  22. Of course, his biggest hit was this Steve Goodman tune – here

  23. YouTube can be soooo much fun. A quick hop and a jump from David is Toby Keith

  24. GillEy’s was in Houston.

  25. “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions”

    The fuck? Is this is the Internet? Why can’t I watch a guy talk about himself?

    1. Interesting question about where net neutrality and copy right meet.

    2. We can all thank Sony for that. They own Crackle (also not available outside US), and they pay Penn to do these videos, so they are copyrighted, brands and images in the background are blurred etc. Typical Sony BS.

  26. What SxCx said. This is ridiculous.

  27. Best David Allen Coe song – Cum Stains on The Pillow. A little sentimental for most tastes, but moving none the less.

  28. “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions”. First time this has happened with a youtube video. Even their BS Website prevented access from Canada, also a first.

  29. “The first 10 Years” greatest hits album by him is by far the best collection of country songs I have ever heard. Amazing. He put out a live album about 10 years ago that’s really good, but all the shows I’ve been to from him suck. Mostly ‘cuz he uses this chorus effect on his voice that is incredibly annoying. I’ve seen all races in his band at various times, I’ve also seen a significant amount of KKK members at his shows. Or at least guys wearing KKK patches. I always wondered why they weren’t pissed at the black drummer and Filipino guitarist.

  30. the bikers staring at the cowboys who are laughing at the hippies who are praying the get out of here alive….

    I talked with Coe for about 15 seconds after a concert at a place called Midnight Rodeo. Not a warm and gregarious man.

    1. Um… not a warm and gregarious man? Maybe because he’s an OUTLAW? Those guys is VICIOUS, man!

      … that being said, I live in VA, so shout-out and respect to the AOA!

  31. Are you sure that that is David Allan Coe in this picture with Penn?…..970c-320wi

  32. This guy’s a magician, right? He should make a decent sounding microphone appear.

  33. Maybe it’s not artwork and it’s pictures of his family?

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