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Here are the five most popular columns from last week:

The Unknown War: The defeat of communism 20 years ago was the most liberating moment in history. So why don't we talk about it more? by Matt Welch (10/12)

They're Tragically Delicious: Confronting Big Cereal, unregulated garage sales, and other evils, by David Harsanyi (10/14)

What's Michael Moore Talking About? Government power is the problem, not capitalism, by John Stossel (10/15)

The Truth About Obama's Nobel Prize: Nobel Prize Committee Chair Thorbjørn Jagland is shamelessly seeking the spotlight, by Lene Johansen (10/13)

Failing His Way to Higher Office: Bumbling Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff Michael Jackson wants a promotion, by Radley Balko (10/12)