You Can't Win with These People


A Maryland State Trooper gave Erik Bonstrom an $80 ticket for driving too slowly. Bonstrom was doing 58 in a 65 mph zone.

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    Deputy Has Midas Touch in Asset Seizures
    by John Burnett
    Listen Now [7 min 44 sec]
    Third installment of a four-part series
    All Things Considered, June 17, 2008

    Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram is a devout believer in highway traffic stops.


    Stress-induced Indicators

    Later, Ingram climbs into his white Ford Crown Victoria and heads out
    onto U.S. Highway 431 ? the main north-south thoroughfare through
    Barbour County.

    “I look for things that just are different, and there’s no one way to
    explain it, there’s no one indicator. I just look for people that try
    to fit in that make themselves stand out,” he says.

    Without giving away his secrets, here’s one thing Ingram looks for: If
    the speed limit is 65 mph, most people will drive 75 mph. But someone
    wanted by the law will go 65 or less, and avoid eye contact with a cop
    who pulls up alongside. Ingram calls them “stress-induced indicators.”


    1. He must get a lot of little old ladies that way!

    2. Obviously, the people with seatbelts on are drug dealers.

  2. Hmmmm…when I was learnding to drive my Dad always said “Kimberly, it’s a speed LIMIT, not a speed MINIMUM. You can go under it. You should go under it in some situations.” Apparently it’s a good thing I never listened to him.

    1. It’s not your father’s highway, as the kids say.

  3. If he was in the passing lane, he deserved it.

    1. Agreed, sean. And probably what happened, if we had the full context.

      If he was in the right lane, though, isn’t the minimum speed 45 mph on freeways with a 65 max?

  4. a cop site?

  5. Drink!

  6. I think if he were going slow in the passing lane he would have gotten a ticket for failing to keep right.

  7. With all due respect, it’s the freeway… it’s for the big boys. If you can’t handle it, stick to the side streets.

    1. Arrogant!

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