Kyoto Protocol Dead, Says NPR


Now that the Kyoto Protocol is dead, will Congress please now kill off the Waxman-Markey Rent-Seeking, huh, I mean, cap-and-trade horror show?

Kyoto Protocol

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  1. That polar bear is a Girl Drink Drunk

      1. While there is some truth to the girldrinkdrunk model of classification, the status of the margarita simultaneously girldrink and notgirldrink must be pointed out. The margarita, being sugary and citrusy, meets all the required criteria for a girl drink. Nonetheless, as a beverage that can restore the lost carbohydrates, electrolytes, and alcohol that the body may lose during strenuous exercise, also fits the sports-booze category, and is thus a good beverage for after a good workout, like a volleyball game, day of wakeboarding, or walking across a parking lot.

  2. I would also have accepted this:

    will Congress someone please now kill off the Waxman-Markey Rent-Seeking, huh, I mean, cap-and-trade bill?

    1. Alas, no slaughterhouse would accept him.

      1. Indeed, his porcine peers prostrate at his proboscis prodigiously in portent protracting plasticians to “Make me more like him.” Oink!

  3. … at the climate meeting in Bangkok, European diplomats suggested that they would let the treaty expire.

    That sucker had better not be expiring carbon dioxide!

  4. I wonder if anyone ever took Nate Silver up on his big boastful temperature challenge.

    I hope for his sake that nobody did, because if so, he’s most likely losing a shitload of money.

    People all over the northeast, midwest, Rockies, and northern plains are all freezing their asses off with early snow and record low temperatures.

    1. Warming oceans leading to ice age makes sense to me. The oceans give up energy by transpiration into the atmosphere, producing more clouds and thus higher albedo. More cloud cover could lead to cooling landmass, and at some point if snowfall doesn’t melt, you have an ice age.

      I’m not saying this is what’s happening, but I remember early in college geography class we studied that prior to ice age there is a period of warming. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be surprised if all those having a shitfit over global warming will be left stupefied by the onset of a mini ice age.

      At the very least they should be crowing about “Climate Change” and not fixating on “global warming”, for the reasons you mention.

      1. Mini ice age?

        We are overdue for a full blown one.

    2. Nate Silver is an absolute joke. Whoever invented the phrase “lying with statistics” must have been thinking of him when they coined it.

  5. “The notion that we should have an agreement which looks explicitly and exclusively at a handful of countries, doesn’t seem right. The whole purpose of this is to move the world to a better place, not to move one set of countries down that road,” said Jonathan Pershing, a top U.S. negotiator.

    Translation – The energy impoverished nations should pay more to bring refigeration, lights and transportation to their impoverished citizens.

    Expect China, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America to respond with a big fuck you.

    1. Well, that and we’re not going to give these guys a leg up on anything.

  6. Will noone rid us of this meddlesome environmentalist group?

    1. Don’t look to me, Earthling.

  7. I don’t get that picture. Is that polar bear from Greenpeace, or is it talking to Greenpeace? There’s snow on the ground, so it doesn’t seem logical that it’s complaining about climate-change-style high temperatures. But it’s got a daiquiri in its paw, which I guess means it’s warm out.

    Also, shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

      And mail is evil, pass it on.

  8. The picture was taken in Ottawa, so snow isn’t that unusual.

  9. I can’t believe those Greenpeace bastards have hijacked Thornton. Like he would give a fuck about Kyoto – there’s a reason he moved to the South Pacific.

  10. The picture is a view of the so-called Peace Tower, the central block of the Canadian parliament. Can’t you guys get something as picturesque closer to home? Or were you looking for snow and kyoto in the same shot?

  11. I can see the hit piece sent to Greenpeace members now: “Obama and the Democrats failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and so now it will end in 2012.”

    Speaking of a number resembling 2012:

  12. I saw snowflakes this morning in Boston. That’s not a misprint. We had snow in mid-October.

  13. I saw snowflakes this morning in Boston. That’s not a misprint. We had snow in mid-October.

  14. I saw snowflakes this morning in Boston. That’s not a misprint. We had snow in mid-October.

  15. Because carbon reduction policies would restrict economic growth and recent temperatures in certain areas of the world have been colder than usual, the theory of global warming is irrefutably proved wrong.

    1. Because of your snarky remark, the theory of global warming is irrefutably proved right.

    2. My anecdotal evidence is just as valid as Al Gore’s anecdotal evidence.

  16. will Congress please now kill off the Waxman-Markey Rent-Seeking, huh, I mean, cap-and-trade horror show?

    No because sooner or later your soul will be purified and you too will come to know the truth.

    Then you too will be prepared for the communal suicide pact that is needed to save the world.

    Those who do not come to know the truth will be burned at the stake in order to drive out Satan and save their eternal souls.

    Oh wait, that was like 700 or 800 years ago. Sorry, wrong page from the history books.

  17. Kyoto was DOA. Happy to hear it’s still dead. And please, no Kyoto zombie references.
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  19. Leninism! Horror show!

    Run for the bunkers, the alarmists are coming!

  20. Ron,

    Get a fucking science degree.

    1. Edward, go fucking kill yourself.

    2. I sure wish Al Gore would.

  21. From what I’ve read, none of the coutries that promised to reduce their emissions under Kayto actually fulfilled that promise.

  22. “From what I’ve read, none of the coutries that promised to reduce their emissions under Kyto actually fulfilled that promise.”

    And the Europeans peddled exceptions to each other that would make an American congresscritter blush.

  23. anAL GOREtentive

  24. The Waxman cometh

  25. Good riddance, say I.

  26. The real reason for the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Bill is all about government control over more of our lives and more income to fund the government’s social welfare programs. I never had anything to do with climate change.

  27. This is unintentionally hilarious (and truthful) wording:

    “”It’s different than a political negotiation, where you work something out and then you sort of have to hold hands and jump together. Of course, the flaw [in Kyoto was that] the U.S. wasn’t one of the handholders,” said Meyer.”

    Jump where? Off the freakin’ economic cliff?

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