But If You Go Carrying Pictures of Chairman Mao (or Mother Theresa) Anyhow, You're Going Make It In the Obama Administration Anyhow…


Back in June, Interim White House Communications Director Anita Dunn chatted up her two favorite philosophers, Mao Zedong and Mother Theresa, to some audience that has now been repurposed for Glenn Beck. Who suddenly seems less insane than sane.

I admit it. I want my reality back. I don't know when it went missing. But I want it back.

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  1. Maybe she can save her own ass by admitting she was stoned when she gave that speech. The way she constantly smacked her mouth, it must have felt dry.

    1. Maybe just the opposite of dry – maybe she was experiencing uncontrollable salivating. Perhaps the very thought of Mao makes her mouth water. 😉

      1. My dog does the same thing when I give it peanut butter.

      2. That wasn’t the only thing that was getting wet.

    2. I must say that smacking sound annoyed me a lot more than what she said.

      1. i didn’t hear the words, i only watched her mouth. i think she was rolling on some E.

        1. Maybe I’m paranoid, Nipplemancer, but I wonder if your name makes fun of my blog.

          1. i’ve been using this handle for years. i was working at a porno shop and reading lots of william gibson when i came up with the idea.

          2. i’ve been using this handle for years. i was working at a porno shop and reading lots of william gibson when i came up with the idea.

            1. I submit that a triple post should henceforth be refered to as “nippling” the post.

            2. the ol’ trip-nip.

          3. i’ve been using this handle for years. i was working at a porno shop and reading lots of william gibson when i came up with the idea.

        2. The was she was using that tongue made me think of a lizard. I bet she’d be great at zapping any stray flies.

          1. Hah! I think you’ve figured it out. She’s one of those lizard aliens trying to take over the world. Bet she swallows a live guinea pig after the speech.

    3. I think her dentures don’t fit very well. Seriously, that’s what it sounds like.

      1. You’ve got it there. Obviously a wealthy dentist cut some corners so (s)he could afford a bigger boat. Probably these are from ebay.

    4. Wow. I was thinking the exact same thing, that annoyed the hell out of me. Very bland character.

  2. Oh c’mon, Mao was just an agrarian reformer. Like Pol Pot.

    And waiter, I ordered an omelet?

    1. I got a lot of traction with the unserious hard Lefty contingent: Yes, you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, a famous Leninism. W might say that you can’t make bacon without baconing a few eggs… whatever. Well, few can deny that many, many eggs have been broken over the century. Or even centuries. Of course when we say “eggs” we really mean people and when we say omelet we mean Paradise, or we can be more generous and say just serious and lasting material improvement. When we say “break” we are obviously being literal. So tell me, ponytail… where is the omelet? I tweaked this one mook for years with a simple “Where’s my omelet? I want my omelet!” Copyright waived.

    2. You win a cookie for this brilliant and subtle comment. To the guy who replied first… Pol Pot committed mas genocide in Cambodia. I’m fairly sure you missed the Irony in Jeffersonian’s comment.

  3. Forget Mao. Why would you hire as a communications director a person who chews her tongue and smacks her lips like Gabby Hayes?

    1. +2.

      And I thought I was being petty for noticing that infernal noise coming our of her mouth. Oh, and the lip smacking too.

      1. JW wins the thread. Well done.


    2. She looks like a horse and appears to have a prehensile tongue. The tongue thing was disturbing. I was waiting for a fava beans reference.

      That is seriously disturbing.

      1. What, so you don’t have a prehensile tongue?

    3. Good job making fun of someone who might have some sort of impairment. Maybe you and Julian Sanchez could go laugh at little girls or something.

      Meanwhile, regarding Nick Gillespie wanting “his reality back”, why can’t he come up with a plan? So far, the only plan I’ve seen from him is to whine and post EdAnger-style rants. Meanwhile – unlike virtually everyone else – I have an actual plan but I can’t find anyone else who wants to lift a finger to help promote it.

      1. we also make fun of retards like you. shut the fuck up lonewacko

        1. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s continuously insult this lonewacko guy, because for some fucked up reason we think it makes us look cool, without ever addressing anything he writes, because that would require thinking and stuff.

      2. LoneWhacko, I bet you can find plenty of people to lift a finger in your direction.

      3. Hey everybody! He’s got a plan!

        Do you know who else had a plan? Hitler.

        I’ll bet he wants to force the MexicanAmericans to wear flair.

      4. Oh, she has an impairment right enough – an intellectual impairment.

      5. Of course, if you are having trouble finding comrades-in-arms, you can always hire some CheapDayLabor down by the Home Depot.

      6. Good job making fun of someone who might have some sort of impairment.

        Why so surprised? You get made fun of all the time here.

      7. Won’t someone think of the children!!!

        1. Oh I think of the children all the time. Mostly along the lines of: What are they up to? What have they gotten into? How much are repairs going to cost? How long will we be at emergency this time around? You know, minor stuff like that.

      8. You have an Actual Plan to turn this country to communist China?

      9. Who would be the dectator Mao-Hitler in your Actual Plan? Obama? Tong smacking Anita, or yourself, 24AheadDotCom? Pat yourself on the backs, you might just get it–and let me tell you something, it isn’t going to be pretty when you get it!

      10. and we also take crips’ parking spaces, just for the sheer entertainment value.

      11. Good job making fun of someone who might have some sort of impairment.

        Hey, we practice on you all the time. STFU, lonewhacko.


      12. Which impairment? The inability to see that Mao was the biggest mass murderer in history shouldn’t be touted to kids as a role model? Or her noisy mouth?

    4. That’s fucking Haldol,straight up.

      1. I see a lot of people on a lot of Haldol, and you are closer to being correct than you might realize. Tardive dyskinesia is extremely unpleasant to watch.

        Seriously, though, what she’s saying is about as awful as watching her say it.

        1. Looks like a nervous tic, but the content of her speech certainly doesn’t rule out the possibility of chronic antipsychotic use.

      2. I second that. Tardive dyskinesia galore. Well yes, of course we want to promote people with impairment!

    5. Because she’s hawt…

    6. Gabby Hayes? More like Jaba the Hut in the third Star Wars.

    7. uh, because she’s black?

    8. That mannerism bugged the crap out of me, too. My RN wife, who has some psych experience, has told me in the past that tongue-thrusting is a side effect of some drug that’s used on psych patients–lithium, I think. She called it tardive dyskenesia. I don’t know if Ms. Dunne’s mannerism is the same symptom that people with tardive dyskenesia exhibit, and my wife didn’t see the vid, so I won’t make any connection here. But I think it’s interesting and would welcome any comment by someone who knows about this subject.

      1. I am an RN and saw the clip yesterday, my first thought was that she has Tardive dyskinesia. If she doesn’t she is doing a fine imitation of it.

      2. I don’t think lithium has that side effect, but I do think some of the anti-psychotics do.

    9. See “Harrison Bergeron”.

  4. Pure force of Will.

  5. I never watch Beck – I don’t care for his over-the-top style, but in this instance he really makes a good point: this woman is an example of the kind of people Obama’s administration is filled with? Scary.

      1. You know, he’s the guy who wrote ‘Loser’ and ‘Where It’s At’. That seems real apropos given the topic of this thread.

  6. But, she balanced it out with Mother Theresa!

    That makes it all better, right?

    1. We prefer our genocidal madmen to have compassion.

      1. Hitler was purportedly very kind to animals. So I guess on balance he wasn’t so bad after all.

    2. What’s funny about the two is that one figuratively trafficked in human misery while the other (MT) literally did.

      The P&TBS; episode on her (and Gandhi and the Dalai Lama) was particularly enlightening.

    3. MT didn’t kill people. She just let them die, but not before she encouraged them to have many more children than they could afford, thus dooming them as well to poverty, sickness, despair. If that isn’t worthy of a Peace Prize, what is?

    4. That is the very definition of centrism. Triangulation. The Third Way… This illustrates the unwisdom of using opinion polling as a map/model of reality.

    5. Except to Christopher Hitchens

  7. After a quick googlin’…of course, she lives in Chevy Chase, MD, a very wealthy enclave outside of DC and is married to Obama’s personal attorney. Not much hoi in her poloi there.

    No wonder she likes Mao so much, they have so much in common. He knew how to live it up large on the backs of the peasants too.

    1. And, if reports are accurate, on their bellies, too. The syphilitic old murderer loved him some Asian pussy.

      1. In his defence, I believe that was the only kind on the menu.

      2. What emperor doesn’t rape his subjects? Literally and figuratively.

  8. I used to poke fun at Beck all the time. It’s getting harder to make fun of him. He is the only guy currently following this crap and he’s batting damn near 1000 on it.

    I watched some of him yesterday. The phone gimmick is hilarious. Who in their right mind would get in a shit tossing fight with the largest network in the US. Answer: Either one arrogant group of fucktards or just a regular group of fucktards.

    1. Can anyone epxlain the “phone not ringing” bit? I don’t watch Beck, so that went right o’er meh head.

      1. The part I caught he set up a phone for this lady to call to correct anything he says that is incorrect. This is the lady that was on CNN last week who basically threw the gauntlet down and declared war on Fox publicly. Which is hilarious. Because Fox has nothing to loose and nothing but ratings to gain by being in a pissing contest with the White House.

        Jesus whoever thought going after Fox was a good idea should be awarded a Nobel for economics, literature, peace, and comedy.

      2. As I understand it, once Beck was smeared by the Administration, he installed a phone line, and then gave Ms. Mao Se Dunn the phone number. He claims that only the White House has the number, and that they are free to contact him if he’s wrong.

        1. What a hoot. Never watch the guy myself, but this is funny.

      3. The Dunn Offensive actually stayed pretty much within the lines of legit media crit. After making some dire characterizations of Fox she said that they blur the line between opinion and news. Of course they couldn’t complain that the opinions are incorrect and shouldn’t be aired, no? Not yet anyhow. But her supposed coup de grace was an assertion, unsupported, that they were airing things that were incorrect factually, specifically pointing to Glenn Beck. Of course she does not site any fact that could be checked and checking the facts is what the medi-oids do, allegedly. So Beck set up a dedicated line and sent the private number via registered letter to Dunn saying that he would like to be corrected in any errors and would do it live on the air. Going through the day’s bill of horribles he expected any moment to be called and corrected on any false assertion. As the Jews were wont to say, silence implies agreement. I should say, while on the other side, I don’t denounce the WH for agressively engaging a press outlet they deem hostile. W should have had some pushback over the years. Plame/Wilson sticks out. Of course it would have to be factually based, which would not have been difficult given the facts. Does this event illustrate the unwisdom of that sort of course or is it, like other actions by Obama, poisoned by an infantile execution?

  9. I’ve had the same thoughts about Beck. He’s a whacked out conspiratorial nutjob, but dammit he’s never wrong.

    1. His biggest problem is overshooting every target he aims at. This clip shows that if he just stuck to the hard, known fact, he’s have a lot more respect from people. But he, as Shakespeare says, heats his furnace so hot he burns himself.

      1. I can empathize with that, actually.

      2. When someone, or a group, is blatantly destroying something you hold very dear, you tend to get a little hot under the collar. Maybe you and Shakespeare are correct, but more and more are finding Glen Becks passion about highlighting what is really going on in this country to be refreshing. If this country had just stuck to the passionless, cold hard facts for the last two hundred plus years, would we even have a country
        worth defending today? Cold hard facts and logic must guide the decisions, but it is the overheated furnace that fuels freedom.

        1. If this country had just stuck to the passionless, cold hard facts for the last two hundred plus years, would we even have a country
          worth defending today?

          Well, yes. It’s generally the appeals to emotion rather than reason that have caused us to stray from the path of limited government.

    2. I swear his new schtick was developed by watching Alex Jones, and then just toning it down by 20%. Still a slight over-shoot, but not by that much.

  10. I don’t know which is worse, that she quotes Mao with such lip-smacking glee, or that she’s too stupid to realize that doing so in public is going to bite her in the ass.

    1. Prove to me it’ll really bite her in the ass.

      1. Trust me, this will go viral. Beck has a huge following now, and Dunn really started this with her “evil FOX News” tirade last week. Fox is going to have this on over and over, it’s going on Twitter, and will be on every center-right blog around in no time. It will probably even make it to a few of the left wing blogs. Maybe I’ll go post it on the Huffington sewer.

      2. You are correct, this may not do any lasting damage. Only time will prove if this gets wider coverage. The press did not cover the previous Beck czarget until Van Jones was already out the door. However, the press did take a little heat for that, so they may actually hint at this controversy before it comes to a head. (The White House either boots her tonight or they have to wait a week of blog coverage before they can bury her dismissal in a Friday night news dump.)

        The thing is, she is apparently “interim” communications director (Obama can’t make up his mind? who knew) so they can just say she was never meant to hold the job permanently anyway and ABC News will likely buy that and move on.

  11. It’s a pity Beck didn’t get Christopher Hitchens on the line to put in a few good words about Mother Theresa, too.

    1. Probably because talking shit on mother Theresa, no matter the correctness, or proof, or reason, is suicidal when it comes to most public opinions.

      1. Not so much for Hitchens though, really. Everybody knows he’s got the balls for it.

        1. Everyone knows Hitchens is a bitter drunkard.

          1. that’s why I like him

          2. You say that like it’s an insult.

          3. Bitter? Looks to me like he’s having a blast.


  12. I do have to say that while Beck is 100% right in his rant, I’m gotten so used to such utter and abhorant crap coming out of the mouths of lefties, praising genocidal maniacs with great zeal, that I probably wouldn’t have batted any eye at Dunn’s speech.

    Basicially, I’ve become numb to PoMo thinking. It’s actually become banal from being so commonplace in the typical progressive’s toolbox. Had I not heard the speech in this context, my response probably would have been, “Meh, another collectivist humper in the Obama admin. Big surprise.”

    That said, go get ’em Glenn. A battle won through attrition is still a win.

    1. Headline should really read:
      Obama’s Communication Director Praises Hitler
      No wait, she actually praised someone worse

  13. It’s a good thing that she and people like her are too insular to reflect on what they say. Instead of foolishly allowing us to see their real thoughts they would just lie and deceive like the smarter ones of their ilk do. It’s hard to believe, but apparently this woman sees nothing wrong with what she thinks, just doesn’t get it … WTF?

  14. How is it possible to have someone who publicly admires Mao in the government? How?

    1. Ha-ha. You do know the kinda folks her boss hung with for 20-plus years, don’t ya?

    2. It’s…it’s in a good way. You mis-characterize…

    3. Pro Liberate said:
      “How is it possible to have someone who publicly admires Mao in the government? How?”

      Answer: By having a Marxist for a president

      1. Obama is either a loon for surrounding himself with loons or he is really, really dumb.

        Which is it, Leftists?

    4. The line between the Possible and the Impossible is exactly the battleground the Left chooses and the Right ignores. How is it possible? Well, it took fifty-odd years of incrementalism to set the cultural and media stage and one huckster to front it. Myself, I am optimistic as I see the puzzled glare from new faces daily. Experience is the schoolmaster of man and he shall learn from no other! Mathew Arnold, maybe? A Mather?

    5. uh, because she’s black?

      1. When did that happen? Take it from this ofay, she’s honkey.

  15. So you can’t Godwin her because that would be an understatement?

    1. Yes, that would be in fact true. In the body count contest, Mao is at what 30 plus million when you leave out wars? That would eclipse Stalin, and likely the human race. What about Tamerlane? If Marlowe was correct, the blood lust was there, but what of the technology and population? Would it have been possible to match the numbers in the fourteenth century.

  16. No. She doesn’t admire Hitler’s philosophy, but she does respect his pragmatism. And she thinks he’s hawt.

  17. I couldn’t finish the video. That lip smacking bullshit is just something I can’t take. It was making me a little queasy. I almost gagged a little. Seriously.

  18. “Evening…”

    *smack* *smack*


    1. FTW.

      Oh, and that’s racist! Wait! Does that make me racist for giving it win?

      Argh! Curse you moral conundrum!

  19. I don’t hear her praising Mao anywhere. She just said he’s an example of someone who won against huge odds. What’s the problem? She doesn’t say she admires him. What are you people talking about?

    1. Someone doesn’t refer to their favorite political philosopher unless she admires that person, you fucking jackass.

    2. She named him as a political philosopher. How can you reflect on his politics and not consider the millions killed?

      1. Mistakes were made?

    3. RTFV. Beck explains it using small words.

    4. Mike, are you asking seriously or as a joke?

    5. I like to quote from my favorite political philosphers. But if you ask me directly about how I feel about them? No, I don’t admire them at all. Nothing to see here, move along.

      1. Nothing to see here, move along.

        Drown in shit in Hell you lying bitch there is plenty on display here.

    6. Did you actually watch the video, or did you just stop when you saw Glen Beck’s name? She SAID Mao was one of her favorite political philosophers. It’s in the video, as clear as a bell. There is no doubt about this. You are a dope.

    7. By her statement’s, it would be easy to believe that when she comes to a difficult situation in life, and in politics, she sits quietly and thinks to herself…”what would Mao do?”

      I don’t want her near anything like power over American people. I wouldn’t want my garbage man to have that view on life, but would admittedly be much less concerned about it.

      1. She would make an excellent administrator for a reeducation camp. Or Berkeley. Same difference.

        1. Education goes on at Berkeley?

        2. We don’t need reeducation camps. We already have plain education camps. They’re called public schools. You learn the same sorts of things, just earlier.

    8. “What are you people talking about?”

      Well… now they’re talking about the fact that you’re fucking imbecile.

  20. I’m not trying to let La Dunn off the hook, but she’s not the only American who seeks to inspire people with examples from the great killers of history.

    There was a business book called Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun. I haven’t read the book, but on Amazon it says that it was a NY Times bestseller and “shows how the legendary military commander’s principles of leadership can be applied to contemporary business situations.”

    Then there’s The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan (“many of the secrets of his success are as useful in today’s competitive business world as they were in rallying the Mongol hordes.”)

    Apparently this sort of macho thing is popular with certain people who like to fantasize that their briefcases are scimitars and that their staff of executive assistants and regional managers are a horde of barbarians just waiting for the word so they can sweep down into the Accounts Receivable department and have their way with all the budget line-items.

    Of course, it is possible that this sort of thing contributed to public-relations problems of the business community vis-a-vis the wider world, and maybe La Dunn will experience the same thing.

    ‘Probably because talking shit on mother Theresa, no matter the correctness, or proof, or reason, is suicidal when it comes to most public opinions.’

    I read Hitchens’ book on Mother Theresa. It seems that she sucks because she believes in God (Hitchens is a fervent atheist), didn’t Do Enough to help the patients at her hospice (compared to the much better work done at the hospices operated by the Atheist Hospice Association), associated with publicans and sinners like Charles Keating and Baby Doc Duvalier, defended the Irish Constitution’s anti-divorce clause when liberals were trying to bring the blessings of divorce to the Emerald Isle (At least we won’t have to hear how she was such a hypocrite on gay marriage, because if he *really* wanted to protect marriage, why didn’t she fight against divorce?), and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

    But since she got the Nobel Peace Prize, she must have done *something* wrong, I suppose.

    1. Well, okay, but she did say “favorite political philosopher,” rather than “favorite manager/warrior” or even “favorite dictator” — she was talking about the political philosophy of Will against one’s enemies, not about the advances in technocratic management.

      I think that pushes her out of the league of “Machiavelli wrote about ruthless dictators because that was his audience” and into “Mao is dreamy, I wish I could get billions of people under my thumb like him”.

      1. Yes, and it’s just a WEE bit in worse taste to give a dictator praise when some of the people who suffered under him and lost loved ones are still alive. As opposed to, you know, dead for hundreds of years.

        Again, if she said the exact same words about Hitler, it would be a fucking shitstorm, and nobody has ever explained to my satisfaction why all other dictators are mixed bags if Hitler is the ultimate evil and taboo.

        1. nobody has ever explained to my satisfaction why all other dictators are mixed bags if Hitler is the ultimate evil and taboo.

          Two reasons: (1) Stalin said so, so it must be true; (2) if you’re going to try to do the same thing for the same reasons, it’s best if nobody can connect an objectively-bad past event with your future plans.

        2. Mao killed more people than either Stalin or Hitler.

          1. Leftists don’t like megalomaniacal totalitarians who kill people based on race, they love megalomaniacla totalitarians who kill people based on class. See the difference?

          2. I’ll at least give Mao the benefit of intent. He’s like an incredibly stupid doctor who thinks that arsenic is a cure-all elixir, whereas Hitler & Stalin were serial killers.

          3. >Mao killed more people than either Stalin or Hitler.

            Mao killed more people than Stalin AND Hitler.

        3. nobody has ever explained to my satisfaction why all other dictators are mixed bags if Hitler is the ultimate evil and taboo.

          Hitler is the ultimate evil because upscale, academic, Lefties like Ms. Dunn may actually know a few secular Jews personally. They tend to not know Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cubans, and Eastern Europeans outside of a restaurant context.

      2. Actually, that’s not even fair to Machiavelli. Generally, he only advocated being an absolute b**tard to other politicians.

        1. I could double-check, but I’m fairly sure he was in some situations OK with being harsh to non-politician people.

  21. Ugh. maybe we can get a Stalinist next. perhaps an ANSWER campaigner can join the Obama administration nd start opining about the bad name Uncle Joe received and how he was really a great leader.

  22. sure, Mao Zedong may have killed 50 million, but what people fail to realize is he saved or created over 100 million

    1. Yes, I’m real sure that Mao “saved” 100 million of his people by killing off 77 million of his political opponents. ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID???????

      1. You’re forgetting the multiplier effects.

      2. I detect low levels of sarcasmium in this one. We should pity him and let him go in peace.

      3. Bob, your sarcasmometer is due for a tune-up. I hope it’s still under warranty.

      4. Hear that wooshing sound, Bob? That’s the joke sailing over your head.


  23. Hey kids,

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    1. But Willy, how can I stop Beck’s gob? I tried whining on national TV, and he just won’t stop!

      1. With the Red Willy Vonka Silence The Righties Ear Plugs, you don’t have to worry about Beck, or, hiss, hiss, boooo, Limbaugh and their kind any longer!

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  24. Mao Tse-Tung: one class act!

    1. Pardon the randomness, but:

      When the senile General Patrick Hurley was sent by the terminal President Roosevelt to try to broker a deal between Mao and Chiang Kai-shek, Hurley got stinking drunk at the reception and repeatedly pronounced the Communist leader’s name as “Moose Dung.”

      It would have been brilliant if it had been deliberate.

  25. “…to some audience that has now been repurposed for Glenn Beck. Who suddenly seems less insane than sane.”

    Newspeak. I’m sure Glenn Beck appreciates Mr. Gillespie’s effort to look over his shoulder, then ensure that, if he’s going to compliment Glenn Beck, that he does so with the back of his hand. Someday, I hope I’ll understand why Reason feels it’s so necessary to turn their nose up at the very people who are using the word “libertarian” more than ever.

    Suggestion for Reason: If your worried that libertarian philosophy is going to be distorted by popular conservative rhetoric, don’t attack it, get your arms around it, bring it into the fold, and educate. No one is impressed with your sudden ability to crap on people showing increased interest in libertarianism in the face of the best opportunity libertarianism has possibly ever had.

    1. No one is impressed with your sudden ability to crap on people showing increased interest in libertarianism in the face of the best opportunity libertarianism has possibly ever had.

      Glenn Beck is a libertarian like Obama is a libertarian.


    2. Grilled, I agree. Sometimes I have problems with Beck – he’s a little to dramatic at times, but thank God for him lately. He’s putting things out there that our citizens really need to know. I hope he has a good body guard.

    3. Parkinson’s

      1. Um. That comment was supposed to go

  26. Dunn is literally batshit crazy to boot.There is not much other than antipsychotics that produce those kind of tics.

  27. Fuck communist Obama and all his communist ilk.

    If you aren’t buying lots of guns, ammo, and material, you aren’t paying attention.

  28. I know, this is all funny and everything, but Mao killed 77 million of his own people. Political opponents. Anita Dunn was last seen telling us all how the Obama Administration is going to “freeze out” the “evil” FOX News. This idiot needs to go. If people like this manage to do what they want to do – “fundamentally change America” into a socialist state, we are all in deep shiot.

  29. It looks like our college prof’s are now in charge.

  30. It looks like our college prof’s are now in charge.

    Coincidentally, I just got here from a little anti-anti-Dunnist academic tete-a-butt where it was established that objecting to invocations of the glory of “communism” in the person of Mao is crypto-Hitlerian.

    In 2thefuckthousandand9.

    These are the days.

    1. Because people are idiots and still imagine fascism as the opposite of communism.

      “It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory?that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state?that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders?that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique?that fascism is not the product of the political “right,” but of the “left”?that the basic issue is not “rich versus poor,” but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government?which means: capitalism versus socialism.” – Ayn Rand, “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”

  31. The most shocking thing to me is that she seemed to be praising Mao for his supposed belief in individualism. But he was a dictator who killed millions of people, and she’s a liberal who wants to control every aspect of every American’s life. Even ignoring how horrible Mao was, she’s praising him for the opposite of what she believes. It’s confusing.

    1. she’s praising him for the opposite of what she believes

      No, I think she identified what she believed very clearly: the will of the individual dictator to transform society, which requires the sort of totalitarianism you just have to lick your chops at!

      1. Yeah I guess that’s true. But she kept saying to the audience “you’re going to make your own choices, you’re going to fight your own fight” etc. Apparently she thinks it’s OK for dictators to make their own choices, just not anybody else.

        1. They’re called useful idiots for good reasons.

        2. She conceives it as liberating you from restraints and consequences with the power of the state. I.e., a great nice controlling nanny state to provide your positive freedom.

          Perhaps otherwise known as liberal fascism.

          Or, like Beck, are we still mocking Goldberg as uncool and tarnished, too?

        3. Not only that, but she’s probably misinterpreting him. I doubt what Mao really meant was “everyone needs to fight their own fight”. But rather “Fuck you, I’m doing it MY WAY. Anyone who doesn’t like it can fuck off”

          1. If he said it at all, that’s surely what he meant. But I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of a “progressive” trying to motivate a bunch of high school kids with the idea that you can go out and do your own thing, be yourself, and so on. It’s just so fundamentally at odds with her and her boss’ policies.

            Whether Mao actually said it or not, I don’t know. But I actually agree with what seems to me to be the main point of the speech (individualism is better than collectivism). It’s hard to get too worked up over hypocrisy in politics these days, but that bothers me even more than the Mao connection. She, like Obama, says one thing then turns around to try to make sure the opposite happens. I think that should be at least as big a cause for outrage as the fact that one Obama appointee lists Mao Tse-tung as one of her two favorite political philosophers.

            1. Well, I suppose it’s according to the rule that you usually cloak your message in the exact opposite of what you really mean, the way it’s the most hidebound, scared-rabbit corporations that talk the most about empowering their people.

              1. Unfortunately, we’ll now have an entire class of high-schoolers out there thinking that Mao was some sort of individualist.

      2. Maybe we can get some perspective from an actual Mao quote:

        His attitude towards death (of others) bordered on the surreal:

        Human beings are endowed with the sense of curiosity. Why should we treat death differently? Don’t we want to experience strange things? Death is the strangest thing, which you will never experience if you go on living … Some are afraid of it because the change comes too drastically. But I think this is the most wonderful thing: where else in this world can we find such a fantastic and drastic change?

        On the evidence, Mao relished satisfying people’s curiosity.


  32. She needs to make those kinds of speeches while wearing an $800 Che Guevera jacket.

    1. Maybe she can light a Che-scented candle in front of that altar.


      1. Not just a Che-scented candle… a $75 Che-scented candle!

        1. Actually, I could go for a candle that smelled faintly of good cigars and smokeless powder. If I could get it for $5. Without the fruity holder.

    2. “We’re sorry. This item has been so popular, it has sold out. We’ve got other great ideas–just call us 800 562 0258, we’re here to help.”

      Jesus wept.

      1. Now I just need to get my hands on that list of customers.

  33. Okay, so maybe she has a CNS disease that causes compulsive mouth movements, or is on medication that has the same effect, so I’m not going to make fun of that. But what a terrible choice for White House Communications Director (interim or not)! These people are incompetent. Incompetents with guns. And bombs. Everyone’s worse nigthmare.!

    1. Thing is, Lester, to on medications that have that sort of side effect, there is some heavy-duty shit wrong upstairs. I sort of doubt it, actually, because people getting that sort of juice usually aren’t capable of giving speeches in public. But you never know, I guess.

      She might have early Parkinson’s. Maybe.

      Or, she might just not be aware of the disgusting thing she is doing with her mouth when she speaks.

  34. It’s funny. I seem to remember a lot of mature people scoffing when others warned them of the sort of people an Obama Administration would be staffed with.

  35. The next admiration speech I guess will be either on Jack the Ripper or uhhmmmmm let’s see Charles Manson or Ted Bundy — I can hardly wait for next chapter

    1. Obama’s buddies the Ayers’ have expressed admiration for Charlie.

  36. It is mildly shocking that libertars are so weak-minded that flopping mouth of an aged hippie takes their attention away from what old hen says.

    One would think that a lover of a “great philosopher” Mao, a very opposite of libertars ideas, would keep their attention, perhaps for a minute or so.

    What portion of libertos have mental age below 14?

    1. What thread are you reading?

    2. Winner of this thread’s incoherence award.

    3. Avast ye, matey!

  37. She sounds a little off her rocker in that clip, that’s for sure.

    I wonder if she’s publicly responded to this yet?

  38. I just can’t get past the fact that the administration let this woman pick a fight with Fox News without vetting her for something like this that Fox could use against her, or did vet her but found the Mao-love not something anyone could possibly find objectionable.

  39. Wow, just wow. Mao was not just you’re ordinary run of the mill murderous tyrant, but he was one of those amazingly flighty, arbitrary ones who changed his mind, with the result being thousands of death, for capricous and insane reasons. No sane person who cares about human life or dignity could admire Jack about Mao.

    1. He was a true sociopath. I highly reccomend “Mao The Unknown Story” that came out a couple of years ago. You read that book and it will make your hair stand on end at the thought that someone that depraved could ever rule a country.

      Sadly, this woman is an example of the kind of pinhead thinking that goes on in many elite circles. Most people don’t read much or know anything about history. My guess is that this woman has no idea who Mao really was and what he did beyond the cartoon some idiot professor taught her in college. She is not a Maoist killer. She is not even stupid. She is just ignorant.


      1. That troll loves him some elites.

  40. The funny thing is not that she admires Mao, it’s that she actually said she admired him specifically for his “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” attitude to waging a ruthless civil war. That’s like admiring Mother theresa for her good looks.

    Bipartianship, we hardly knew ye.

    1. I am sure she admires Stalin’s damn the torpeodos full speed ahead method of fighting the Germans. What a moron.

    2. I’ll have you know that Mama T was the centerfold for Hot n’ Horny Hunchback magazine two years in a row.

  41. The President apologizes for the embarrassing performance of his Communications Director. He has requested that Senator Charles Schumer give Ms. Dunn lip-smacking lessons.

  42. There are people who are STILL surprised that some of these Obamites in the administration are kooks and far-left radicals? Really? How many more variations on this theme do we need to see for Pete’s sake?

  43. Even if you want to say that ripping her apart is just a Guilt by Association fallacy (or how about argumentum ad Zedongum?), couldn’t she have picked a better “favorite” than Mao? There’s a lot of other folks out there that aren’t mass murderers. Just sayin’…

    I give her an “F” for judgement and for being annoying.

    1. What if she has said Hitler was her favorite? She would have been run out on a rail. But Mao is somehow okay or excusable? UGH

      1. There are more prominent Jews in the country than prominent Chinese. That’s why. Hitler killed Europeans. Mao? Just a bunch of primitive slant-eyes who probably deserved it.

        1. Hitler killed Jews and Communists.
          Mao killed capitalists.

          THAT is the crucial difference.
          Don’t kid yourcself that it is ANYTHING else.

          1. There weren’t many capitalists, as we would recognize them, in China at the time. Certainly not tens of millions.

            He simply mowed down every head of wheat that was higher than its neighbors.

  44. I’m struggling to identify a coherent philosophy attributable to Mao, other than power good, people need to do what I tell them.

    Her saying this is bad enough, but thinking she could say it to an American audience is worse. Really, I’d like to see the more moderate left start to raise some hell over this. Otherwise, these Maoists and other admirers of totalitarianism will taint you.

    1. He had his own uniquely Asian brand of communism.

      His appeal is that he’s a communist that isn’t named Marx or Lenin or Stalin, so you can get away with quoting him without the unwashed masses knowing what the fuck you are talking about. The liberal elites assume the population is too dumb to know too much about the Chinese Cultural Revolution. So they can safely adulate him in a way they can’t with Marx and Lenin.

  45. How, exactly, is one ignorant enough to admire Mao? I really don’t get it.

    1. Not ignorant … enlightened, my friend. Only the truly enlightened can see pass the mass murdering to the beautiful dream of Chinese Communism.

      1. Not ignorant, not enlightened. Just an intellectual, in the Orwellian sense:

        There are some ideas so stupid only an intellectual can believe them.

  46. The disconnect is hilarious. On a college campus, for example, praising Mao is practically a right of passage. I’m not one to play the privileged-Ivory-Tower-echo-chamber card, but this lady’s speaking straight from her privileged, Ivory Tower echo chamber.

    This morning, I’m betting she’s more angry with Americans for not understanding the “real” Mao than she is at herself for doing something so fucking retarded.

    1. Hit the nail on the head. I didn’t even find it the least bit shocking. Maybe surprised that someone so open about was able to get such a visible position in the administration but all these progressive believe in this stuff, its like bible nuts with the “our father” prayer, they have recited it so much that it is instinct by now. When you have a leftist political figure speaking about politics inside a church, its usually praising people like Chavez, and Mao is just “misunderstood”.

      1. America…Frogs in a stock pot.

  47. Pro, when I was an undergrad, there was this little communist twerp who would read Mao’s little red book in the weight room in between sets, making sure everyone could see what he was reading. I had a really hard time refraining from jabbing him in the solar plexus with an Olympic bar.

    Later, he was banned from campus for spitting on an ROTC kid.

    1. You should have offered to spot for him and dropped the bar on him. You could claim you made an honest mistake. I think people would believe you, and even if they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t spend much time trying to prove otherwise.

      1. Spitting on an ROTC guy? What better way to learn the literal truth of Mao’s saying that all power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    2. He’s rather fortunate that the ROTC kid had the self-restraint not to twist his head off.


  48. I admire Chairman Mao, and I’m proud.
    I used to be alone in a crowd.
    But now you look around these days,
    There seems to be a Chairman Mao craze!
    I’m a Maoist, he’s a Maoist, she’s a Maoist,
    We’re all Maoists, wouldn’t you like to be a Maoist, too?
    I’m a Maoist, he’s a Maoist, she’s a Maoist,
    If you admire Chairman Mao you’re a Maoist, too!

    Us Maoists are an interesting breed,
    A submissive caste is what we need.
    Ask any Maoist, and he’ll say
    Only Chairman Mao thinks that way!

    I’m a Maoist, he’s a Maoist, she’s a Maoist,
    We’re all Maoists, wouldn’t you like to be a Maoist, too?
    I’m a Maoist, he’s a Maoist, she’s a Maoist,
    We’re all Maoists, wouldn’t you like to be a Maoist, too?

    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao.
    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao. (Come on!)
    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao.
    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao. (Alright!)
    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao.
    Be a Maoist, admire Chairman Mao.

    1. Come on, kids! It’s fun!

      1. That was from the old Dr. Pepper song, by the way. I suppose that may be a little old for some of our readers. I think Manilow wrote it, by the way.

        1. Ugh, double by the way.

        2. My first thought was it was the theme from the Maosketeers.

          1. Nah, my lawyer says to avoid parodying Disney properties.

            1. I tried to get my sprog to name his new kitten Chairman Meow. No luck with that.

  49. She’s lipsmacking some Maoist seed.

  50. worst thing about that speech? Aside from idolizing a million man murderer, that is…?

    she is NOT impressive. Doesn’t seem smart, appears to be talking down to the students, doesn’t have a prepared presentation for impact, kind of stumbles from non point to non point.. WEAK. MEDIOCRE.

    and the white house thinks she’s GREAT.

  51. Nick, hate to say this, but you lost your “reality” when you did anything but scream that Obama was a threat during the campaign.

    This is the price libertarians pay for heavy drug use.

    1. wow, this is a different ‘JB’.

      Though I agree on criticizing a good portion of reason for fellating Obama; the signs were there to see that this fool was very far Left.

  52. It does seem amusing to see a “communications director” licking her lips every two seconds.

    This happens often when someone is way over his or her head.

    Beck makes a lot sense. It’s too bad that lefties won’t even listen. They cannot even speak to content.

  53. Mao killed more people than Hitler by a factor of . . . what? Anybody got a number?

    1. If you blame every death in World War II on Hitler, then it’s around 40 million for him, and Anita Dunn’s hero killed somewhere between fifty to seventy million.

      1. If you blame every death in World War II on Hitler

        What about Stalin? He racked up a good number as well.

      2. It’s a bit of a stretch to blame the deaths in the Pacific theater on Hitler.


  54. Doug Ross notes how the NY Slimes felt about Mao when Bush was preisdent:


    Now that Obama is President the Slimes will likely hail Mao.

  55. Forget Washington DC, Anita Dunn’s going to Hollywood!


  56. Expect distribution of “Little Red Books” to all our shining girls and boys so that they may rat out all non-compliers to the will of Maobama.

  57. What’s the problem? Mao reformed health care.

    1. Ya, but he did it with death panels and I hear we can’t use those.

  58. Well, I’m not too sure where the reflexive animosity to Beck comes from. In histrionics he certainly is no more absurd than, say Jon Stewart who enjoys respectable respect nearly across the board. And like Stewart, he works in facts not fictions for the most part and what fictions there be are not paraded as anything else. Likewise the surmises, speculations and theorizing that is that thing so many respectably respectable people make handsome livings at; punditry. Of course hardly any of his competitors are making as handsome a living as he is. Maybe OReilly.

  59. I can’t much stand Glenn Beck, but these public theatrics — the open line and all that — are straight out of Norman Spinrad’s Bug Jack Barron.

  60. This is all so weird. The Mother Theresa and Mao Tse Tung thing could be a joke, if you made some point about how they both understood their challenges even though one was a figure of great evil (and the other ruled China– ba-dum ching!) But saying “my favorite political philosophers” makes it clear it isn’t a joke… and it also sets up a certain level of intellectual expectation that the Hallmark card sentiment she finally arrives at hardly justifies. I mean, sheesh, Rumsfeld’s Rules are more profound and novel than this fairly obvious point! If you’re going to make this simple observation, you don’t have to go all the way to China or Calcutta to make it– there’s probably a bumpersticker or a John Denver song that said roughly the same thing.

    All in all, a stunning demonstration of both the leftist obliviousness and the intellectual vacuity of her entitled, enbubbled kind.

  61. All signs point to that bitch being bat shit crazy.

  62. The jihad against Beck is a coordinated effort to ensure that any strong critic of the Obamasiah is banished from polite company.

    1. As is the assault on Rush Limbaugh. Aren’t there any Lefties out there who worry about gub infringement on free speech? Yes, that is rhetorical although The Nation gets one snap up for declaring the attack foolish and picayune.

  63. Are you kidding me, Mao!!! He is the Hitler of China – hero of White House?!

  64. GW Bush said his favorite philosopher was Christ. How’s come, when you ask a policy-maker (of whatever party) who their favorite philosopher is, they can never name an actual philosopher? Never Schopenhauer or Heidegger, or Anaximander or Anaximines, or even Hegel or Kant (apologies to Mrs. Cheney, who actually knows something about Kant). It’s always some social activist or religious figure, never anyone who tried to write out a systematic analysis, rightly or wrongly. Do they even know what a philosopher is?

    Didn’t they all go to Yale and Harvard? I happen to know they teach that there.

    1. Largely sir, they do NOT actually know what a philosopher is. We need a modern Rectification of Names. For the rec, my answer would be Eric Hoffer.

    2. “How’s come, when you ask a policy-maker (of whatever party) who their favorite philosopher is, they can never name an actual philosopher?”

      …Because citing Nietzsche’s der Wille zur Macht and ?bermensch probably wouldn’t go over too well.

  65. Oh, and it’s actually worse than you observe, comatus. The question was what POLITICAL philosopher… Oi! Christ is plausibly a philosopher but… aw hell.

    1. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.

  66. Sports Fans–

    If you like Beck, watch.

    If you don’t–change channels or turn the lobotomy box off and go play with your kids or dog.

    But most of what I just read above is wasted bandwidth.

    1. But most of what I just read above is wasted bandwidth.

      Hmmmm…aren’t you supposed to switch blogs rather than complain?

  67. Give the poor woman a break, she has tourettes.

  68. Obama keeps besting Bush. I thought Nicole Wallace was about as bad as a communications director could be, then along comes Anita Dunn! Precious!

  69. Yes, indeed she does have Tourette Syndrome, which is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. None of which explains her devotion to Mao or Obama. Well, just a little.

  70. Mm, mmm, mm!
    Chairman Mao

    He said that all must work for bread
    Or get a bullet in the head.
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Chairman Mao

    He said he has a plan today
    To keep the Yankee dogs at bay.
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Chairman Mao

    He said that we must take a stand
    To rid Republicans from our land.
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Chairman Mao

    He said red, yellow, black or white,
    All are chattel in his sight.
    Mmm, mmm, mm!
    Chairman Mao

    Mmm, mmm, mm
    Chairman Mao!

      1. Parkaaayy! 😉

  71. “You don’t have to accept the definition of how to do things, and you don’t have to follow other people’s choices and paths.”

    No, you can starve somewhere between 20 and 43 million people for their own good.

    Oh, yeah, this Administration has it down.

  72. More evidence–if more were needed–that ObamaNation is like a bunch of Ayn Rand villains come to life. And not even a major, smart villain, such as Ellsworth Toohey, but the minor, cartoonish bad guys. With the Thugocracy now in power, can Cuffy Meigs, with his leather pants and jackboots and gun, be far behind?

  73. I think it is absolutely fair to look at the gang Obama has surrounded himself with and ask what is says about him and his personal philosophy. He gets to go out and look and sound reasonable, but he has the most extreme of extremes making policy behind the scenes.

    This is not the ‘change’ that the silliest 52% of Americans voted for.

  74. BTW, it’s “Teresa” not “Theresa.” Mother Teresa addresses this herself many times. When she entered the convent she was given the name of the saint of Avila, not the saint of Lisieux.

    1. Really? And if her name were “Jennifer” she’d probably spell it with a “G.” Hate that trendy shit.

  75. Lily, fair enough but when the alternative was McCain/Feingold I cannot really indict the O-voters in toto. McCain would have don 65% of the domestic stupidity and that would certainly have been ruinous enough. And then the ensuing explosion would have been blameable on libertarian Republicans. So I am of the school that hard lessons were in store for us all, regardless. Semper imbibulus.

    1. “And then the ensuing explosion would have been blameable on libertarian Republicans.”

      I’m not sure the same can’t be said for Obama. I know a number of people who would view themselves as ‘libertarian republicans’ who told me they voted for Obama. Mostly they said they just could stand the idea of that hick Sarah Palin in office.

  76. Fun fact: GULAG is an acronym.

    Bonus fun fact: Vast as it was, it didn’t extend into China.

    1. Oooooh…. you’ve really nailed Beck there. Obviously, nothing he says about Anita Dunn means ANYTHING now!

      1. What the fuck about my pointing that out led you to believe I am defending Dunn?

        1. Truthfully, it aggravates me to no end when people that I sometimes agree with are too fucking lazy to do even the most basic research on things they cite in their arguments. You know – like people with their own television programs.

        2. Beck: No, the other picture. Can we see the picture of the GULAGs? In China?

          (photo of S21 is displayed)


          1. Okay, conflating the term gulag and lao gai is… um, something. Stupid, I guess. Except gulag is not merely a phonetic smoosh of the jaw-cracking russian term (not really an acronym as we know them), it is also an english word meaning a large penal system committed largely to political offenders.

          2. How is misstaing the local of the gulags relevant to his overall point?

            I find your correction a tad pedantic since it doesn’t even come close to addressing Beck’s point. Millions of people were killed in Chinese reeducation camps. Who fucking cares if you called them “gulags” or something else?

            1. er, location of the gulags

            2. Because when you present something like this in an argument you had better have your facts straight lest you come off sounding like an ignoramus and calling the whole thing into question. Who fucking cares? People like me that acknowledge the murder fucking care and find it to be far too important of a topic to be liberally flubbing the facts, geography and nomenclature included.

              1. gu?lag??/?gul?g/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [goo-lahg] Show IPA
                Use gulag in a Sentence
                See web results for gulag
                See images of gulag
                ?noun (sometimes initial capital letter) 1. the system of forced-labor camps in the Soviet Union.
                2. a Soviet forced-labor camp.
                3. any prison or detention camp, esp. for political prisoners.


                1970?75; < Russ Gul?g, acronym from Gl?vnoe upravl?nie isprav?tel?no-trudov?kh lager?? Main Directorate of Corrective Labor Camps
                Dictionary.com Unabridged
                Based on the Random House Dictionary, ? Random House, Inc. 2009.

                ANY prison or detention camp, so the point again was what? You are so fucking serious in your anti-Communism that you… something or other….

  77. MSNBC now uses the term czar — is Beck winning? Meanwhile, he’s still on the air and GE profits down. Lip smacking is scary…

    1. Commissar or Gauleiter would be more accurate given the context but they don’t roll of the tongue so well.

  78. Nobody in the Obama administration should be mentioning anything about Mother Teresa at this point in time, given she is most famous for her cruel home for the dying.

  79. WWCMD?

    What Would Chairman Mao Do?

    Anita Dunn is quite right. That’s something we should all ask ourselves.

    And that brings us to Fox News, her current nemesis. If an unpatriotic media organization was treasonously attacking the Chairman, how would he have handled it?

  80. Cruel compared to what? The streets of Calcutta? The Atheist Hospice Society’s Calcutta establishment? Scandal-plagued VA hospitals in the US?

    1. Cruel compared to her reputation.

      There are huge numbers of devoted, selfless Catholics bring aid and comfort to helpless people all over the world. These people make me, an agnostic, happy and grateful for their faith.

      It is very well documented that Mother Teresa was not one of those people.

  81. Limbaugh sources the Mao-Mamma vid to a COMMENCEMENT speach from June 09. I’m not sure which is more disgusting, that this was aimed at mushie young’uns or that it was just weeks ago and so cannot consitute a youthful indiscretion or slip of the toungue. I think it is time for the burden of proof to shift from those who declare Marxism is the disease here from top to bottom, to those who say not.

  82. You’re a twit, Gillespie. If you understood principles, you wouldn’t be confused about any of this.

    1. Billy, like many Americans Nick is not confused in the conventional sense that he does not know what is happening. Rather he is gobsmacked at the implications of the unfolding reality. I am dazed, therefore I am confused. Like the “Chicago is OUT?” dude. Point being he’s not such a twit as all that.

      1. “Rather he is gobsmacked at the implications of the unfolding reality.”

        No fucking sale, Meg. Anyone “gobsmacked at the implications of the unfolding reality” of goddamned socialism is fit to be the Editor in Chief of publication like Reason. This stuff is elementary, and Gillespie has never made the grade in all the time I’ve known who he is.

        This is manifest incompetence on parade.

        1. “…not fit to be…” etc.

        2. It’s hard to pin “socialism” on any one particular Democrat (easier than usual these days) when their policies are not outright expropriation and central planning (think 1930’s NRA and other “emergency” legislation) and they frame it in utilitarian, rather than utopian, language. Therefore, reasonable people often regard your average conservative “wingnut” on the air to be rather unfair to Democrats: Loose with the facts and heavy on the insinuation that they are evil (not that the left has not perfected this behavior).

          It’s hard to give right wing pundits much credit for what they say today when a mere 5 years ago they were referring to the other side as “surrender-crats” and championing unchecked executive power, and a mere 1 year ago they were harping on Michelle Obama for being “really proud” of her country, and on flag pins and other such nonsense, rather than making substantive criticisms.

          Gillespie is beginning to regard Glenn Beck as less of a “stopped clock” and more of an actual journalist. I’m not sure what even Beck thinks he is, so I’d say that’s an improvement.

      2. Rather he is gobsmacked at the implications of the unfolding reality.

        The implications of what’s in store for us in this country in the months ahead are pretty horrible indeed, but a truly educated lover of freedom shouldn’t be “gobsmacked” by these either.

        All you have to do is read David Horiwitz’autobiography (which has been out for more than ten years now) to learn how evil and dangerous these American socialists and communists really are.

  83. Mao ended the drug problem in China due to opium addicts!

    He killed everyone involved in the drug trade.

    And their immediate families. Cousins and close friends if they happened around. You really didn’t want to be near anyone involved in the trade there, for awhile.

    I notice that the Triads are still in the drug trade…

    But at least he took all the professors, teachers and college level instructors out to the farms to show them how real work was done! Yes, I do hope she read that in his philosophy on politics of ‘How to handle the overeducated’.

    1. He killed everyone involved in the drug trade.

      There were a couple of years when the Taliban had fully suppressed the opium business in Afghanistan, too.


    2. to be fair, the Triads, many of them, used the extraterritoriality of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Shanghai’s near-perpetual status as a “special economic zone” to wait out purges, etc.

  84. This is all interesting, but take it to the streets again this weekend. Look up Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? protests in 120+ cities against MSM bias. Also Tea Party Express II – Countdown to Judgment Day. Above all, get involved in the primary elections for 2010 to support better candidates.

  85. It’s obvious that she isn’t sure where she’s going to end up when she dies, so she’s covering her bases.

  86. Get a load of her and then wonder why her favorite is Mousy Tongue

  87. Mother Theresa — a philosopher? Please.

  88. Sure, he killed 70 million people, but he had god intentions. That speech – that was supposed to be inspirational??? Good God, what a boatload of mediocrity.

  89. I meant “good intentions” but “God intentions” works. It is baffling that a seemingly intelligent person would cite one of the worst human beings who ever existed as a political hero.

  90. I have fond memories of George “Gabby” Hayes….I think you owe him an apology! (He would have been a superb Communcations Director).

  91. The tongue flicking is a common side effect of certain psychotropic drugs, most notably those used to treat schizophrenia. Her admiration of Mao is suitably explained by her mental illness issues. Mr. Obama should be applauded for hiring the disabled but perhaps the CIA or NSA would be a more suitable posting for a paranoid schizophrenic.

    1. I understand that she has Tourettes (not interested enough to make sure I spelled this correctly). Of course, this does not excuse her outlook, wretched woman.

    2. Serpents are know to flick the tongue too.

  92. all comes down to the crux of the matter……
    aaah but can she walk the talk?
    when it drops in the pot ones like she got no grit i suspect
    looking as insiped as osama firing a kalishnikov
    tea and crumpets (latees and crowsants) leads one not 2 courage only producers of greenhouse gases of delusion
    they speak of revolution and rules for radicals fundamentaly changing what allowes them in the 1st place, old chinese proverb asks one wisdom of care in getting what one whishes for
    do suppose have they heart for what it takes to protect what matters most?
    hubress has emboldened them, have they a warriors heart
    tis ugly business
    pandoras box is holding gift of paradigms shift

  93. I was so put off by Beck’s demagogic style that I almost missed the point: Mao is one of the “philosophers” that she turns to most. He’s spot on when he points out how it would have sounded had she named Hitler.

    I wonder how long it will be before it becomes respectable to quote Osama bin Laden in commencement speeches.

    1. Bin Laden is my favourite philosopher, afterall he had the balls to poke America in the collective eye. When I need inspiration, I think twin towers,if bin laden can bring the american goliath, I can too.

  94. I kept seeing Barty Crouch Junior in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

  95. This woman has a mental illness and needs to be put away before she hurts any more people.

  96. Educated white leftists admire a man who despised education and encouraged students to spy on and report their teachers and professors during the Cultural Revolution. Mao was not quite as brutally anti-intellectual as Pol Pot and his gang would be a few years down the line, but the damage done to the Chinese educational system was quite severe.

    Of course, it’s not like liberals in this country have shown qualms in the past about damaging our educational system, but still, it’s bizarre. As bizarre as “Queers for Palestine” (every queer in Palestine with a lick of sense wants to live in Tel Aviv) or writers who love Castro, who imprisons writers who displease him.

    1. “…or writers who love Castro, who imprisons writers who displease him.”

      Most of the writers who love Castro are perfectly OK with pleasuring commie dictators repeatedly, so there would be no conflict there.

  97. She should be re-assigned as “Minister of Silly Talks” or “Talks Silly”…

  98. One side effect of antipsychotic medications is unusual tongue thrusting and chewing on the tongue, blowing out of cheeks, wormlike movements of the tongue, and such.

    I’ve seen homeless people rolling and chewing their tongues. They are on antipsychotics rather than being put in a mental institution. It’s possible this woman is truly, medically crazy.

  99. Now be a good little marxist Barry and pass the lithium salts this pork we’re serving is a little tasteless

    The chilling aspect of this woman is she can’t be a singularity. In your lifetime you heard any thing like this come out of Pennsylvania Ave? In the public forum? I wonder if they all are so enboldened by there agenda they are letting their guard down allowing this physocopath run wild.

  100. There was a woman who my grandparents adored when I was a child. She was a doctor and minister of british decent, she had been in china during Mao’s purges. Her hands had been cut off at the rists and her eyes where cut out.
    Her minister/doctor husband dissapeared never to be heard from. She was the gentlist person I ever met. She would sit by my grandmother on the sofa and listen to Lewis Armstrong on TV, then watch the Jimmy Durantee show, and in there somewhere the fun started with Liberache or the Lawerence Welk show. They would have a grand time. I was very small and would sit on the floor and look at this lady, she sat so straight and still. She always had a smile on her face. I would sit there and just wonder how could anyone do this terrible thing to another. I could tell my grandfather was so angry about the communists and what they did he would sit in the kitchen and play solitare to keep his temper. He loved this lady like an angel. My grandfather was a Merchant Marine during the 2nd world war. He had the courage to go across the atlantic 7 times and not be on a ship sunk by the Nazi’s.
    This piece of shit spouting about phylosophy of Mao should have her hands cut off and her eyes cut out by that phsycopathic megalomaniac. I would pay good money to hear what she had to say then.

    1. That’s so profound.

      Now learn to spell.

  101. How on Earth could the GOP lose to these bozos?

    1. Because they spent eight years trying to figure out who could spend everyone else’s money the fastest.

  102. What’s with the extra anyhow?

  103. Drag her into the streets and hand her from her ankles in front of the White House. Mao was responsible for 47 million people. This woman is completely nuts. And she represents you Democrats.

    1. yes, HAND her from her ankles….kinda like playing Twister, but NOT.

  104. What’s with the extra anyhow?

  105. I admit it. I want my reality back. I don’t know when it went missing. But I want it back.

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