In Dolton, Illinois, police officer Christopher Lloyd was caught on video throwing a special needs student into a locker then slamming him to the ground, breaking his nose. The boy's attorney said it was because he violated a high school dress code by not having his shirt tucked in. Lloyd was later arrested for allegedly raping a woman. Last year, Lloyd shot his ex-wife's new husband 24 times outside their home, killing him. The Chicago police, for whom he worked at the time, called it self defense.

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  1. Hey Antonin…..hows that “new professionalism” working out?

  2. Did that ‘self-defense’ shooting involve one mag change or two? Was the rape in self-defense, too?

  3. Lloyd’s actions definitely qualify him for the Chicago police force.

  4. Now we know where to find the next soldiers to ship to Iraq.

    1. These Chicago cops couldn’t make good soldiers which is probably why they are cops. At least in the military, there is accountability.

      1. Well, at least for GIs, NCOs and looies.

        Once you get to Major or above, you’re scot free.

  5. Late much? This story was covered over two weeks ago from every major outlet. Why is it being regurgitated? Lloyd has severe issues and needs help! However, there’s many holes in these incidentd and Lloyd’s background. First and foremost…his ex-wife’s husband had a gun and was shooting at Lloyd. Therefore, it was a gun-fight. However, he ended up perishing and not Lloyd. That’s how Lloyd was able to gain employment with Robbins. Then with Dolton. Just like other facets of employment…there are cracks in the system. Candidates can interview well, pass all exams and such but not be fit for the job. In regards to this rape. Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would his ex-wife allow him in her home? Wouldn’t they have supervised/monitored visits…regarding the children? I know I wouldn’t let my ex, who killed my current spouse in my house. We would have a court-mediator during visits…onsite! Regarding the incident with the behavior problem student at the Academy of Learning. The tape doesn’t show him striking Lloyd in the face, which led to a blackened eye and broken glasses. That school is for behavior problems and pregnant girls. It’s a PACE school. You know kids who can’t function and got kicked out of regular schools. They aren’t in wheel-chairs/walkers, deaf, mute or blind! They’re not special needs. They are bad seeds!

  6. All too often special needs children are targeted by bullies. How sad that the bully in this case was an adult with authority. Special needs children come in all kinds of disabilities. Most children in alternative education suffer from some kind of emotional disturbance which leads to their “bad” behavior. There are no bad seeds. That statement is terribly ignorant. Children who attend alternative education schools have many diffiucties navigating their environment due to depression, anxiety, physical-emotional-or sexual abuse as children. The last thing they need is for adults to go out of their way to bully them.

    Dr. Stephen Trudeau
    Author- The Special Needs of Parenting

    1. Bullying would be a “bad seed” sort of thing to do. If there are no bad seeds, there is no bullying.

      Everything is wonderful. I’m so happy.

  7. Even the bullies have deep problems. Most often it is because of some past issues of abuse. Most bullying begins at home. It is learned. Weird as it may seem, we need to have compassion for the bullies and help them. Unfortunately, my compassion wanes as the person grows older. Adults, even those who have been abused in the past, should know better.

    Dr. Stephen Trudeau
    Author- The Special Needs of Parenting

  8. Fashiontribe: You ignorant bafoon there is no excuse for rape! There is no such thing as a bad seed either, that was a fictional movie. That cop commited murder and another hanoius crime. There is no excuse for a cop to beat up some poor kid, especially not a dress code excuse.
    Daniel: there is no acountability in the army either.

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