Matt Welch on Baltimore's WBAL AM 1090 at 3:30 EDT to Talk About Nobel Laureate Barack Obama


On Ron Smith's great show. Listen live here.

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  1. Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? Really? What the hell!

  2. Nice work, Welch. Ron seemed to want to go a little more rah-rah-Right, but you towed the lion admirably.

  3. Didn’t catch it, but encouragingly, America did not hit the streets today in a joyous, spontaneous outpouring of nationalistic pride. Rather, the conversation this afternoon has been: “Did he deserve it?” Maybe we’re not as stupid as we think we are.

  4. “Did he deserve it?” Maybe we’re not as stupid as we think we are.

    The fact that we even have to ask that question still makes me weep for my country.

  5. Umm… I think you mean “toed the line”.

    1. I believe he knows. It’s kind of a running joke here on teh Hit-n-runs.

      1. The most fun part of writing “towed the lion” is to see how many people correct it without realizing that it’s a joke, IMHO.

        1. True, I’ll shut up next time and see how many take the bait.

      2. I had that suspicion, but thought I’d correct it, irregardless.

        1. The proper spelling is “regardless.”

          1. You will loose this game

            1. “loose” Is that a running joke, too? 😉

              1. Not a running joke, per say…

  6. True, I’ll shut up next time and see how many take the bait.

    Damn straight you’ll tow that lion.

  7. I thought he toned the lime?

    I’m sorry.

    1. Nope. He toweled the lima.

      1. Are you certain he didn’t tackle the llama?

        1. Or maybe tickle the Lama? Diddle the Dalai Lama?

          I’ll stop now. 😉

  8. So. What we now know is this: A quintet of Norwegians–four women and one man–appointed to this task by the Norwegian government–has created a worldwide ripple of yaptastic outrage and support and indifference. That this con game could prosper for over a century is reason enough to have one more drink. Or five. In celebration! The Norwegians have no clothes.

  9. After 20 years of embarrassment, it has finally happened. Someone has finally given out an award more ridiculous than giving the first Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Grammy to Jethro Tull instead of Metallica.

    1. Whoa, that’s the second post bagging on Jethro Tull today. Sounds like someone’s jealous because they didn’t think of turning the flute into a rock instrument first.

      1. I went your way ten years ago, and I’ve got nothing to say.

      2. If it had been, say, Aqualung, then yeah okay. But, some album no one even remembers against …And Justice for All? Seriously? How was that even a contest?

        1. Sitting on a park bench…

  10. Wow! An affirmative action peace prize! Wow!

  11. Balmer, hon? Peace Prize. Whats is one of dem peace prizes? My homeboy done won? Let me tell you cracka. Let my homeboy come into West Balmer at night with that light cracka skin and them dumbo ears, and make it out alive. Then he gets dat Nobel Prize. Honkeys!

  12. Well Rafael Palmeiro’s gold glove as a DH was close.

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