Matt Welch on 1460 KION AM Monterey (Cali) Talkin' ACORN Blues at 8:35 a.m. PDT


I'll be on the Mark & Jim Show discussing some of the comical Serious Media reaction to Andrew Breitbart's marvelous pimp/ho stunt. Try to find a "listen live" link here.

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  1. Matt, I listened - it was a great interview. I love the Mark and Jim show, because, first, these guys are TRUE Libertarians (with the capital "L"). They are admirers of Rothbard, very good friends with Tom Woods and Thomas DiLorenzo - highly unusual for two dudes that live in the Soviet Bay Area.

    Second, their discussions of current issues are always done with a rational eye, not simple or mindless partisanship. They also engage their audience with rational arguments, not mere talking points.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to find their broadcast on the internet - I only listen to their show on my way to the office, and miss some of the better topics, but I WAS able to hear all your interview with them on how the MSM missed totally the biggest story of the year.

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