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Here are last week's top five most popular columns. Read them for the first time or once again:

Ted Kennedy and the Death (Hopefully) of an Era: The controversial senator belonged to a different age, one ill-suited to today's increasingly decentralized world, by Nick Gillespie (8/26)

That Glourious Basterd: In defense of Quentin Tarantino, by Jesse Walker (8/27)

Code Red: DC Open for Business: America needs a warning system to identify the threats coming out of Washington, by David Harsanyi (8/26)

The Race War That Isn't: Media anxieties over "lynch mobs" and "brownshirts" demonstrate a telling lack of faith in contemporary America, by Matt Welch (8/25)

The Truth About Health Care and Infant Mortality: Lack of access to health care does not explain America's infant mortality rate, by Steve Chapman (8/24)