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In my piece yesterday on "The Race War That Isn't," I linked to a "fascinating article" in Esquire about an anti-Obama radical, then, after quoting the radical's anti-Confederacy sentiments, I wrote:

One reason that the rising-tide-of-violent-racial-resentment narrative remains unconvincing is that, as in the Esquire piece, the proponents of the theory so rarely find any actual racists to pin it on.

The assertion that the Esquire piece was promoting the "racial-resentment" narrative was inaccurate, and I have corrected the article accordingly. Thanks to Esquire editor Tim Heffernan for the heads-up.

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  3. This is what makes this humble “blog” a step above most other forms of media. The willingness of it’s submitters to issue a Mea Culpa when necessary and right.

    Now, to get CNN or FoxNews to do that.

  4. Shut up Gilmore, I’m serious.

  5. Now, to get CNN or FoxNews to do that>/i>

    Good luck. The vast majority of jurnalistas, regardless of political bent, do the same thing. They publish outlandish lies on the front page (or lead story in electronic media), then publish the retraction on page D-47.

  6. Nice fucking tag close, Kant.

  7. btw, I let me subscription lapse in 07, and for some reason I started getting bills for a subscription about two months ago.

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