Last Week's Top 5 Hits at


The top five most popular columns that ran at between August 17 and August 21 are:

Innocent Man Freed, But Shabby Prosecutor Still Works as Judge: Bernard Baran served 22 years on dubious child molestation charges, yet the prosecutor who convicted him isn't even inconvenienced, by Radley Balko (8/17)

A History of Violence: The long, sordid tale of anti-black brutality on the American left, by Damon W. Root (8/20)

Among the Cynics: When it comes to health care reform, Obama doesn't believe reasonable people can disagree, by Katherine Mangu-Ward (8/19)

An Odd Silence on Gay Marriage: Why won't leading opponents of same-sex marriage go on the record with their predictions? by Steve Chapman (8/20)

The California Coastal Commission vs. Its Critics: The "most formidable player" in California land regulation demands a documentarian's raw footage, by Brian Doherty (8/17)