More Proof That Splice Today is an Excellent Site!


As I've noted here before, I'm a big fan of Splice Today, the brainchild of alt-press legend Russ Smith (of Baltimore City Paper, Washington City Paper, and New York Press renown). Full disclosure: Splice Today has been kind to your humble narrator and Matt Welch as well.

Here's a coupla-three recent articles worth reading:

Why Are Movie Fans So Sensitive?: A recent blog post by Roger Ebert perpetuates the ridiculous idea that film critics' likes and dislikes matter more than their knowledge of movies

Bring the Terrorists to Maryland: Someone has to end the ridiculous charade surrounding the placement of Guantanamo detainees.

Don't Have Sex With Your Students: Why is this the first piece of advice that new T.A.'s get?

Russ Smith (not pictured below) appeared on a zippy episode of the Talk Show, hosted by me and Michael C. Moynihan. Watch below or go here: