Last Week's Top 5 Hits at


The top five most popular columns that ran at between August 3 and August 7 are:

The Artist Formerly Known as Dissident: Artists have a duty to dissent—even against Obama, by Patrick Courrielche (8/7)

Impossible Promises: Obama says his health care plan will cut costs and increase patient choice. It won't. by John Stossel (8/6)

Confessions of a Cash for Clunkers Scammer: One man's quest to get Obama to pay for his Nissan Versa, by Katherine Mangu-Ward (8/5)

FCC to Apple: iPhone? How about MyPhone!: The Federal Communication Commission's latest overreach may be a sign of things to come, by Peter Suderman (8/7)

They Like Us. They Sort of Like Us: With Obama in the White House, America is better liked around the world. So what? by Michael C. Moynihan (8/4)