Hit & Run

Last Week's Top 5 Hits at Reason.com


Here are the top five most popular columns that ran at Reason.com between July 27 and August 1. Check 'em out once again or for the first time:

The Henry Louis Gates "Teaching Moment": Put the race talk aside: the issue here is abuse of police power, and misplaced deference to authority, by Radley Balko (7/27)

A Minimum Wage Equals Minimum Jobs: The unseen costs of minimum wage laws, by John Stossel (7/30)

Markets, Not Mandates: How medical markets would improve health care and reduce costs, by Ronald Bailey (7/28)

A Hole They Dug for Themselves: There's nothing surprising about the crises in state budgets, by Steve Chapman (7/30)

The Myth of Free-Market Health Care in America: Why other Western countries offer no panacea for American woes, by Shikha Dalmia (7/30)