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Here are the top five most popular columns that ran between July 20 and July 24. Read them for the first time or check them out again:

The Drug Czar's High Math: How phony statistics about cocaine prices hide the truth about the war on drugs, by Ryan Grim (7/22)

California's Economic Climate Change Denialism: There's no free lunch when it comes to cutting greenhouse gases, by Ronald Bailey (7/21)

The Arrogance of Health Care Reform: Why do politicians with no business experience think they can run 15 percent of the economy? by John Stossel (7/23)

Black Harvard Prof Collared by White Cop! Henry Louis Gates and the dysfunctional relationship between law enforcement and black America, by Damon W. Root (7/23)

George Bush Gave Your Daughter Syphilis: And other myths about presidential potency, by Katherine Mangu-Ward (7/22)