Hit & Run

Obama's Hypocrisy on School Vouchers and Responsible Parenting


President Barack Obama spoke last week at a gala event celebrating the NAACP's 100th anniversary. After some words of praise for the group's history and accomplishments, his focus shifted to the youth of today:

To parents, we can't tell our kids to do well in school and fail to support them when they get home. For our kids to excel, we must accept our own responsibilities. That means putting away the Xbox and putting our kids to bed at a reasonable hour. It means attending those parent-teacher conferences, reading to our kids, and helping them with their homework.

That certainly sounds good, but as the Cato Institute's Adam Schaeffer reminds us, Obama recently turned his back on a group of students and parents struggling to succeed in one of the country's worst school districts:

This, from the man who supports killing the DC voucher program, the ONLY education reform empirically proven to work through multiple random-assignment studies. These are thousands of young lives we are talking about.

This, from a man who sends his daughters to one of the most expensive private schools in the country, rather than the miserably failing and unsafe schools in their backyard.

Make no mistake, President Obama knows exactly what he's doing and what his action and inaction means.

Back in May, Reason.tv's Nick Gillespie and Dan Hayes spent some time with Mercedes Campbell, one of the 1,700 students in the DC voucher program that Obama effectively killed. Click below to see her side of the story.