Recent Reason Media Appearances: Nick Gillespie on Czars, Shikha Dalmia on Health Care

|'s Nick Gillespie appeared on "Fox and Friends" hosted by Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade, to discuss the new czars coming out of the Obama White House.'s Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox Business' "Money for Breakfast," hosted by Alexis Glick, to discuss all the new czars coming out of the Obama White House.

The Reason Foundation's Shikha Dalmia discusses Obama's Healthcare plans.


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  1. We need a wardrobe tsar at Reason to get Nick into a suit and tie.

  2. video one: TV faux pas, never make jokes above the host’s head. Fox isn’t known for hiring the intellectual geniuses with nice tits. Slightly bummed out that there was no viking helmet.

    Video two: There was a definite need for a viking helmet. Comedian guy needed to be bitched slapped. Edwards guy was toeing the line, and the host was a mildly retarded a typical conservative TV 3 years trading hack. (for GS and morgan stanley none the less)

    Video three: You might want to just pass the viking helmet on to Shikha. Well performed charge right up the middle. She was dealing with a smarter host though, which makes it a little easier.

    Screw the tie, Fonzie jacket and viking helmet.

  3. One of my favorite things about Nick is his wardrobe.

  4. I can only tell you that the other three wouldn’t have dared to be so incensed by Nick’s assertion in that second video of the negative influence by government on the auto industry if he had been in a three button and a power tie. In my experience the truth often needs to be shined up to catch the attention of the average dolt.

    Shikha gets it.

  5. Dalmia made a good point about Walmart’s PR windfall. Like liberals voting in new programs, they prove they care by sticking someone else with the bill.

  6. Why do fox news anchors make you feel like you’re watching QVC?

    And what about the opening non-question-question from the pink lady? “…is there Not?”

    Well done Nick in helping make them look sincere and thoughtful.

  7. In my experience the truth often needs to be shined up to catch the attention of the average dolt.

    It’s called polishing the turd. (the turd being a reference to the undesirable topic not the person, that had to be stated)

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