Hariri Wins Big, or, Who's Zoomin' Zunes?


For fun, read this commentary on yesterday's parliamentary elections in Lebanon by San Francisco State University professor Stephen Zunes, a bazoom-pal of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Zunes explains that "the United States has little to gain and much to potentially lose in taking sides in Lebanon," and should "allow the Lebanese people to determine their own destiny" in amity with "the populist Shiite party" Hezbollah.  Much potted history follows, including the weird story of Hezbollah-allied General Michel Aoun, who spent most of the last 20 years in France while the late Rafiq Hariri (who was absolutely not murdered by anybody having any connection to Hezbollah, Syria, Iran or MESA, Zunes explains) was bringing in investment to rebuild the country, but has now returned and is amazingly worshipped as a great za'im or strongman by tribalist Christians.

Anyway, when you get through that, read how the Lebanese have chosen to determine their own destiny: by handing even bigger electoral wins than expected to the pro-western coalition led by Hariri's son. Good news for investors and voters, say observers. And maybe some good news for Zunes: Hezbollah still has all the guns, so maybe they can get back to not murdering politicians and journalists real soon.