Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


In case you missed them, here are last week's top 5 most popular posts at Hit & Run:

The Cruel Tyranny of Wise Latinas: Sotomayor's realistic desire for objectivity Kerry Howley (5/26)

'Is the Government Going to Hand Out Free Marijuana to Those Who Can't Afford It?': Should we be encouraged by the predictable lameness of arguments against repealing marijuana prohibition? Jacob Sullum (5/27)

 The California Scare Campaign: California's political-journalist class continues to scold and frighten California residents Matt Welch (5/24)

Excuse Me, Ma'am, We've Had Reports of Prayer: A San Diego pastor might be fined for holding unauthorized Bible study sessions in his home Jacob Sullum (5/28)

If The President Is So Hip With New Media, How The Hell Did This Video Ever Get Released by The White House?: Two and a half minutes of bizarre highlights from the White House Easter Egg Roll Nick Gillespie (5/28)