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The American Has a New Blog


The American, the official magazine of the American Enterprise Institute, has a new blog. It's called The Enterprise Blog and features contributors including bailout critic Peter Wallison, halftime extravaganza critic Michael Novak, foreign aid critic Roger Bate, new AEI president Arthur Brooks, and American editor in chief Nick Schulz, who recently appeared in a memorable Reason.tv Talk Show with your humble narrator, Michael C. Moynihan, and The Root 's Dayo Olapade:

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  1. The Enterprise Blog: Boldly going where no blog has gone before!

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  2. I’m so glad to learn that “the American” is the official magazine of AEI. I’d hate to think that all these years I’d been not reading the unofficial magazine of AEI.

  3. Dayo’s quite the shorty, but not sure it’s enough to get me to read The Root.

  4. That’s terrible. There aren’t enough right-wing dingbats to go around as it is. Everybdoy’s lips will get swollen and sore from all that reading.

  5. Bah. Another think tank blog that’s afraid to allow commenting on its posts. I don’t care how prestigious your think tank is, if you don’t allow commenters to point out when your high-falutin’ ideas are full of shit, you’re not a real blog.

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