Blago Voted Off


An update on the  impeached, disgraced, former Illinois governor, who had sought permission to travel to Costa Rica in order to appear as a contestant on I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

A federal judge dashed indicted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's reality TV dream Tuesday, refusing to give the ousted Democrat permission to travel to Costa Rica to tape a show in the jungle. U.S. District Judge James Zagel refused to modify terms of Blagojevich's bail to allow him to leave the United States, saying he needs to remain in the country to help his attorneys formulate a strategy for his defense.

The judge said that would give Blagojevich a better sense of the gravity of the legal problems he faces—including allegations he tried to auction off President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat.

"I don't think this defendant fully understands and I don't think he could understand … the position he finds himself in," Zagel sat during Tuesday's the hearing.

With all due respect, perhaps The Honorable Zagel doesn't fully understands nor could understand that the American people are currently suffering through Gossip Girls, The Real Housewives of New York, and From G's to Gents. Judge Zagel has terminated any chance of watching Blago prance around a campire fire chanting, "Kill the pig! Slit her throat! Bash her in!" At the very least, there would have been some amusing scenes involving bugs:

My post from last week about the Jester of the Jungle. Reason Columnist Steve Chapman said impeachment was exactly was Blagojevich deserved and marks the former governor as one who "sees the electorate as a vast mirror reflecting his glory back on himself."  

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  1. It’s a truly sad day for us all.

  2. Sometimes “reality” is a bitch.

  3. Well fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck!

  4. I was really counting on the TSA to use their powers for good for once and deny him re-entry to the country.

  5. Do people really watch the dreck of broadcast TV? Really? I realize I secret myself away in my dankness and cry myself to sleep on a rock ten miles from the nearest electrical outlet… but, really?

  6. Don’t say anything about bugs or wires or whatwever you want to call them to the ex-governor.

    Don’t mention anything about the war either.(For the Fauwlty Towers fans)

  7. Judge Zagel has terminated any chance of watching Blago prance around a campire fire chanting, “Kill the pig! Slit her throat! Bash her in!”

    Really out of place reference. Sorry, you’re not getting the conch back until you learn to use it wisely.

  8. sigh.

    Blago would have been perfect in his role as Piggy in this tale…

    (or: we could stimulate and stimulate and stimulate Costa Rica until they agree not to give him back)

  9. 12 …
    11 …
    10 …
    9 …
    Tick, tick, tick

  10. Perhaps the judge could tell us just where in the federal constitution is there authority for the proposition that those merely accused of a crime must seek permission from the court to travel.

    Oh, that power is implied, you say?

  11. I’m sooo disappointed.


    You are kidding, right?

  12. Maybe he should have sold the seat to AIPAC spies, then he wouldn’t have to deal with all this legal trouble.

  13. libertymike

    Sometimes, I think you ask an awful lot of the constitution.

    In granting certain powers the constitution rarely specifies the exact form the powers are to take.

    One could argue that Judge Zagel has imposed excessive bail but it’s hard to argue that he can’t impose conditions on the accused in bail cases. Remaining within in a certain area is almost always a condition of bail.

  14. libertymike

    IOW, “unconstitutional” =/= “things I don’t agree with or like”

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