Jester of the Jungle


Jester of the Jungle

Haven't seen enough of impeached, disgraced, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on the boob tube? Well, you might be in luck then:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is in talks to star in I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, a survival-style reality show set to air June 1 on NBC, sources said.

His attorney, Sheldon Sorosky, told a federal judge Tuesday that Blagojevich soon would be making a request to loosen the travel restrictions placed on him. Such a move would allow the disgraced ex-governor to travel to Costa Rica for the program's filming this summer.

The network describes the show as Swiss Family Robinson-type competition in which 10 celebrities are dropped in the heart of the jungle "to face fun and comedic challenges designed to test their survival skills." American viewers decide which celebrities stay or go, in addition to selecting the challenges used to earn food, supplies and luxury items.

The last remaining star is crowned king or queen of the jungle. The show will have a four-week run, according to NBC.

The show, which originally aired in the U.S. for one season in 2003, has been a big success in the U.K. Contestants for the British version, including George Altman (née Takei) and eventual winner (and former Eastender!) Joe Swash, had met the challenge in Australia.

If Blagojevich does make it on the show, be sure to look forward to "best of" clips like the one below:


Reason Columnist Steve Chapman said impeachment was exactly was Blagojevich deserved and marks the former governor as one who "sees the electorate as a vast mirror reflecting his glory back on himself."  

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  1. I think this is a great idea. I have an even better one. BO and the entire US Congress are dropped on an Island and the South Atlantic with no way to get off or communicate with the outside world. And well that is pretty much it. We film it until the ratings get low and the show gets canceled and then we let the cameras die like some deep space probe.

  2. Blago!

  3. You know, for someone who has posted on Sulu every Friday for two years (I blame highnumber–he’s such a Trekkie), I didn’t learn until recently that he was the “woman” in his marriage. You’d think the name would’ve gone the other way, what with the whole celebrity business.

  4. Hot Rod!

  5. I first heard of this nonsense last night, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Illinois’s esteemed former governor is a fool. What a ridiculous request – loosen travel restrictions so an accused corrupt politician can leave the country?! Honestly, the only way this situation can get more out of control is if the judge grants his request.

  6. I thought Sulu would be a Lucy Stoner.

  7. Blago is doing just what I had hoped the Spitz would do–take a scandal and run with it.

  8. Actually, I should have said Jesus Built My Hot Rod.

  9. Spitzer is going to do a takeoff on the bachelor where a group of ten hookers compete to be his exclusive hooker for a year. Instead of handing out roses, Spitzer will hand out $1000 debit cards to each hooker that makes the cut each week.

  10. That sound you heard was society crumbling.

  11. John, seriously, pitch that to Fox. They might take it.

  12. You mean something like, I dunno, Eliot Spitzer’s Whore Search? I had it going to CBS, but Fox is obviously the more likely location.

  13. Ashley Youmans could do the color comentary and give the competing hookers tips on how to make the big man happy.


    This is a good Blago piece. He doesn’t call anyone a motherfucker, but he does let loose on politicians holding more than one state job, and he shits all over the current ILLinois governor’s plan to raise income taxes by 50%.

    I’d take Blago and his political horse trading over his replacement any day.

  15. “Ashley Youmans could do the color comentary and give the competing hookers tips on how to make the big man happy.”

    Better she give in the context of a giving angel.

  16. John’s just stealing the America’s Top Hooker bit from GTA3. Shame! Shame!

  17. Warty,

    I have never played GTA. Any similarity to the game is strictly coincidental. Really.

  18. Yeah, I’m kinda hopin that douchebagovich will open the pandora’s box that is Illinois politics and air everyone’s dirty laundry. Including Obama if there is any. Take em all down limp Rod!

  19. Because payback is a mother fucker.

  20. Ashley Youmans could do the color comentary and give the competing hookers tips on how to make the big man happy.

    I thought they were trying to make Eliot “Steamroller” Spitzer happy.

    I’ve always assumed his trust-fund hard-boy act was overcompensation.

  21. So this is what Reason is up to now? Not what I expected you to be writing. But I guess this is what multimedia is about 🙂

  22. I hope the producers make Blago pay for his spot on the show. That position is fucking valuable, the should not give it away for nothing.

  23. Given how divorced from reality “reality” contestants have to be, Blago has an insurmountable advantage. He’s a politician.

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